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Edges | General | Class | Race

Axe Edges:

Ambidextrous Sunderer: You can destroy off-hand items with shield cleave.
Axe Murderer: More successful with overhead assaults. If used to start combat, it can stun.
Double Whirl: Whirl hits twice. Each whirl is lower damage than the un-edged single whirl, but overall damage is higher.
Entrail Anatomy: Enhanced chance to disembowel an enemy of equal size.
Pincer Onslaught: Failed pincer attempts can still distract their opponents (feint).

Dagger Edges:

Double Throw: Hurls two daggers instead of one, adding damage.
Conservative Twister: Daggers less likely to snap during twisting.
Parting Throw: More effective parting blows when wielding a dagger.
Reckless Twister: Daggers snap more often during twisting.
Reckoning of the Mongoose: More concealed attacks when fighting more than one opponent.

Hand to Hand Edges:

Brutal Stun: More damage on failed stuns.
Counterpunch: Free swing at someone when they are succesfully evasion'd.
Versatile Pummeler: Weaker Pummels have a chance of throwing out a kick/knee/elbow at the end.

Mace Edges:

Balanced Percussionist: Your skill with maces along with your keen aim and balance increases your chance of landing a successful drumming on your opponents. You are also able to regain your balance more quickly when you completely miss.
Deflecting Backhand: Backhand can feint 1 attack.
Painful Deflection: Better at deflecting shields.
Skullcrusher: Warriors can find the weak spots in helmets when attempting a cranial hit.
Splintering Shatter: Boneshatter can cause internal bleeding.

Polearm Edges:

Agile Sweep: Legsweep does more damage against less agile foes.
Pikeman's Valor: Distance acts like you're one size bigger than you are.
Swath of Destruction: Heavier bleeding with Slice.
Stunning Charge: Warriors with this edge have a strength-based chance to stun their opponents, lagging them.
Driving Charge: Warriors with this edge will frequently drive the victim of their charge out of the current room. The direction of the drive is random.

Staff/Spear Edges:

Agile Sweep: Legsweep does more damage against less agile foes.
Crushing Pugil: A weak boneshatter affect sometimes on pugil.
Glanduin's Menace: More damaging Pierce.
Unbalancing Leverage: Leveraged kicks can also feint.
Weighted Leverage: More damage leveraged kicks based on their weight.

Sword Edges:

Brutal Jab: Better chance atjab when their foe is weaker than them. Str vs Str comparison, allows giants to improve jab very significantly if not maledicted.
Commanding Cross: Better at breaking the nose, it's amplified, and rare chance to make more difficult to get weapons up. Commendable Cross required.
Commendable Cross: More damaging Cross.
Furious Flurry: Hits additional targets fighting you with each Flurry.
Memory of Llorenthos: Jabs can cause bleeding.
Seven Winds of Hamsah Mu'tazz: Better at riposte when fighting more than one foe. 85% riposte required.
Speed Flurry: More attacks (based on dexterity) but parried/blocked attacks are completely negated instead of weakened.
Swordsman's Recovery: Recover faster from a missed double thrust or flurry. (Not that I've noticed in the few days I've had it)

Whip/Flail Edges:

Brutal Bludgeon: Increased chance to bruise with bludgeon.
Brutal Drag: Occasionally stuns your opponent when pulling. More effective on non-agile opponents.
Dual Strip: Chance to strip both main-hand and off-hand. Victim must be aiming at you. Requires Ambidextrous Disarmer.
Measured Strokes: More damading and suffering effects on stinging lash.
Throttler: Failed choke attempts do more damage.

General Edges:

Ambidextrous Disarmer: Better offhand disarm attempts. Attempts sometimes only lag you for 1 round.
Big Target: Warriors are more effective at rescuing people smaller than them.
Dove of Spring Dawn: Better regeneration when calm.
Hawk of Summer Afternoon: Better regeneration while standing or fighting. Requires Dove of Spring Dawn.
Eagle of Autumn Evening: Better regeneration when fighting/standing/resting. Requires Hawk of Summer Afternoon.
Owl of Winter Night: Better regeneration while sleeping. Requires Eagle of Autumn Evening.
Focused Fury: Ability to enter berserker's rage without becoming more vunerable mentally.
Gift to the Departed: Improved chance to execute a parting blow.
Iron Shoulders: Even more damaging bashes. Stone Shoulders required.
Matador's Timing: Based on dexterity, reduced chance to being bashed. [really rare even with high dex]
Parry Anything: On rare occasion, will parry an attack that typically can not be parried.
Relentless Assault: Attempts to misdirect who you fight (rescue/distract/fallback) are more likely to fail.
Repel Henchmen: If you execute a swiftstrike/riposte/concealed on a henchmen, it will be unable to attack for one round.
Shield Avoidance: Chance to negate a shield block of your opponents.
Shield Brute: Occasionally strike at the shield of their foe that damage is still inflicted when they block.
Skilled Brawler: Skilled brawlers can land an elbow and knee simultaneously.
Stone Shoulders: Bashes do more damage.
Nimble Rush: Dexy warriors have a chance to recover quickly from a failed bash.

Racial Edges:

Hunter's Glow: Dark elf are trained in painting their enemies with faerie fire and stabbing them repeatedly. Doesn't work in direct sunlight.
Martial Berserker: Dwarves and Duergars don't have their skills reduced as great as others in berserker rage.
Oceanic Warrior: Storm giants dodge better when fighting in aquatic arenas.
Sightless Eye: Warrior-elves can swiftstrike when blind, with reduced ability.
Strength of the Ale: Dwarves tipsy or drunk will hit harder
Courage of the Ale: Dwarves tipsy or drunk will take less damage
Woodland Warrior: Wood-elves in wilderness evade attacks better
Natural Weapon Spec: Wood-elves hit harder with natural weapons (seems very significant - great edge)