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Warrior Specialization Skills:   


Whirl 20 Using the spike on the axe, inflict a painful wound 
Weaponbreaker 24 Use the weight of the axe to shatter your opponents weapon 
Hook 27 Use the curving blades of the axe to disarm your opponent 
Pincer 29 Dual wielding axes, you attempt to trap your victim between them 
Overhead 30 A powerful overhead strike 
Disembowel 33 Attempt to disembowel your opponent and end the battle 

Comments:  ""

Stab 20 Used in a stabbing motion for greater damage 
Underhand 23 Attempt to come up beneath your opponent into his ribs 
Hamstring 25 A well placed strike to the hamstring, reducing movement 
Artery 27 A well-placed strike to a major artery, inflicting heavy blood loss 
Twist 30 Cause additional pain by twisting the dagger in a wound, can result in str and dex loss, possibly break the dagger. 
Concealed 32 Like backfist for assassins. 
Hurl 33 Throw a dagger with deadly accuracy 

Comments: ""

Hand to Hand 

Ironhands 20 Allows you to parry with your bare hands 
Evasion 22 Using the terrain to place the combatant out of range 
Vital Area 23 Attemp to weaken an opponent with a strike to a vital area 
Pummel 26 Attempt to land a powerful blow on your opponent 
Stun 30 Attempt to knock a person unconscious 
Crushing Blow 32 Lacing your hands in a massive strike on your opponent 

Comments:  ""

Backhand 20 Designed to whittle away at an opponent with measured and compact strikes 
Deflect Shield 23 Attempt to weaken and/or send the shield flying from an opponents grasp 
Cranial 26 Attempt to knock your opponent unconscious 
Boneshatter 28 Attempt to shatter bones, resulting in loss of strength and dexterity for a long time 
Dent 30 Well placed strikes to severly weaken and possibly destroy an opponents armor 
Drum 33 Dual wielding maces allowing for up to 5 strikes, with last dealing double damage.

Comments: ""


Flourintine 20 Allows you to parry better while dual wielding swords 
Cross 22 Blocking your opponents weapon, then striking a swift kick while their weapon is entrapped 
Doublethrust 24 Attempting to strike your opponent in the same spot while dual wielding swords 
Jab 26 A quick strike used to slowly whittle your opponent down 
Riposte 29 Countering an incoming attack with an attack of your own 
Flurry 31 A rushing attack where you try to strike your opponent as many times in a short period, quite exhausting.  

Comments:  Flurry is strength based.

Staff & Spear 

Defensive spin 20 Intricate use of your weapon's spinning motion to keep attacks from hitting you 
Leverage 23 Planting the weapon, and using leverage, deliver a powerful kick to your victim 
Legsweep 25 Using the long shaft of the weapon to sweep the legs out from your opponent knocking them to the ground 
Crescent 25 A backhanded slash across the chest of your opponent (only Spear) 
Misdirect 26 Slamming the ends of your weapon in tandem, it is possible to deliver a powerful blow 
Impale 32 An attempt to drive your spear through your opponent (Only spear) 

Comments:  ""


Distance 20 Using the length of the polearm to keep your opponents at bay 
Entrap 23 Using the polearm to entrap your opponents weapon with the shaft of the polearm 
Chop 24 A short controlled overhand strike with hands spaced apart on the polearm 
Legsweep 24 Using the long shaft of the polearm to sweep the legs out from your opponent knocking them to the ground 
Charge Set 30 Using an attackers momentum against them, the polearm can be set against the first attack 
Cutoff 32 Using the length of the polearm to prevent your opponent from fleeing 

Comments:  ""

Whip & Flail 

Sting 20 Quick strike used to injure an opponent and hinder their combat abilities
Strip 24 Attempt to strip the weapon from an opponent by using the utility of the whip 
Eyejab 26 Jab your opponent in the eye, attempting to blind them 
Choke 27 Attempt to render the person unconscious by choking the victim 
Entwine 32 Use the whip to entwine your victim, to prevent them from fleeing 
Pull 34 Using your whip, you try to drag your victim into another room for fighting 

Comments:  ""


"autumn": Autumn Harvest 

The agile swipes and quick maneuvers around and beneath a taller opponent's 
guard characterizes this method of fighting. Called the Way of the Autumn 
Harvest, in analogy to the stance of a farmer while sweeping a scythe through 
wheat, this technique centers around what is anathema to more traditional 
schools of combat- using one's lack of size as a weapon. By lurking amid the 
places a larger opponent cannot reach, a warrior vastly improves their defenses.

"balance": Balance of the Sisters 

Adopting an understanding of symmetry, the warriors who developed the style 
of the Balance of the Sisters could fight equally well with either hand, a 
difficult feat which requires intense training with the full range of weapons 
a warrior may employ. Through their stances, a warrior may wield weapons of 
equal weight in their hands regardless of their type, and may perform a 
great variety of maneuvers with a weapon in their off hand that another 
warrior could not

"calming": Calming the Tempest 

The meditations of Calming the Tempest focused upon not allowing one's self 
to be swayed by outside forces. Initially practiced in a secret order of 
warriors to train its members to never reveal what they knew, it was discovered 
that these warriors could apply their honed willpower to resist the effects of 
spells and communes

"chilling": Chilling Embrace 

The school of the Chilling Embrace held that combat is best enhanced through 
focus on its fundamentals. The style of fighting their members used relies 
on short, efficient strikes, which land with more force than could be expected 
from their size and strength. While lacking somewhat in finesse or flair, 
few wished to duel a warrior who was wise in its ways.  (+10 dam)

"crashing": Crashing of Waves 

While many warriors spend their lives thinking of ways to get around the 
guard of another, the technique of Crashing of Waves taught strokes which strike 
through the weapon itself at their foe's body. The timing and force of 
those warriors who trained in such a fashion was said to tear the weapons from 
foes who dared parry them without a firm grip.

"cry": Cry of Thunder 

Those who led the charges of battle in ancient times were said to employ 
their warcries not only as a means of inspiration, but as a terrible weapon, 
shocking enemies who have not been steeled by years of battle. A powerful 
demoralizing weapon, their warcries were carefully chosen to strike fear in the 
hearts of all who stood against them.

"dance": Dance Upon the Southern Wind 

By conditioning their legs to constant motion, and their minds to constant 
action, the warriors who developed the Dance Upon the Southern Wind were a 
constant flurry of motion, enhancing their ability to avoid blows. Relying 
on keeping themselves nimble and agile, they were said to be as difficult 
to strike as the wind itself. 

"enigma": Enigma of the Thirteen 

The history of this technique is said to be lost in the fall of the ancient 
band of the thirteen enlightened warriors who formed an elite guard for 
the last King of Yrida. These warriors learned to use wands offensively, 
directing them at their foes as a mage would, though they never developed 
the proper techniques for use with other types of spells. They were also 
renowned for incorporating the use of potions and pills into their fighting 
styles, never needing to break from their blur of strikes and parries to 
consume one of their artificer-king's potent gifts. 

"fires": Fires of Adversity 

Pain is a part of every warrior's life, but the monks who taught the ways of 
the Fires of Adversity embraced it as their call to action. Though they 
bore injuries as any other, they became only more potent in combat as they 
became wounded, surging in the most impossible of circumstances to turn the 
tide of battle with their courage and tenacity. 

"fist": Fist of the Titan 

The Fist of the Titan was the name given to the result of an array of 
grueling conditioning exercises designed to strengthen the lower arm and hand. 
The monks who mastered it held their weapons with exceptional force, and were 
known for marching into battle wielding weapons too heavy for a less trained 
warrior. Knocking their weapons from their grip was said to be like pulling 
them from stone itself.  (+10 lbs weapon carrying capacity, hard to disarm)

"flow": Flow of Shadows 

A hallmark of the Honor Guard of Darsylon's (ELF) royalty, centuries ago, the secrets 
of the Flow of Shadows were lost for ages, though occasionally reported to 
have been used by mysterious rescuers of lost travelers near Mount Calandaryl. 
The stances were designed to permit maximum mobility, owing to the style's 
focus on slipping away from your opponent's vision through a combination of 
sweeping, flowing movements and the use of surrounding lighting. Though 
mastery taxed the initiate's body, the toll on the mind was equally fierce, 
owing to the style's emphasis on timing and misdirection, and only those 
who embodied both physical and mental grace were chosen for the most 
difficult lessons. These movements not only help avoid incoming attacks, but 
create opportunities for rapid counterstrikes during the moment's confusion.

"fluid": Fluid Deceptions 

A hallmark of the legendary ARIAL warrior-monk Tareruhl was his ability to 
mask the true motions of his weapons, performing dramatic flourishes and 
sudden changes of his stance to mislead his foes into altering their guard 
the way he wished. His techniques incorporated highly effective feints 
into his strikes and parries, and his foes were often struck down after 
having been nearly thrown from their feet by particularly effective ploys.

"forsaken": Forsaken Thoughts 

The origin of the meditations of the Forsaken Thoughts is shrouded in secrecy. 
No warrior has ever admitted to knowing them, for the techniques were said to 
involve rejecting the Divine in all its forms. Legends persist of secret 
societies who trained their members to combat priests of opposing faiths, 
resistant to their holy or unholy powers.

"fortress": Fortress of the Spirit 

Years of secretive monastic training taught the revered Order of Macalla 
methods to shield their minds and thoughts from others, to best protect 
their wisdom from those who would put it to dishonorable use. They were 
said to envision an impenetrable fortress in their mind, repelling magical 
or mental attempts to distract them from their sacred duties of Honor, just 
as a stone wall would keep an army at bay.

"gates": Gates of the Forge 

Travelers' tales have long spoken of a brigade of DUERGAR soldiers who were 
deployed to charge into the most heavily fortified of the Underdark's tunnels. 
Displaying uncharacteristic courage, these duergar were sworn to the pure and 
savage honesty of combat, and measured themselves by the sheer horror they 
could survive. They wore the heaviest plate armor they could carry, and 
learned every inch of its surface for how much force it could endure. Even 
the dwarves they fought were unable to hurt them, as the duergar would turn 
the thickest portion of their heavy armor into every blow, making superior 
use of it. The dwarves called their unique style the Gates of the Forge, in 
memory of the location of the only battle where they could muster the fury to 
finally break through their armor and hand them their defeat.

"greeting": Greeting the Avalanche 

By learning to let go of caution and have faith in their training, the fighting 
monks of the Order of Macalla were said to deliver terrible bashes from the 
stance of Greeting the Avalanche. Charging forward with no regard for their 
safety, they would hurl their opponents to the ground in order to finish 
them. The maneuver proved both difficult to counter, and even more difficult 
to recover from.

"harmonious": Harmonious Equilibrium 

Through the balance of the Way of Harmonious Equilibrium, the guardians of the 
temples of the Order of Macalla once learned to keep both their footing and 
their wits about them in any combat situation. All attempts to stun them met 
with limited success, as they rolled, countered, and fought their way back to 
their fighting stances with instinctive grace and uncanny speed.

"hour": Hour Past Midnight 

There have been times in Thera's history when men of such malevolence have 
risen to such influence as to be beyond the reach of a battle of armies, and 
men of honor have risen from the least likely of sources. What few records 
exist of one such society of warrior-monks, referred to only by the sobriquet 
"Hour Past Midnight", a reference to their secretive meetings, rumored to only 
occur in the dead of night. They were said to be masters of arming themselves 
from plain sight, striking their chosen foes down with whatever could be 
improvised. Legends spoke not only of the range of exotic weapons they would 
employ, but of their exceptional skill with each, striking and defending as a 

"incarnadine": Incarnadine Wave 

Stalking their prey like wolves, the elite guard of the first Lord Captain 
of Darsylon (ELF) once practiced a fighting style which their enemies named the 
Incarnadine Wave, in testament to the savage quickness and flowing, rhythmic 
style of their sword strokes. Adaptable to any weapon, though most often 
practiced with lightweight ones, the Royal Family banned its teaching, citing 
its emphasis on painful strikes to vital areas as unfit for noblemen to employ. 
Since then, no master of it has come forward, but rumors persist of warrior- 
monks who have unearthed the forbidden lessons, focusing their will not on 
brute force, but rather the pinpoint accuracy and striking beauty of its 

1) axe 
You seize an exposed flank, and are greeted by a satisfying gush of crimson. (bleeding) 
Dropping down, you time a vicious strike with [[YOUR_AXE]] to XXX's legs! (??) 

2) dagger 
Flowing through the Incarnadine Wave, you precisely time a painful blow! (dam) 
With practiced quickness, you lunge suddenly, drawing XXX off guard. (feint) 
***Dagger incarnadine wave effects at hero*** 
Skill: 'incarnadine wave' modifies dexterity by -1 for 6 hours. 
Skill: 'incarnadine wave' modifies damage roll by -6 for 6 hours. 
Skill: 'incarnadine wave' modifies hit roll by -6 for 6 hours. 

3) flail 
Swiping with savage speed at an XXX's head, you disrupt his concentration! (int) 
Whirling [[YOUR_FLAIL]] around an XXX's guard, you land a solid blow to his arm! (str) 

4) mace 
Dropping down, you time a vicious strike with [[YOUR_MACE]] to XXX's legs! (??) 
Swiping with savage speed at XXX's head, you disrupt his concentration! (int) 

5) polearm 
You seize an exposed flank, and are greeted by a satisfying gush of crimson. (bleeding) 
Through the Incarnadine Wave, you time a lunge to push XXX off balance! (lag) 

6) spear 
With practiced quickness, you lunge suddenly, drawing XXX off guard. (feint) 
Through the Incarnadine Wave, you time a lunge to push XXX off balance! (lag) 

7) sword 
Dropping down, you time a vicious strike with [[YOUR_SWORD]] to XXX's legs! (??) 
You seize an exposed flank, and are greeted by a satisfying gush of crimson. (bleeding) 

8) staff 
Through the Incarnadine Wave, you time a lunge to push XXX off balance! (lag) 
Striking with savage speed at an XXX's head, you disrupt his concentration! (int) 

9) whip 
Flowing through the Incarnadine Wave, you lash at a vulnerable point! (con) 
Flowing through the Incarnadine Wave, you precisely time a painful lash! (dam) 

10) hand to hand 
Flowing through the Incarnadine Wave, you precisely time a vicious swipe! (dam) 
Flowing through the Incarnadine Wave, you strike a vulnerable point! (con) 

11) exotic 
You seize an exposed flank, and are greeted by a satisfying gush of crimson. (bleeding) 
Flowing through the Incarnadine Wave, you precisely time a painful blow! (dam) 

"landslide": Landslide of the Second Breath 

Slow to anger in their dealing with others, the warrior-monks of the Order of 
Macalla are nonetheless mentioned only in whispered tones among their sworn 
foes, such is their fury during the throes of battle. A hallmark of their 
DWARVEN members, the maneuver of the Landslide of the Second Breath is an 
adaptation of driving one's foe to control the place of combat. Modifications 
of their fighting stances not only made their warriors extremely difficult to 
move from their chosen place, but allowed them to drive less balanced foes 
with devastating effect, often hurling them to the ground with their furious 

"maelstrom": Maelstrom of the Veils 

In the scriptures of the warrior-monks of Macalla, it was written that one's 
duty overshadows all injury to the body. To this end, they trained under any 
duress imaginable, learning to fight from one knee, with their off hand, or 
even without their sight. One of the most successful techniques that came from 
this training involved weeks of sight deprivation during exercises, as the monks 
learned to rely on hearing, instinctual foresight, and disturbances in the 
nearby air to anticipate the location of potential foes in their vicinity. 
While they cannot identify a foe so easily, they have little difficulty lashing 
out at who is nearby. Finally, they can manipulate their carried gear nearly as 
well as if they were still sighted, such is their ability to recall and feel the 
location of each item. More challenging tasks, such as getting things from 
containers, will still be beyond them. 

(A warrior who comprehends this Legacy can address PCs or NPCs "by number" 
even while blind. For example, "dirt 2." will work, but "dirt kobold" will 

"mercy": Mercy of the Typhoon 

Rumored to have been the creation of the elite guard of Lord Kiadana-Rah, 
this method of pressing a combat was said to be the difference between the 
guard defeating an enemy, and routing them. Never pausing to reflect on 
victory, they learned to overwhelm a single foe and have a second strike 
upon the next the instant the first perished or sought escape. The legends 
claim these guards became so furious with battle frenzy as to be beyond 
their Lord's control, and the secret vanished for centuries after their 
Lord had them put to death for daring to disobey his orders. 

"one": One With Shadows 

Every warrior learns the value of being the first to strike in a battle, but 
few ever master the perpetual state of readiness necessary to thwart their 
foes' ability to catch them off guard. The stances and grips of those who 
comprehend the ancient legacy of One With Shadows were designed to let a 
warrior react at a moment's notice, and were only truly mastered by those 
who were as clever as they were strong. Through a series of compact ripostes 
and vicious counters, the warriors who make alertness their unconscious state 
of mind become adept at foiling surprise attacks of various kinds. 

"outcry": Outcry of Steel 

The tireless struggle of the most dutiful warriors has led many to seek 
conditioning above and beyond what their guildmasters say is sufficient. 
The plains-runners of the northern barbarian tribes were masters of this 
long before Udgaard Loke's armies pushed them from their homes, and were 
said to be able to give chase even to the gazelle. The strength in their 
legs was useful in battle as well, whether in escaping, grasping a thin 
opportunity to retreat, or dashing into battle with their characteristic 
clanging of swords. Since that day, the few who preserve their lessons 
have called the fruits of their labor the Outcry of Steel. 

(Note: Warriors with this legacy may, among other benefits, "nest" dashes 
together to form one longer dash, i.e. 'dash e dash e bash kobold'. This 
is tiring, however.) 

"place": Place of the Raging River 

Among the many meditations of the Order of the Macalla, one of the most 
difficult to master was the Place of the Raging River. Its nature is 
steeped in an intensity of thought that few ever master, filling one's 
mind with flurries of images, ideals, and memories at the slightest 
hint of the fading of consciousness. The goal is to resist the calling 
of the gray void of sleep brought on by injury, duress, or malevolent 
influences, and to ensure if one perishes, it is in the throes of battle, 
and not the ignominy of inaction. 

"renewal": Renewal of Spring 

Though the claims of mysterious warrior-monks who endured millennia without 
feeling the cold grip of age are surely exaggerations, there have certainly 
been many tales of those who labored to restore the strength of use to their 
tired forms, slowing the inevitable, and recovering from the toll of lost 
battles long past. Somewhere amidst these claims is likely a seed of truth, 
and the vigor of the seldom-seen Elders of these orders bespeaks the success 
of their ways. 

"riddle": Riddle of Resilience 

When asked how he could fight on through the worst of injuries, Thokora 
Meteshen of Calandaryl would simply inform the curious soul that he learned 
to divorce the sensation of pain from the unpleasant connotation others 
felt. While he still was aware of its presence, he had unlocked a way to 
place himself beyond its discomfort, and legends bespoke his victories 
won with broken bones, horrible bleeding gashes, and worse. Those few who 
suffered the agony of his teachings were said to resist maladies which would 
leave a less prepared warrior little more than able to stand. 

"soul": Soul of the Mountain 

Duty was always the first cause of the warrior-monks of the Order of Macalla. 
And with duty, oft came battles seemingly beyond the reach of a single man, 
struggling against overwhelming odds and dishonorable treachery. The 
meditations of the Soul of the Mountain were ones of endurance, of fighting 
on even when badly injured. Through its ways, the warrior-monks learned to 
survive even grave injuries, though their meditations did little to reduce 
the pain. (+200 HP)

"space": Space Between Heartbeats 

Those warriors who honed their reflexes to the precision demanded by the 
technique of Space Between Heartbeats were said to be faster than thought. 
Though not especially forceful, their strikes were masterpieces of rapid 
acceleration, beginning and ending in one instant. Their hallmark technique 
was to hover near their foe, daring them to take their eyes off them for 
that one instant they coveted. Foes who distracted themselves with picking 
up items, rummaging through packs, fumbling with backup weapons, and the 
like while fending off these warriors often found themselves on the receiving 
end of strikes they never saw, delivered in the Space Between Heartbeats. 

"striking": Striking the Shadows Footfall 

It was said that the eldest and most respected of the warrior-monks of 
Macalla lost many honorable duels in his life, but never lost one rematch. 
His eye for detail was passed on to only choice students, and the technique 
he developed became known as Striking the Shadow's Footfall. This name was 
chosen because he could predict an opponent's movements so well, he even 
knew where their shadow would next stand. Though he fought as any other 
early in a duel, as he sparred with a foe, he eventually learned all their 
flaws, and before his foe knew how it happened, they were on the ground, his 
favored staff tapping them lightly on the skull as a signal of his victory. 

The techniques of this Legacy are refined enough that they are curiously 
useless against unskilled foes. Only members of adventuring guilds possess 
refined enough styles to take advantage of. 

"surrounding": Surrounding the Sunrise 

One of the great tests of a warrior's fortitude is the ability to bring 
battle to more than one opponent. The elite reconnaissance soldiers of 
Darsylon's Second Dynasty developed a series of maneuvers known as 
Surrounding the Sunrise, to complement their dangerous missions into 
both the surrounding forests, and the tightly enclosed spaces of the 
Underdark. Masters of employing obstacles and cover to their advantage, 
the legends claimed that to pin them in a place they could not defend 
was as difficult as Surrounding the Sunrise. In one of the great lessons 
taught to the proud Darsylon lords, their guard considered their technique 
too important and valuable to share with commoner warriors, and when the 
famed patrol was caught in a prepared ambush upon the Northern Plains, it 
was said their secret perished in the screams of the slaughtered ELVES, 
their greatest achievement useless in the battle. 

"trapping": Trapping Beneath Thunder 

In the ancient annals, records exist of CLOUD GIANTS flocking to the 
monasteries of the Order of Macalla in droves, for their lessons of duty, 
honor, and perseverance appealed to the withdrawn, impartial GIANTS. 

One tradition which the cloud giants practiced among themselves within the 
halls of the Order was to spar with heavily weighted weapons, so that in 
true battle, their blades and hammers would feel more agile. One day, a stout 
SVIRFNEBLIN monk came to the assembled GIANTS, and wisely noticed that the 
giants had changed their fighting style somewhat, gripping the weapons 
differently, and using wide, sweeping strokes. At their tiny colleague's 
suggestion, the giants soon developed a technique called Trapping Beneath 
Thunder, which taught them to embrace the weight of their unusually heavy 
weapons rather than be hindered by it, striking blows of tremendous leverage 
which tore through the defenses of their foes. 

"vanguards": Vanguards Desire 

Even within the ranks of the Macalla, there were times when their goals of 
duty, fairness, and honor called for missions involving several monks 
striking as one against some great tyrant. For these reasons, the eldest of 
monks learned not only to steel their will against adversity, but to inspire 
their allies, multiplying their personal effectiveness. From lifting their 
spirits through dramatic warcries, to their rapid and heroic rescues, to 
coordinating retreats of the group in times of danger, their leadership 
proved a great boon to all. 

"ward": Ward of Blades 

Those few who dedicated themselves to the Ward of Blades devoted their eye 
and mind to keeping their weapons in constant defensive motion, never 
pausing while engaged in battle. The constant momentum of their weapons 
proved effective in turning aside blows, and the early masters soon developed 
variants of the style for any weapon, even the bare hands. Though less 
eye-catching than more complex maneuvers, few warriors can ply their craft 
without effective parrying. 

"whirlwind": Whirlwind of Steel 

Through exhausting challenges and preparation, the ARIAL warrior-monks of 
the Order of Macalla were said to have developed this technique to press 
the advantage they had over slower foes. Capitalizing on being able to 
outpace their foes, they learned to deliver a frightening volume of strikes 
by jabbing and swinging before their opponent could adjust and react. The 
term Whirlwind of Steel was coined, as much a nod to the furious motion as 
to the swirling winds that followed the wings of these arials. 

"whispers": Whispers of the Great Siege 

Those warriors who heard the Whispers of the Great Siege knew the nature of 
hardship, and are tenacious even in lean times. Learning to quickly recover 
from injury, and stretch rations of food and water to their limits, these 
warriors learned to substitute willpower for more mundane needs of the 
flesh, fighting on through the worst of conditions. 

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