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Virtue of Charity[edit]

Essence of Charity[edit]

Syntax: commune 'essence of charity'

While affected by essence of charity a paladin improves on their healing and curative communes while weakening their offensive communes a like amount.

Paladins affected by this commune may use Sanctuary or Word of Recall on others, as well as themselves.

Templars Gift[edit]

Syntax: commune 'templars gift'

This supplication affects the paladins entire group. When it wears off, those affected will heal some damage.


Syntax: commune 'lifeboon'

This supplication will transfer a boon of hit points from the paladin to the target character.

Ceremonial Burial[edit]

Syntax: commune 'ceremonial burial'

This supplication will purify a corpse. This is done to protect the dead from being disturbed by those who practice the dark necromantic arts.

Also, protects against defilement from orcs with smear and possible other corpse defilement skills.

Call of the Martyr[edit]

Syntax: commune 'call of the martyr'

This supplication will place the paladin in front of all who currently attack any member of the paladin's group in an attempt to rescue and protect them.

Prayer of Restoration[edit]

Syntax: commune 'prayer of restoration' <target>

This healing supplication is similar to the healer supplication of healing sleep. The recipient, who must trust the paladin, goes into a deep sleep, while the paladin prays over him. If the recipient is undisturbed for the duration of the sleep, and the paladin continues to pray over him the entire time, he or she will awake refreshed and cleansed of diseases, poisons, and blindness.

Mass Healing[edit]

Syntax: commune 'mass healing'

This spell acts as a group 'heal' spell which refreshes movement as well.

Virtue of Faith[edit]

Essence of Faith[edit]

Syntax: commune 'essence of faith'

While the paladin is affected by essence of faith, they are able to defend against offensive communes from an evil source with much greater results.

Templars Will[edit]

Syntax: commune 'templars will'

This supplication will improve the saving throws of the paladin, while making them resistant to poison or disease. This bonus increases with the paladin's level.


Syntax: fast

The paladin can fast one day a week. During this time of spiritual meditation they will regenerate their mana much quicker than normal.

    • Expect to gain 250-400 mana per tick with while fasting for 24 hours**

Spiritual Hammer[edit]

Syntax: commune 'spiritual hammer'

This blessing will imbue a mace with divine powers based on the strength of the paladin's faith. This supplication will eventually destroy the weapon blessed, but until that time it will serve the paladin well.

Divine Intervention[edit]

Syntax: commune 'divine intervention'

Divine intervention can dispel supplications on the victim. It has also been known to shake the faith of other priests enough that they question their beliefs.

Silent Prayer[edit]

When absolutely cut off from their deity it is possible for a paladin to reach deep inside themselves, concentrating solely on their faith and devotion, drawing on reserves to allow for a successful communing of a supplication. Doing so is much harder, however, and the mental energies required are much greater than usual.

This skill is automatic, but is not always successful. Further, there are places in the land that are so bereft of holiness that even the Silent Prayer will be useless.

Virtue of Fortitude[edit]

Essence of Fortitude[edit]

Syntax: commune 'essence of fortitude'

While affected by essence of fortitude a paladin improves on their offensive combat abilities.

Divine Blessing[edit]

Syntax: commune 'divine blessing'

This blessing will imbue the weapon with the strength and fortitude of the paladins convictions. This supplication will eventually destroy the weapon blessed, but until that time it will flow with divine power.

Veterans Insight[edit]

Syntax: Automatic Skill

A paladin who has spent many years fighting against evil has gleaned a small measure of insight into defending themselves against axe, daggers and spears.

Spirit of the Blade[edit]

Syntax: commune 'spirit of the blade'

In an effort to destroy the darkness a paladin can gain a second chance from their deity to continue the fight. This supplication can only be cast when a paladin is near death. If the paladin succeeds in vanquishing the evil, the strain and exhaustion will exact their price from the paladin.


Syntax: commune aristaeia

This powerful shaman supplication grants divine strength to the target, healing their wounds and raising their combat abilities to a phenomenal level. However, while imbued with this divine prowess, the target cannot flee or recall.

This can only be cast on willing targets.

Virtue of Temperance[edit]

Essence of Temperance Commune[edit]

Syntax: commune 'essence of temperance'

While affected by essence of temperance a paladin improves on their defensive combat abilities. However, while their attention is consumed with this focus upon defense they will sacrifice some of their offensive melee effectiveness, including finding a reduced prowess with the offensive techniques taught by the fighting style they have dedicated themselves to.

Templars Vigilance[edit]

Syntax: commune 'templars vigilance'

This supplication gives the paladin a sense of all the evil that surrounds them, especially those who might intend harm upon them.


Syntax: commune 'revelation'

This supplication gives the paladin a quick glimpse of everyone standing with the paladin, revealed in their true light.


Syntax: Automatic Skill

Sensing an opponent's strike, the paladin is able to defend against their initial blow and return quick counterstrikes of their own. The intense concentration needed to sense an attack and return a counterstrike can be mentally draining. The effectiveness of counterstrike improves as the paladin learns to use it more effectively.

Divine Insight[edit]

Syntax: commune 'divine insight'

While the paladin is affected by divine insight he is given a brief glimpse into the future of their opponent, allowing them to begin reacting to combat before any normal warrior could. This allows them a chance to avoid or counterattack physical attacks against them.

Champions Stand[edit]

Syntax: commune 'champions stand'

This is a powerful defensive supplication which allows the paladin to make a stand against the evil around it. Once the paladin has determined to make his stand he cannot be moved from the spot in any way. Techniques that would normally slow a person's actions will still hurt them, but will not slow them down. Because of the high level of concentration necessary to maintain the Champions Stand, the paladin cannot move or sleep without cancelling it.

Virtue of Retribution[edit]

Essence of Retribution[edit]

Syntax: commune 'essence of retribution'

While affected by essence of retribution a paladin improves on their offensive communes while weakening their healing and defensive communes a like amount.

Retributive Curing[edit]

Syntax: Automatic Skill

While attempting to lay hands, if the paladin cures maledictions placed by someone who is evil, the person who caused the maledictions will be struck by the holy power that cured them.

Force of Will[edit]

Syntax: commune 'force of will'

This supplication attempts to force the victim's weapon to detest the evil that wields it, causing it to slip from their grasp. This feat may be easier with some weapons than others.

Divine Retribution[edit]

Syntax: commune 'divine retribution'

This supplication brings retribution against those who find it necessary to murder beings who walk in the light.

Fire and Brimstone[edit]

Syntax: commune 'fire and brimstone'

This supplication calls forth a storm of fire and brimstone to strike every evil being in the vicinity of the paladin.

Light of Heaven[edit]

Syntax: commune 'light of heaven'

This supplication inflicts damage on evil targets, burning them with the light of heaven. There is a chance that it will also dispel beneficial affects upon the victim.

Virtue of Hope[edit]

Templars Prayer[edit]

Syntax: commune 'templars prayer'

The paladin leads the group in a prayer to their deity. During such a time as the groupmates are praying they will rest, and regenerate at an accelerated rate

Call to Arms[edit]

Syntax: commune 'call to arms'

While engaged in combat, the paladin can make a prayer to their diety to imbue the group with heightened combat prowess against the victim for a brief time.

This prayer may be more effective for paladins who are strong leaders, or in dire situations when the paladin and their allies are outnumbered.

Holy Strength[edit]

Syntax: commune 'holy strength'

Holy strength increases the strength of the paladin's entire group. Holy strength also has the chance to purge any affects which drain your groupmates strength.

Sacred Guardian[edit]

Syntax: commune 'sacred guardian'

This supplication links the paladin to the target character. The paladin will always be aware of the health and status of the one they are guarding. The ties between the two are so strong that the paladin will always be able to sense the one he guards. This can only be communed upon a willing target.

Steadfast Heart[edit]

Syntax: commune 'steadfast heart'

Through this commune, a paladin can fill their heart with hope, erecting a bulwark against fear. While it lasts, the paladin gains some additional protection against mental manipulation.

The rallying effect of this commune is inspiring as well, and grants minor benefits to the morale of the paladin's allies.

Blessed Remission[edit]

Syntax: commune 'blessed remission'

This supplication can be focused on a single target or on the entire paladin's group. It will hold all the negative affects on the affected in abeyance. The affects are not cured, and the duration does not shorten, but they will not affect the person while in remission.

Escape of the Innocent[edit]

Syntax: commune 'escape of the innocent'

Recalling the Fourth rule of the Paladin Code, the Templars have taught this supplication. This prayer will attempt to remove the curse from the paladin's entire group, then send them all to their respective hometowns, bringing hope where there once was none.

Sacred Rites[edit]

Syntax: commune 'sacred rites'

Through prayer and ritual, a paladin can grant the ability to sense the dark taint of evil, the blessing of his patron, and the sanctuary of the Light to the paladin's entire group.