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Trewyn's Druid FAQ

Okay people. This is my FAQ on Druids. This FAQ is gonna be for the folks who have no desire to figure anything out on their own. I learned everything I know from trial and error except for like three things that Quird's player showed me. So you are warned, anything below this will likely demystify it and possibly ruin the fun. I encourage you to not read this until you have done some experimenting on your own. It is how it is right now, a work in progress. Feel free to comment. Also, I've decided I don't want to upkeep it. Anyone with druid knowledge that's trustworthy can update this thing. Just be sure to sign it somehow. It promotes community spirit.


My race list:
1. Human - No vulns, no xp penalty, herbal focus edge

2. Half-Elf/Half-Drow - low vulns, high wis, (my strongest druid so far was a half-elf in Nexus)

3. Wood-elf - High int, prot metals covers vuln somewhat, low hp at first, boost to natural prayers, (Never met a wood-elf druid I couldn't kill)

4. Cloud Giant - Haven't played one, from observation, resist physical (doesn't transfer to form without an edge), LOW INT

4. Arial - Haven't played one, Can fly (all druids can fly), protection elements covers vulns (Note: Not having to keep fly up frees up mana)

5. Gnome - (don't do it), seriously, don't do it. There's no benefit to being a gnome that outweighs the blunt vuln. Call this the challenge race. Gnomes can't really compete until at much higher levels, and even then compete sounds like a dream more than reality to me.

Herbal Forage I recommend setting skill learn focus on Herbal Forage from the very moment you can.

Moon Cycles

The moon cycles greatly affect the herbs. One herb-type will be easier to forage under a moon and one herb-type will be harder to forage under that moon. The herbs you carry and the moon dictate your playstyle. At a Full Moon a druids power is at maximum, but their healing abliity is at it's lowest. During a Waxing and Waning moon, consider that like the druid's normal. It's multiplicative rather than additive, 3(offensve) > 1 offensive + 1 offensive + 1 offensive. So you will have more bang if you specialize, but you lose diversity, which is a druid's strong point. Pick wisely. It will dictate whether you succeed or fail. Also avoid having a "goto" set of herbs (ie, all offensive all the time) because you'll really suck when your moon isn't out. Learn to fight under a new moon because people for some reason think that's when druids are at their weakest. That's just when they have the hardest time to kill people, but it's also pretty much impossible to kill a druid that doesn't want to die under a new moon. You have to do a LOT of burst damage to take them out. You can have one herbset for each 10 levels for one at level 15, two at 20, up to five at 50. Human druids can get up to six.

New    - + Curative   , - offensive 
Waxing - + Natural    , - protective
Full   - + Offensive  , - curative
Waning - + Protective , - natural

Utility herbs can be found anytime. If you fail the skill check, you get utility herbs.

Here is a log of what you can expect. I was trying for 5 offensive.

Your ability in the skill herbal forage is at 100%(100%).

<963/963(100%hp) 1036/1086(95%)m 85%mv 22700tnl> <clear full> <hills outdoor 6 AM> <224> You are affected by:
Skill: 'herbal forage' (Utility) for 108 hours.
Skill: 'herbal forage' (Offensive) for 107 hours.
Skill: 'herbal forage' (Offensive) for 103 hours.
Skill: 'herbal forage' (Utility) for 101 hours.
Skill: 'herbal forage' (Utility) for 100 hours.

The moon cycles also affect your prayers. Prayers fall into one of the four categories. During that moon, there will be a natural boost to that category and a decrease to the power of the opposite category.

Curative Prayers
Mend Wounds - Your only healing prayer. More curative herbs = more hp. New Moon + Moonblessed Edge + 2 Curative herbs gets you about 100 hp per cast. You can actually outheal a healer with a lot of curative herbs, and since your healing spell costs 35 mana you can keep yourself and your allies alive till the coast is clear. You can't give them sanctuary though, so you're like a nerfed healer with a bad ass heal spell.

Refresh - You'll use this a lot. More curative herbs = more moves

Herbal Medicine - The more curative herbs you have, the better it works. Set skill learn focus on this AFTER you get herbal forage to 91 or higher. Trust me on this. It used to give giant strength, but that may have been changed.

Natural Prayers

Decompose - Fun prayer that opens up a LOT of areas for learning that are otherwise not doable. It hits undead for massive damage, has a 1 round lag, and it hits them with an immolation type effect. It gets an obvious boost during a natural moon. You can do oblits every round to things at level 20 under a natural moon with no herbs.

Thornheart - Deals initial minor damage, then minor damage each tick. Damage increases each tick. You take a hit each time you try the prayer, you can parry/shieldblock the hit. Over usage of this prayer CAN get you killed. Watch your HP. Lowers dex and strength. Stacks (sort of). See Advanced Tricks for more. (My latest experiment has me believe they lowered the timer on this)

- Deals no damage. Sucks mana away each tick. I don't know how much. If someone wants to be a lab rat for me, inbox me and I'll roll up a druid for some testing. See advanced tricks for more.

Plant Growth
- Makes plants grow in a room. Takes a LONG time to cast unless you know what you are doing. You can't do it in an extremely civilized place. You CAN do it on any road (roads can be thought of as civilized wilderness now) and any desert that's not a city (aka outside of Hamsah). You cannot do it in cabals, some no-recall areas (I'm not sure if it's the no-recall or just special to the area). It's a natural prayer, so more natural herbs = lower casting time, but you'll only notice the lower casting time when the waxing moon is out. You need two or more natural herbs to see the casting time reduction.

Primordial Vengeance
- Nature curse. Does all kinds of stuff that is annoying while they are in the wilds. Use it every chance you get. Can lag at random for a round, can cause them to drop stuff (like their return potions), and can hit them for small letters several times a tick with lightning. Things done are terrain dependent.

- Listed here as a natural prayer because it is. The more natural herbs = higher level treant. I like to grow a treant under a waxing moon and keep it alive.

Call of the Wild
- More natural herbs = higher level mobs, mobs reported to do more of their special tricks with more natural herbs. They do more, but how much the herbs help I'm still debating.

Offensive Prayers

Telluric Surge</em> - Does crushing damage (I think, it's magic if it's not crushing), and various effects including disarm (pretty sure it can disarm a shield also), "a swing and a miss" type effect, to a lag like mental jolt gives. It's not actual lag, it's just command denial and it's just for a round or less. I'm pretty sure it drains mvs if they have enough metal on. I used to think it was natural, but I'm convinced it's offensive now, the damage seems to be boosted by offensive herbs) A lot of druids are all enamored by this prayer, I've gotten like two kills with it. It seems ineffecient to me when you can just blast them with fireseeds or entangle. I'll try to remember to use this on my next druid.

Fireseeds - the goto prayer for damage. If you're indoors, this is all you got. It hits up to 4 times with the 4th hit doing extra damage (if you get 3 *** demolishes ***, the 4th hit will be that or an === obliterates ===). With six offensive herbs it puts out more damage than sunray does when it dreams, but each fireseed can trigger wimpy and it WILL NOT hit them after they flee. So this is really just for getting them down to writhing and swatting lowbie mages.

- Single hit damage. Pretty sure it's piercing damage. This prayer is actually more powerful than Sunray. It has terrain restrictions. Can only be used in the wilds, and thankfully roads and trails are considered wild enough now. (They didn't used to be.)

- It does single hit light based damage and can cause blindness. The blindness isn't all that long (1-4 hours I believe), but it's nondispellable as far as I know. It can only be communed when the sun is out. I recommend a highlight that highlights the times for day and night so you can just tell right away. This prayer makes orcs evaporate, usually.

Call Lightning
- Hits person in same area with single hit lightning damage. Can be considerable. I have seen unspeaks on unprotected birds before. Arials beware on the full moon!

- does no damage until you reach level 35, after which the damage is boosted by offensive herbs and the moon cycle. Full moon = more damage. It acts just like Faerie Fire and can stack on top of it. I will say that this spell has been given a MASSIVE boost in damage. I'm really tempted to get that moonbeam edge on my next druid just to screw around.

Whirling Simoon
- Does area damage in deserts, the more creatures in the room, the more damage. Can cause blindness + bleeding. Has a long casting time. Often times you can get more damage with two thorns than you can with one simoon against a group of people, but bards can't dodge this and necromancers can get eaten by it if they happen to be late in the hit cycle. It's like this:

You call upon the desert, and a blistering simoon howls into being!
The gods protect Zilijar.
Khrathtyn yells 'Die, Grecken, you sorcerous dog!'
Your whirling simoon *** DEVASTATES *** Khrathtyn!
Vehldriss yells 'Die, Grecken, you sorcerous dog!'
Your whirling simoon === OBLITERATES === Vehldriss!
A burnt zombie of the green dragon yells 'Die, Grecken, you sorcerous dog!'
Your whirling simoon === OBLITERATES === a burnt zombie of the green dragon!
A ghoul yells 'Die, Grecken, you sorcerous dog!'
Your whirling simoon >>> ANNIHILATES <<< a ghoul!
A flesh golem yells 'Die, Grecken, you sorcerous dog!'
Your whirling simoon does UNSPEAKABLE things to a flesh golem!
Your whirling simoon >>> ANNIHILATES <<< Shenkov!
The gods protect Calprecia.
Khrathtyn has some small but disgusting cuts. 

Protective Prayers

Not a lot of protective prayers. Protective herbs give you damage reduction. The more herbs, the more reduction. You'll notice greater reduction when you have 3 or more protective herbs. Hint: Learn your defenses with a lot of protective herbs. Mix and match curative and protective for good synergy.

Armor of Thorns
- Stops bash, throw, and hugging. Also handshaking. In fact, with this prayer up, you pretty much can't do any interactive socialing.

- deflects attacks, gives AC, and possibly a little damage reduction. This might be what powers the DR from the protective herbs. More protective herbs = more deflection

Prot vs Metals
- This prayer cannot be dispelled. (It used to suck fighting a shamanator [shaman + warrior] Druids have metal antipathy, which means they take more damage from metal sources and cannot wear metal objects. So this prayer takes that vuln and makes it a protection. There is debate on whether or not it takes it to the same reduction level, but my belief is that iron vulns are covered by this, but hitting a wood elf with an iron sword does more damage than hitting a human with the same sword. This is one of the few things I'm not certain about. My wood-elf druid experience and conversations with other wood elf druids make me believe this way.

Utility Prayers (mostly unaffected by moon cycle)
Utility herbs boost your regen rates in addition to minor affects. The more utility herbs, the higher utility level prayers are communed at. Utility herbs are good for lowbie druids as they will help keep up all those prayers. But I've only gotten utility herbs when I wanted to practice a prayer that wasn't boostd by natural herbs.

- longer lasting fly

- higher level bless, better saves and hit bonus.

Frenzy - Druids can get a 12/12 frenzy if they REALLY want to.

These are here because I have questions or they aren't affected by herbs/moon.
Cancellation - Use to get rid of blindness and slow/haste. Utility may boost level.

- Does damage plus reduces moves by a lot. It used to be 50%, probably still is. I'm not sure if it's natural or offensive.

- Hits anyone that walks in the room with 2 rounds of lag and a -dex affect that stacks. Can be a pain in the ass for the druids groupmates.

The Hunt
- Prayer is affected by herbset. It's a very weak mob without protective herbs, but the damage it can output with offensive herbs is just stupid sometimes. It's main benefit is that while the prayer is in effect, regardless of the survivability of the mob, the affected CANNOT MAGICALLY TRAVEL. Spike growth + the hunt = bad news

Spike Growth
- Does big physical damage (piercing) + -dex. It lowers movement speed, takes longer to navigate from room to room, movement costs are increased and movement regen rates are nerfed. You should start with this prayer basically any time that you can. It can now be used on trails and roads (used to you had to have an edge for it to work there). CANNOT BE USED IN DESERTS without an edge. Either natural or offensive. It's possible that damage is affected by offensive herbs and malediction is affected by natural. I need a willing test subject.

- No experience with the new rules. Mergen couldn't shapeshift so I didn't get to play with it. An Imm did ask me what I thought about it, and from watching Quird, I have to say that the changes made it so I might shapeshift from time to time. Grecken would die pretty much any time he shifted so he never did. Don't shift into a condor and expect to survive against another airform. It's a pain in the ass to get that high in the prayer tier, so I don't have much experience with it.

Transmute Metal to Wood
- Turns metal objects into wood so you can wear them. Leaves most of them damaged (unsure what that does now), but you can repair them. This is either natural or utility. It takes significantly longer to do under a new and waning moon than a waxing or full, but the druid gets a natural caster level boost under a waxing and full moon which could shorten the timer on it. I'll have to play with it more. I will say that I've noticed it's significantly harder to blow stuff up now. Used to it was like 2 out of 3 times you were going to blow something high level up. And if you spent an hour getting that one metal item you were pretty much assured to blow it up. It's like this sometimes. Don't let it bother you.

Heroes Feast
- Cures poison, plague, scourge, and probably anything resembling a disease. It does this for you and your ENTIRE group. But it has a 24 hour cooldown timer. It can only be done once a day.

Herbal Forage Locations


Forest of Nowhere - Curative
Vale of Arendyl - Curative
Plains of Arendyl - Curative
Jade Mountains - Curative
Light Forest (North of Seantryn) - Curative
Azreth Forest - Curative
Plains of Udgaard - Curative
Forest Near Underdark Entrance - Curative
Tahril Mountains - Curative


Hidden Forest - Protective
Prosimian Forest - Protective
Grove Past - Protective
Open Plains - Protective
Virgin Forest - Protective
Hardan Wood - Protective
Jade Elf Forest - Protective
Grove Present - Protective
Halfling Lands - Protective


Ysigrath - Offensive
Blackwater - Offensive
Battlefields - Offensive
Shadow Grove, Present - Offensive
Shadow Grove, Past - Offensive
Spiderhaunt - Offensive
Mount Calandaryl - Offensive
Pine Forest - Offensive
Barovian Forest - Offensive
Dark Woods - Offensive

When they combined Silverwood and the Violet Wood, they made it VERY hard to get six natural herbs. They need to add another natural area.

Weald - Natural
Drogran Hills - Natural
Silverwood/Violet Wood - Natural
Northern Mountains (Near Udgaard)- Natural
Dranaety - Natural
Toglodyte Caves - Natural
Fields of Balator (Untamed Forest) - Natural (Thanks Wrathpuppet and who ever told me years ago.)

These locations have ONLY utility herbs. Listed for posterity rather than useflessness.

Pass Golgath - Utility
Veran - Utility
Emerald - Utility
Mountain Pass near Udgaard - Utility
Strange Island - Utility
Mountain Pass near Udgaard - Utility
Glauruk Spawning Ground - Utility
Mal Trakis - Utility

COW - Call of the Wild
This section you have Trewyn's permission to add to. Details like attack type you can just change/correct. Other stuff sign it like ** BOLD ** ** CoW Mob does such and such - YourName (for credit) ** UNBOLD ** to designate something I didn't put here originally.



- Faewyn Weald - (Charge) - (High Damage)

Mountain Goat
-Tahril Mountains - (Charge)

Bearded Forest Giant - Cloud Giant
- Grove, Present - (Slice) - Bashes, Flies

Forest Giant - Human
- Forest of Nowhere - (Slice) - Bashes

Shambling Mound
-Ysigrath - (XXX) - Smothers (Does Blunt Damage + lag), This CoW can heal itself by integrating local foilage. It's a hippy vampire.

Loyal Cooshee
-Vale of Arendyl, Mount Calandaryl - (Freezing Bite)

Wild Dog
-Drogan Hills - Bite

Silver wolf
-Pine Forest - Bite (Gulrom)

Red Fox
-East of Udgaard -Bite? (Gulrom)

Great white bear near
-Northern Mountains/near hummingbird pendant (Gulrom)

White Stag
-Virgin Forest, Plains of Arendyl - (Charge) - Headbutt

Mountain Lion
-Mountin Entrance to Underdark, Mountains near Arial City - (claw I think) - (Very High Damage)

Large Falcon
-Vale of Arendyl - (Claw I think) - (*** Demolishes *** once or twice a round, flies)

Carnivorous Vine
-Ysigrath, (Pound) (Note: shambling mound is better, IMHO, but it's not like you get to pick)

Dranety Ranger
-Dranety Wood - (Punch) - (Note: the list of things this guy can do is immense, basically what ever a gnome forester ranger can do)

Rhinoceros Beetle
-Troglodyte Caves - (XXX, probably charge) - (Defensive CoW) High HP, High DR

Savage Moor Cat
-Blackwater, Glauruk Spawning Grounds - (probably claw) -

Murder of Crows
-Battlefields - (Peck, 3 massacres round) - It's already hasted if I remember correctly.

Forest Witch
-Emerald - (slice) - Low HP, Thornheart, Poison, Spores, Blindness?, Weaken

mischievous pixie
-Shadow Grove - (magic I think) - Dodges well, fragile

Jade Yak
-Jade Mountains - (XXX) - (Headbutt)

Arctic Wolf
-Udgaard Mountains - (Dunno)

Savage Wolverine
-Light Forest (North of Seantryn) - (Strongest combat, 2 - 3 demolishes)

Silver-backed Jackal
-Dark Woods

Whisper Spider
-Spiderhaunt - (poisonous bite)

Living Mass of Kudzu
-Hidden Forest (Trolls) - (Asphyxiation) - (Entangle)

Enraged Silverback Gorilla
-Strange Island, Whistlewood - (Smash)

-Strange Island - (Claw I think) - High Damage = to Lion.

Fat Black Toad
-Coven of Dralkar Wood - (poisonous bite) - It's a fat black toad!

Great White Owl
-Violet Woodlands

A tuatara
-Hardan Wood - (XXX) - hisses at hidden things

An angry pack of wolves
-Mists near Barovia, Barovian Forest - (XXX) -

Giant Pangolin
-Hardan Wood - (Claw) -

Black Wolf
- Barovian Forest (mists) - (Bite)

War Eagle
- Udgaard Plains (One Hearts) -

Advanced Stuff - Coming Soon!

Trewyn's Edge Ideas/Thoughts

The edge list you take will be different if you are in outlander or not. Outlanders get a boost to regen rates so they play very differently.

Deny XXX - My personal opinion states that you should only pick flesh. If they made it so that different animals and zombies are bone now, then I don't know. But as long as zombies are still considered flesh and shapeshifter claws are flesh, then Deny Flesh is the only one you should pick. Deny Wood would be a good one for an Outlander to take since the tribunals are going to mostly have wooden swords for the Spirit.

Moonblessed - I used to think this was essential. I'm now convinced it's not all the rage. I'd rather have Forestwalker.
Forestwalker - If you aren't an Outlander, you'll want this.
Verdant Lord - This edge is really cool. It tells you when your plants are dying AND where they happen to be dying at. It's not all that expensive either.
Herbal Focus - If you are a human, you need this. Not need, but you'll just want it.

Herbal Regeneration - This got me killed a lot of times, but it's fun. With the moonblessed edge and a new moon I could regenerate better than any shapeshifter can... which gives you confidence. Confidence doesn't give you damage reduction, though.

Beetles Shell - I remember liking this one with Grecken. Having a hit every round to two rounds negated is nice.
Skin of the Redwoods - Daevryn says it gives DR. I couldn't tell how much cause I had so much DR as a nexun, but I say any extra is nice. ESPECIALLY as a druid cause you can heal and DR essentially increases your HP pool without messing up your mending ability.

Shards of Contagion - I recommend Contagion, but venom just looks fun. Thornheart + poison = bad. Thornheart + plague = worse. In addition to plague they can get influenze or malaria. All kinds of crap.
Shards of Venom -

Initiate of the Great Cycle - I'll probably never take it again. Druids already have the best anti-undead attack there is.

Sunsoaker - I recommend this one as a top pick. The blindness is nice.

Drawer of Dawn/Twilight - I've had both of these and both are good. If you're a druid who is going to focus on Sunray, then I recommend Sunsoaker + Dawn. The weaken effect from Twilight isn't as useful as the get yourself killed healing effect of Drawer of Dawn. Regardless, both edges extend the time in a 'day' you can cast sunray by 3 hours. So it's 3 more ticks a day you can blast folks.

Farhaven - Was cool as hell when I had it with Mergen. It was way OP so I told Daevryn and he agreed and probably toned it down too much. But when this edge came out, you couldn't haven on trails and roads and with this edge you can. NOW you can haven and such on the roads without this edge and this edge's only effectiveness is a nerfed haven in cities. I haven't had the edge points to spare to screw with it since the last tinkering with the druid code. It's actually pretty useful for outlanders if you can survive the sequester, especially if he put it back the way it was originally (since it's not adding the benefit of being able to haven down roads).

Holder of the Eternal Flame - Don't take it. Let me explain why. Have to hit 4 fireseeds for a CHANCE for it to work. So I did some testing, and on a full moon with 5 offensive herbs, I hit 4 fireseeds about 2-3 times out of 20. Then the immolation happens only about 20% of the time. So it's literally like one in a hundred fireseeds will have this immolation effect, and honestly, anything that just ate four of your fireseeds is PROBABLY gonna die anyways to your next fireseed volley or call lightning. If you do a lot of indoor fighting, this might not be a bad edge. Remember that they can wimpy on each of the seeds, so getting hit by the 4th against a PC is gonna be even harder than for a mob.

Seed Spray - I took this on a druid once and deleted him IMMEDIATELY afterwards. It messed up my playstyle so bad I didn't know what to do. Instead of hammering folks for that scarry 200+ a pop, it'd hit three of them for less. It also makes it unusable against necromancers as you'll only hit the necromancer with one or two of the seeds. I can't recommend this one unless you can avoid being summoned by necromancers into indoor areas or summoned by necromancers in the city during the night hours. Both situations make this edge a hindrance.

Metal Antipathy - Why are they bashing you? You have armor of thorns.

Metal Shaper, Tropical Tracer - Gear locker edges. Waste of edge points.

Medicine Man - There's a herb edge somewhere that gives it a cleanse effect, which is bad ass. I'm not sure if this is it or not.

Gearing for a Druid

A lot of junk you can request from natural creatures. Being an outlander helps with this (and may be required if you're not a wood-elf, I dunno. I usually kill it so it repops.)

You will want as much +hp gear as you can get. Here's some basic crap you'll be able to get on your own by the time you can call a treant. Starter Set
Evergreen Robes (Druid in jail in Galadonian Settlement, run in get the treant to fight it, close the door and run out. Let the treant kill it.)
Robes of a Grand Druid (might take a little effort to bring down, recommend new moon, use forest haven to prevent tracking)
2xBraided dusty red circlets (+hp, save vs paralysis) make for good lowbie stuff. These are upgrades on the sandy brown cloaks.
2xrings (your choice, rose ones from Barovia are good and easy to get for starters, I like pitch black rings for starters.)
These four items ought to give you at least 150 hp.

Venomwood club (or your preferred poisonous weapon) - Shadra in that wood-elf place near the ruined keep, poison + thornheart = good
Nodisarm axe/mace OR a very very light axe/mace, some druids like the shillelagh of sung wood in the Holy Grove. It's cursed, but not nodisarm (unless it was changed).
Shield - stone shields are good. I'm dreading the day people realize they can ruin a druid with shieldcleave and it's EASY to do now.
Try to keep your weapons to just one or two in your inventory. You really don't need more than the two listed here.

Early druid life you'll want some +mana items, but by the time you can do call of the wild your mana will be near 1000 anyways. My last druid had like 900-1100 mana natural. The druid only crap usually adds mana too.

In the end you'll want at least 200 in hp gear, when I get my set really going I have about 400 or more in HP. After level 30 saves become more important so you'll want to have at least -10 saves without bless by then. Bless goes a long ways in spell defense and you mostly just don't want to get slept.

You'll need at least a +4(+4 over max str) in strength (boneshatter is -7,-7 and your parry ability is affected by strength. Losing your parry will generally suck for you). At hero you may want a lot more than that. Medallion of the wild can be found in the druid's guild in the Weald.

To kill mobs as a druid it really helps to have a poisonous weapon. But if you can't, thornheart will SLOW their regen down but it doesn't stop it. The best way to regear a druid is to get someone else to do it for you. You play healer or damager, but when you have to do both it's not real efficient. Druids are better team players than solo players.

Serpentint Staff Sources
Early on in your life, just use practice staffs. They are easy to get. You can try to scavenge some up in the plains in the past. But the easiest place to find good ones are the quarterstaffs on the elven rangers in the Blackwater swamp. Tsunami brings them out and your pets can kill them without your help. Just don't die (they are wooden sticks). I usually carry two of them if I plan on using serpentine staffs. Villagers make them vanish instantly, so they are mostly just a short distraction or something to eat a bloodthirst attack. They CAN constrict (which lags the opponnent for at least two rounds) so it's not a bad idea to keep them around.

How to be a Druid

The Low Levels

Okay, so here you are a level 1 flowersniffer and you are looking at a hard ass climb up 50 levels of pansy ass bashing warriors (hahaha, just kidding, they can bash all they want) and flying !@#$ing zebras popping in and trying to horn you with their special unicorn horns. So the first thing you have to do is not pick a fight with any giant warriors (or anyone with enhanced damage) until you are level 23 because that's when you have parry. Yup. Level 23. ANYONE else is free game up until that point. You may want to hesitate against some foes until you have shield block (level 20, yup no defenses AT ALL until level 20). So your lowbie fights are going to look like this "Hey, can you help me kill So and So?" Your lowbie defenses consist of mend wounds. That's it. You can heal your wounds but you can't block any blows. So your PK ability really doesn't start until you have fireseeds and really doesn't begin till you hit level 24 and have cancellation. (Cancellation is a VERY powerful spell.)

If you see a mage and you have fireseeds, make that mage go away! It'll hit them for 3 MUTILATES and maybe a MANGLE we've all seen what 3 MULTILATES can do to a level 14-20 mage. Necromancer summons you into a locked room? Fireseeds. Fireseeds eats lowbie mages. The damage output is kinda OP in the lower levels, but it balances out REAL fast.

After you reach level 20 and 23 it's as they say - OV status. You get thornheart. Don't try and perfect thornheart. Don't be stupid and perfect offensive prayers. Waste your time perfecting stuff on important crap like forest haven... and well that's honestly the only one I perfect. I get heroes feast up to like 90 because it costs 200 mana and you do NOT want to fail that one... because it costs 200 mana. If you fail a prayer in a fight and they get away or worse they make you run away. You have herbal medicine AND you have mend wounds. Stop being a fucking chode and get aggressive. You won't succeed as a druid if something as asanine as losing concentration three times in a fight when ALL of your powers are one rounders stops you. You're already a failure because you are a chicken shit. Are you catching a mentality here? Good. Druids win by being AGGRESSIVE. Druids can heal fast, they can run fast. There are VERY few people that can outrun a druid.

So at some point you will realize that you are now level 29. At level 29 you finally get to be a druid rather than some kind of messed up invoker-wannabe. The reason why? You get spores. Thornheart + spores means you now can control somewhat where fights will take place. So here I will dictate to you the fighting strategies of a druid.

The Mid Levels

Fight Situation A - Eastern Road, Full Moon So you're on the eastern road and you see a duergar warrior and you're level 28 (you have thorn). So what do you do? First thing, check the moon. If it's anything other than a new moon, you're gravy. Oh look! It's a full moon. Charge that bastard! If it's a new moon, stop and consider what his lagging options are. You cannot do more damage than a warrior during a new moon. So what do you do first? Typically the warrior is going to try and bash you, it's not a dumb move. Every warrior that knows what he is doing is going to try and bash you. This is why you have to keep Armor of Thorns up ALL the time. Wait! Weren't we charging a duergar? YES! STOP! Check your Armor of Thorns timer? Is it more than 1 hour? If yes, then charge! If no, then DON'T! Good warriors will bash you as the hours tick.

The lesson here is don't play reckless on a full moon. Yeah your damage output is great, but your healing ability sucks, so your hit and run becomes Mob and Chase. You actually have to play more cautious on a full moon. But you're a druid. Fuck cautious. If you can't overwhelm them with offensive power you have to whittle them down. This is what people think Thornheart is for. WRONG! Thornheart is for making them run to hot and cold places which are usually not in cities (unless those farking outlanders are burning shit down again, damn them all!) But notice I said level 29, warriors don't care about thornheart. Especially villagers and giants and minotaurs. Wanna see them run off to some place in the wilds? Hit 'em with spores. This is especially effective against villagers who are mana dependent.

Fight Situation B - You're in Old Thalos (That's what was where Ostiligath is now, for you chumps that never saw it. Hamsah was called New Thalos.) There's this guy and he's bashing you! WTF? So you're down to half health after you get armor of thorns up, he's got some disgusting cuts or a few scratches. What do you do?

In this situation you need to realize something, mend wounds takes time to cast. Herbal medicine takes a LONG time to do. Thankfully you run REALLY fast. So RTFA! Don't run far though, because we're going to kill this asshole warrior. Once you're suitably far enough away (not too far, remember we want him following us) heal up as much as you can. Use herbal medicine to conserve mana (when you run out of mana, you... well you can't do anything so you either run away or you die). Refresh all your spells (always have carapace up when fighting melee classes) and jump right on in there.

The lesson here is that no fight is lost until you are dead. There are no "I almost got you" conversations with a druid. You either kill them or you don't. If I flee at 7 hp, before the next hour ticks, I'm going to be at 100% hp. If you're a druid and you're at half health, flee. You don't want that asshole warrior to flurry you. Also, don't try to mend your own wounds in a fight unless you can't flee and you'll otherwise die. Pretty much druids fight like orcs by hitting folks until they stop hitting back.

Fight Situation C - So there is this chick. Man. She just won't leave you alone. She's clingy and bitches all the effin time. Not only that, but she kicks your ass regularly. She's just mean. What do you do?

Well, like any good druid. When a chick talks smack, you hit her with spike growth. The reasoning is that chicks like shoes and spike growth... well it doesn't do anything to their shoes. But it DOES mess up their move regen. On top of that it lowers strength and dex which can lower their parry ability (not really a big deal, we don't have charmies yet). What do you do next? You hit them with entangle for more -dex. Also we're lowering their moves. Why? Someone without moves can't chase you. Worse, someone without moves is a sitting duck. They will get tired of always having to wait for spike growth to go away and rest up those moves. Entangle also pisses off air forms. Also for this to work you need to be in a green room. Entangle needs green rooms to work. So pick your terrain.

Fight Situation D - PICK YOUR TERRAIN

Don't let them dicate where you fight. You run to where YOU want to fight. If they don't follow, then don't fight them. Once you become a badass you can start taking the fight to them, but while you are learning the ropes, you be the decider on what the terrain will be. So many of your abilities are terrain based, so you MUST be evera ware of where you are standing. This is what my prompt looks like:

HP                 MANA          Moves           IMPORTANT STUFF RIGHT HERE                Not important

<1232/1286(95%hp) 986/1021(96%)m 98%mv 22700tnl> <lightning full> <civilized outdoor 1 PM> <159>

Your prompt should look something like this. If it doesn't, make it. You NEED the weather, moon cycle, terrain, indoor/outdoor AND the time and you need to know what they are without wasting a command.

You can't cast call lightning unless it is at least cloudy. You also can't cast it when it's too cold (used to be like that, dunno if it still is)

Okay, the sad part about druids is they get their last offensive spell at 35 or 36. So at level 38 they don't have much reason to advance unless their Imm likes them. So once you have sunray, your fights blend into this:

Can I Sunray? No -> Thorn? No -> Fireseeds Can I Entangle? No -> Spikegrowth? No -> Should I be fighting here? Can I blast them into idiocy with offensive herbs? No? Then use Primordial Vengeance, Thornheart, and Spikegrowth and Spores

Volley 1 is over and they did NOT run away like they were supposed to: If you are hurt, go heal. If you spent MORE than 20% of your mana getting your ass kicked and then have to spend 40% of your mana healing, then you can't beat this person. Go do something else.

Druid Attack Scheme
Mash Buttons - Plan A
1st Move - Spike Growth
2nd Move - Entangle/Thornheart
3rd Move - Entangle/Thornheart
4th Move - Fireseeds/Thorn/Sunray
5th MOve - Fireseeds/Thorn/Sunray
6th Move - They are still alive? Fireseeds/Thorn/Sunray
7th Move - Call Lightning

Tactical Decider - Plan A
1st Move - Spike Growth
2nd Move - Primordial Vengeance (You may have trouble landing this one in a city)
3rd Move - Thornheart
4th Move - Spores
5th Move - Offensive
6th Move - Offensive
7th Move - Offensive

Stupid Fly - Creative Thought Process A (Requires charmies and an opponent that doesn't evaporate when sunrayed.)
1st Move - Sunray (until blind)
2nd Move - Telluric Surge (until disarmed)
3rd Move - Laugh like a retard
4th Move - Kill them

Evaporator - Use against Orcs and Duergar
1st Move - Sunray
2nd Move - Sunray
3rd Move - They are still here? WTH?
4th Move - Sunray
5th MOve - Sunray
6th Move - They are still alive? Jesus... they have something that makes them non-vuln to light.
7th Move - Call Lightning

Here's a log of this in action!

<1286/1286(100%hp) 1021/1021(100%)m 98%mv 22700tnl> <lightning full> <civilized outdoor 1 PM> <159> co 'sunray' demtok
Demtok yells 'Die, Grecken, you sorcerous dog!'
You narrow your eyes and glare in Demtok's direction.
You burn Demtok with the light of the sun!
Your sunray <<< ERADICATES >>> Demtok!
Demtok is covered with bleeding wounds. 

<1286/1286(100%hp) 986/1021(96%)m 98%mv 22700tnl> <lightning full> <civilized outdoor 1 PM> <159> co 'sunray' demtok

Demtok's divine power DISMEMBERS you!
You dodge Demtok's divine power.
Pagrenhar screams and attacks Grecken!
You parry Pagrenhar's stab.
You parry Pagrenhar's stab.
You parry Pagrenhar's stab.
Pagrenhar tries to bash you but collides with your thorny armor instead!
Your armor of thorns maims Pagrenhar!
Demtok parries your wrath.
A lynx screams and attacks Demtok!
The Treant screams and attacks Demtok!
The Treant's beating MASSACRES Demtok!
The Treant's beating MASSACRES Demtok!
A wooden adder screams and attacks Demtok!
Demtok is gushing blood. 

<1232/1286(95%hp) 986/1021(96%)m 98%mv 22700tnl> <lightning full> <civilized outdoor 1 PM> <159> 
Andaayhn looks at Demtok.
Demtok is gushing blood. 

<1232/1286(95%hp) 986/1021(96%)m 98%mv 22700tnl> <lightning full> <civilized outdoor 1 PM> <159> 
Pagrenhar fails to rescue Demtok.
You narrow your eyes and glare in Demtok's direction.
You burn Demtok with the light of the sun!
Demtok is blinded by the sun in his eyes!
Your sunray <<< ERADICATES >>> Demtok!
Demtok is DEAD!!

Thiefcatcher/Reverse Assinator

Plantgrowth a road room that is on the edge of an area and can be scanned into from the other room. Call briar tangle, taunt said thief. When he walks into the room, you have two chances to kill him with pure offensive power. If it's night time, I recommend moonbeam be one of those two prayers. If it's daytime, then thornheart. This also mucks up assassins. This is a log (unedited) how it goes down. (the plant growth was done earlier)

People near you:
(PK) Andaayhn                     A Crumbling Road
(PK) Grecken                      A Crumbling Road

<1326/1326(100%hp) 1037/1037(100%)m 95%mv 22700tnl> <cloudy new> <forest outdoor 9 PM> <153> co 'briartangle'
You silently command nearby foliage to attack intruders.

<1326/1326(100%hp) 967/1037(93%)m 95%mv 22700tnl> <cloudy new> <forest outdoor 9 PM> <153> 
Your armor of thorns disappears.

<1326/1326(100%hp) 1037/1037(100%)m 100%mv 22700tnl> <cloudy new> <forest outdoor 10 PM> <153> co 'armor of thorns'
You close your eyes and hum for an instant.
Thorns sprout from your skin as you undergo metamorphosis.

<1326/1326(100%hp) 967/1037(93%)m 100%mv 22700tnl> <cloudy new> <forest outdoor 10 PM> <153> 
Andaayhn scans west.

<1326/1326(100%hp) 967/1037(93%)m 100%mv 22700tnl> <cloudy new> <forest outdoor 10 PM> <153> 
Veesa becomes entangled in a patch of overgrown briar!
The briar's entanglement decimates Veesa!

<1326/1326(100%hp) 967/1037(93%)m 100%mv 22700tnl> <cloudy new> <forest outdoor 10 PM> <153> co 'sunray' veesa

Charging forward, Andaayhn hits Veesa with enough force to send him sailing through the air.
Andaayhn's bash mauls Veesa.
Veesa yells 'Help! Andaayhn is bashing me!'
Veesa yells 'Die, Grecken, you sorcerous dog!'
You narrow your eyes and glare in Veesa's direction.
The sun is not in the sky for you to burn your foes with its light.

Believe it or not we kill him! Some asshole druid comes and steals the shinies though.

Basically druids are hit and run masters. Just hit and run and be super aggressive until you stop dying so much. If that doesn't work, then go healer and get a friend and kick their ass two on one!

Oh! By the way... don't use charmies against imperial blades. Don't. If you can't get a kill without charmies, don't play a druid.

And I'm sure you knew this, but forest haven and treeform (once you're passed a certain level) is an effective escape method.

During long sieges, give your opponents spores. Especially if they are villagers. Give them all spores, then just sit out side and bullshit for a while. Like 12 minutes.

There are situations where you will want a shield potion. There's just no way around this. I recommend having at least one.

How to Party with a Druid

Okay, everything above was basically for solo fighting. Team fighting with a druid just becomes an extension of the above points, the finer points you obviously will have to gain personal knowledge of. I can't pass on experience like that. It's just something you have to do. But sooner or later you will have to realize that you need friends. So how to keep and maintain friends? A druid can compliment ANY party. The druid can be the tank. When you group as the tank, you don't get protective herbs, you get curative herbs. At least two, preferably three. UNLESS there is a healer in the party, in which case you get protective herbs. When you can gather more herbs, you can start mixing and matching. If you are the damage dealer, then you get offensive herbs. There is little reason to get natural herbs in a learning situation... except.

Trewyn's Plantgrowth Pro-tip

Under a natural moon you can use plantgrowth really fast with just one natural herb (even faster with two) so you can plant an area that's normally civilized and make it ranger/druid friendly! Neat huh? Think outside the box.

How to Kill A Druid

Hit them until they stop running. DUH! Okay, well if that doesn't work. Here's what druids hate:

Disarm - They Can't parry without a weapon
Offhand Disarm - Can't shield block
Strength Loss - Can't parry as well, also see disarm
Shove - Makes them fight their charmies. Druid charmies hurt!
High Melee Damage - ACK! Use a non-metal non-elemental weapon.
Plague/Scourge/Manaloss - Heroes feast! But they can only do it once a day.
High Burst Damage - Transmuter spells rock non-nexun druids. Flurry works well too, sorta.
Lag - Have to time it right. Most of their junk is 1 round so don't bother until they are moderately wounded.
Bleeding - Makes them not able to regen mana which means they can't heal with mana

Notice where lag is? Druids have a lot of one round prayers. A round or two of lag here and there isn't really going to annoy them too much. I've let warriors cranial me while wearing a stupid hat just so I could get them to stay longer. To kill a druid you lower their strength. That's the real secret to it. Anything that makes it so they can't parry or shield block. Now two people double lagging a druid will probably kill him. If a druid latches on to you, you have to hit them more than they hit you. I will say that properly timed lag is what kills druids. Also healing curse + massive bleeding works. So does dispel + bash (Not dispel magic + bash, that's just silly to try).

What I notice most as I'm playing a druid is that people like to lag first and then do damage stuff and that's ass backwards. Your first move CAN be a lagging move, but if it's not pincer, it'd better be followed up with something else. You start lagging a druid when they gush. Make them squeamish to do more than one or two attacks at a time. Also weapon swapping works. Use a metal weapon then switch to a non-metal when they gush and cranial or flurry or something!


Well, this is the end. That's all of my thoughts. If I think of stuff as I go along, I'll add it. This is about everything I know about druids. I'm not real big on game secrets and "in" knowledge. Having the knowledge in this FAQ won't tell you how to use it. Only experience can do that. So let the games begin!