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The thief trapper path has a reputation for being the hardest and least deadly, but it's also the worst-documented and has the least knowledge circulating about it. This latter trait should be to a smart player's benefit, and is why I'm not going to give away too much or suggest tactics. But, many things about the path are unnecessarily misleading, and I think spoil what is a path that is otherwise a lot of fun to play. After you play a hero-level trapper, you'll find it hard to live without its unique traits when you play a different class or thief.

Reality: What Sucks About Trappers

  • You don't get to start having fun with traps until you get damage trap at level 35.
  • Knock-out trap sucks. It has a low % (tho not as low as you think), and worse, if your target trips a trap they get the sleep protection timer and if it missed, now you can't jack them either. Plus you don't benefit by stacking ko traps either.
  • You have to hunt for cool ingredients. Incidentally, the rarest ones are not always that much better than ones you can just buy.
  • You need friends to experiment with ingredients and figure out precisely what they do. You get different echos, but you don't really know what a trap did unless you can get your target to tell you, because even with detect traps down, you aren't going to spring your own traps (except when you fail setting one and it fires at you, which happens occasionally. Which really sucks when it happens with a KO trap. sucks to KO your whole group accidentally).

Reality: What Rocks About Trappers

  • It's the only class that can kill or debilitate someone without laying a hand on them. Well maybe not the only class, but whatever, it's still cool.
  • It has the lowest total points of all paths, allowing you to create some creative thief builds.
  • Your trap timer gets lower the higher your level. At hero, you could potentially set 6 to 8 damage traps in a room in 16 ticks (I can't remember if traps last 12 or 16 hrs).
  • Damage trap's maledict. It's very good for your target to be be losing HP instead of regenerating when Ko'd.

This is where the confusion is - traps are not as simple as they'd seem.

Burst/Physical/Direction Mechanics


  • Groups, cabals: You will not hit anyone in your group or cabal, regardless of trust toggles.
  • Timer: At all ranks traps last for around 16 hrs (I think). At rank 35, you get a 4 hr trap timer... meaning, you can't set another trap until the timer ends. That makes it hard to improve the skill %, otherwise the skill improves with ease similar to other skills. At 42, I think the timer drops to only 2 hrs. At hero, I think it's 0 hrs (1 tick). Because of this, there's a good argument to just wait until 42 to take it and get skills from another path that will help you survive more.
  • You can set a trap when hidden, but people in the room will see "Someone crouches on the ground and does something suspicious." echo. Also, of course, when you get ingredients out of your bag, you'll step out.
  • Ingredients weigh from 1 oz to 10 lbs. Between preps and ingredients you'll find your hands full a lot. It's a good idea to get in a guild and use the chest to keep a stockpile in and assume the other theives in your guild won't be interested in them.
  • Trap syntax is a bitch. YOu'll pretty much have to set a macro for setting each kind of trap.
  • Setting a trap gives you a little lag, but the trap goes down instantly. You can flee and burst trap before they get to you.
  • Traps don't "tell" you when they've been triggered, like rangers snares. Though one guild sells a scroll you can use.

Direction trap

  • You set the trap to trigger when someone exits the direction you specify of the room you are in.
  • The target will not yell out.
  • The trap will hit only one person. If it's a group, it's not necessarily going to hit the person physically leading the others, (i.e., walking), I saw many people get KO'd while the other member spammed on down the road.
  • It will hit a PC and not their zombies or pets.
  • If a mob leaves the room in that direction and you are in the next room over, it will get it. If you are multiple rooms away, it will not trigger the trap. I'm relatively certain a wandering mob will trigger the trap if it walks out of the room in your trapped direction and you are in that room.

Burst trap

  • Trap triggers when someone walks in the room, and hits everyone in that room.
  • The target will yell, and so will anyone else who happens to be in the room when it triggers.
  • You will not get hit by your own damage traps when someone walks in. It's fun to hide in there and watch all the echos.
  • If a group walks in the room, the whole group will not necessarily be hit. I *think* the group-around leader gets hit, but not certain. Just don't plan on trapping a whole group when they chase you. But, you can set a trap in the room with them and lead a mob to you to spring it and hit them all.
  • A mob will only trigger a burst trap if you are in that trapped room when it arrives.

Physical trap: Just don't even bother with this, unless you think you'll steal someones pouch of nourishment, trap it, plant it on them, then wait for the excitement. It works on doors too, and can have its uses if you don't have burst trap, but, whatever.

Damage Trap Mechanics

  • Damage: Trap damage does not change with rank or dam roll. It'll vary depending on your target's dam redux or racial vulns, and the ingredient. At best you'll get a **** DEMOLISHES ****, often you'll get MASSACRES. Damage traps never miss the raw damage attack, unless the target has a certain skill or edge protecting them.
  • Maledictions: Traps will not cause maledictions until your 'damage trap' skill and burst/physical/direction trap % gets high up. It's not a hard %, just the higher your skill, the more likely they'll hit. If you get to the 90's, the maledictions will hit regulary but not always. Near perfected, some traps will do extra maledictions. Traps can blind (incurable for 4 hrs tho i think truesight fixes it), immolate, poison, impale, boneshatter, cause bleeding, hurt AC, entangle and other things.

Knock-Out Trap Mechanics

  • Have same timer as damage traps and glowing traps, last around 16 hrs, timer goes down as you level.
  • When hits, target out for a nice 4 hrs.
  • Chance of hitting goes up with skill % and burst/direction %. Type of ingredient allegedly helps too. Spores bad. Opium good. Might be better things, but rare ingredients didn't seem much better than common ones.
  • When close to perfected, trap hit close to 1 out of 3 times. Some players seemed virtually immune to KO traps, while others got hit a lot, this might be the remain conscious edge, I don't know.
  • As mentioned above, after mini thief revamp, triggering a ko trap sets the sleep protection timer. Which means you really only have a small set of circumstances when you'd want to bother with a KO trap, if you can otherwise jack with high success.

Glowing Trap Mechanics

  • Can give faerie fire or boring old purple dust.
  • When you get % up, can do interesting maledicts - only one I saw was the mist of illusion effect, but I suspect there are others.
  • Last for 8 hrs or longer.

Other trapper skills

Dusts: These hit everyone in the room, be careful! You step out of the shadows when you throw these, and all fail a lot until perfected. Some use mana, some don't.

  • Stench cloud: Like faerie fog with -chr effect. Fails a lot until perfected, has a decent lag on it. Starts combat!
  • Smoke cloud: Makes it impossible to get anything off the ground. Lasts 1 tick. Can't scan out of a smoky room, and can't scan into a smoky room. Lag on this way too long, but great for when you are at cabal raids and don't want that elf to scan south and see you waiting outside the Fort. No damage, doesn't start combat.
  • Blister agent: Allegedly increases damage vulnerability, but also causes light damage repeatedly throughout each tick, similar to immolate. Very good. Seemed to last a good while.
  • Abrasive powder: Never truly figured out what this did, and lag too long on it for me to try to use it. I suspected it would drop mvs when target walks, but experimenting didn't show this.
  • Pepper dust: Never had it, but supposedly can cause lasting damage and blind everyone in room.

Other skills:

  • Bag of tricks: Ah, what does this 10-point skill do? Basically, it will do a light and unblockable damage attack (wounds when young, MUTILATES to MASSACRES at hero) and then randomly one of four things: blind, cause bleeding that lasts a while, faerie fire dust, or nothing. Took forever to perfect, and as skill went up the "nothing" happened less frequently. Uses mana, seems short 1 rnd lag. Borderline useful.
  • Detect traps: If you have this up, you will detect another thief's traps and automatically disarm it when you walk in. Though not necessarily always. Varies depending on level of the other thief, trap, and your %. You always see your own traps when you walk in the room, regardless if this is up or not. You cannot detect snares or deadfalls or quicksand, though there are edges that will do this. Never got eligible for scout training edge (for snares) because you have to have a high time in wilderness. Fuck that.

Spoonfeeding: Now, I didn't want to make a trapper FAQ because I didn't want to deal with hitting lots of traps. But here in this unbulleted text I will tell you about some key ingredients and tactics. For blinding targets, go to mage tower in tir-tilath. best glowing ingredients are at blackclaw guild. best ko ingredients at docks. poison trap ingredients in arial city guild or witch in goblin forest. boneshatter and entangle ingredients in cragstone. more good ingredients in sewers. Seriously, some of the best ingredients are at obvious stores in plain sight. have a target chase you to one exit room, backstab them, flee, and watch them die to traps they spring when chasing you. waylay target after they hit a bunch of burst traps, then jack them and watch them bleed, then knife and trip/chase. bind their legs and have them flee/chase into entangle traps. Have them walk into boneshatter/poison/impale traps and watch them drop their weapon. FUN FUN FUN!