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Adept at Dimension - Slightly Shorter lag stepping out from duo dimension. Prerequisite for Master of dimension. Not too great in and of itself but very well worth it to get to Master of Dimension.

Adrenamancer - Higher Hit and dam to Adrenal burst spell, fires more frequently. Seems to be harder to block.

Amphibimancer - Longer lasting gill growth

Arcane Scholar -

Battlemage Training - Better Lash and Pugil, possible requisite for some other edges.

Bewildering Jolt - Adds confuse to your mental jolt: An awesome and cheap edge

Biomorphic Warmage -

Bliss of Isolation -

Bonemender - 33% reduction in re-use timer for repair bone, heals a tiny bit more HP, more likely to "fix" broken bone type affects.

Boundless Flight -

Buttressed Skeleton - some protection against bone breaking abilities or things that target your head.

Calmed Mind - Improves mana regen: Regening up to 600 mana a tick at lvl 40

Dimensional Vision - See things that are duo (still can't hit them)

Diminisher -

Elastic Escape - if affected by malliability able to do some things you normally can't. The big one is being able to unbind yourself if your hands are bound.

Fleshmender - No-Evil</b> - [Dervish: Cheap, heals 60-90 hp with it, cooldown becomes 5 hours instead of 7. Pretty nice]

<b>Fleshripper - Stronger Disrupt Flesh, longer lasting and more damaging bleeding

Fleshtwister's Awareness - You get echos when your disrupts wear off of people.

Grace Under Pressure - Accelerate helps defenses slightly. Dex Based, Min 20 dex pre-requisite. Not uber, but pretty decent perk.

Hollow Bones - Allows arial transmuter to fly while they have "calcify" in affects.

Master of Dimension - THE sneaky transmuter edge. Prerequisite is Adpept of Dimension edge. Very short vis from duo lag. And the kicker, ZERO lag on whois/where commands while in duo dimension (no "You struggle to focus on your surroundings" echo/lag). An absolute must in this transmuter's opinion.

Master of Leisure - Increases relax and mass relax regen rates to 105 per tick from 35, not great in and of itself, but good if you travel with sword specs a lot, it also allows you to run around Accelerated, Metabolic Quickened and Adrenal Bursted forever chasing someone and never run out of moves.

Mastery of Self - when casting buffs on yourself they are done at a higher level (makes them harder to dispel). Also likely helps mitigate MV loss when fighting with accelerate/petrify flesh (though not when fighting multiple people) and the lag with petrify flesh.

Metabolic Fortitude - Gives resistance to catching poison/plague.

OrganmenderGood</b> - Reduces timer on repair organ by 33%, ups the amount healed by a little, more likely to repair organ type affects (most common are disrupt organ and deafen).

<b>Paralytic Opportunist - Extra melee damage on people that are held. Its like an extra soften VERY POWERFUL edge.

Perfect Self - takes all the -dex penalties from protective spells down to 0 when cast on yourself

Psyche Crush - Stronger neurological disruption damage against less intelligent foes. E.G., occasional *** DEMOLISH *** against unprotected giants. More frequent/stronger neuro maledictions. No bonus to frequency of paralytic affect. Very nice edge.

Regenerator of Self - Costs slightly more than Overcome Distortion, cuts the cool down time for repair XXX by a lot. Adds 10 or so hp to each type of mending.

Reorganize Innards -

Resist Paralysis - Seems to scale with your -SVP gear giving you a bonus to saves based on your current saves, No true way to test that I can think of. But with heavily protected or Divine saves against paralysis Neuro will always lag it's caster more than it lags you if you have this.

Stealthy Redimensioning - A chance to not be noticed stepping out from duo dimension. Does not work all the time against all observers.

Tormentor - Bonus to disrupt muscle, more likely to get the side affects.

Vivimancer's Precision -

Vivimancer's Rejection -