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Thank you for contributing!

This is not meant to be a complete list of everything that needs to be done. If a todo item fits on a page, just add it to the bottom of the page in question.

The todo items can be found again by searching for TODO:

Here is what currently needs to be done:

  • Add credits to the creating IMM at each of the maps.
  • Link the CarrItems to the maps where they can be found.
  • Make an ID converter. One that turns item ids into the table-formatted style for the wiki. (see formatting page under Item list)

Here is what people have said should be done, but which would violate the Rules

  • Make a list of potions and what they are used for. No potions/pills should be referenced anywhere.
  • Add wands to maps, and where they're found. Absolutely no wands, or wand IDs should be added.

Search for TODO here: to find more TODO items. Feel free to add local TODO items on pages where there is pending work.

Feel free to add more stuff to this list. But remember that if there is something that you could actually do - get it done instead of just adding it to a list hoping that someone else will do all the work. This page only works if everybody contributes.

Remember mapping is fun!