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First, you set up an alias that assigns name of your target to variable called $target:

  1. ALIAS {targ} { #variable target %0; whois $target } {5}

You use above like so: targ valg (sets up $target = "valg"). As a bonus, I also do "whois $target" in the same command, to make sure that the guy pops up on my 'whois' list and to ensure that I didn't mistype his name, etc.

Now, you're ready to rain death and destruction:

  1. ALIAS {aa} { dirt $target } {5}
  1. ALIAS {kk} { murder $target } {5}
  1. ALIAS {ll} { trip $target } {5}

Basically, any time you type "aa" and hit enter, this expands to "dirt valg".