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General Thief Edges:

Arcane Literacy - Chance to avoid destroying a scroll when they fail to recite. Req. intelligence
Anklebeater - More damage with weapon trips. Req. high strength, mutually exclusive with Imbalancer.
Bounty Hunter - Collect bounties in any city, without need for a bounty office.
Brutal Backstab - Increases the damage of backstabs and increases the chance for backstabs that are especially successful slightly. Req. strength
Coinfilch - Steal a few coins while stealing an item.
Concussion Expert - Chance to disorient or confuse victims of their blackjacks.
Devious Versatility - Train further within the varied skills of Thera's thieves guilds.
Disfigurer - Chance to disfigure a victim of their knifing, resulting in charisma penalties and some light bleeding. Req. evil
Disorienting Isolation - Disorient their prey as they isolate them from their companions.
Entrapping Circle - Circle stabs are difficult to evade.
Filcher's Eye - More difficult than normal to steal from.
Flank Finder - Effective at aiming their blows at parts of their opponents body that are either unarmored or less heavily armored.
Flash of the Blade - Blinded for a very short time, or distracted just long enough for the thief to sneak in an extra strike.
Getaway - More likely to flee successfully, especially in rooms with few usable exits.
Hidden Assets - Panhandling with greater effectiveness.
Highwayman - Chance to weapon trip victims they separate from their allies.
Imbalancer - Saps additional movement with weapon trips. Req high dexterity, mutually exclusive with Anklebeater.
Locksmith - Pick and relock more swiftly and surely.
Needling the Haystack - More effective circle stabs in the chaos of battle.
Pinpoint Aim - Increased chance to bypass armor.
Read Lips - Discern what people near them are saying, even when they are deaf or otherwise unable to hear.
Skullpunch - Can attempt to knock out a victim with their bare hands.
Slippery - Less likely to be stopped by skills which prevent fleeing.
Urban Agility - In a city, dodge better and skills and abilities which would block attempts to flee are less effective. Better with City Ties in their hometown.
Vagabond - Change hometowns much more cheaply than normal.
Strongarm Backstab - Significantly increased chance for an especially effective backstab. Mutually exclusive with Truearm Backstab and Swiftarm Backstab.
Swiftarm Backstab - Less chance to experience an especially embarrassing failure while backstabbing. Mutually exclusive with Truearm Backstab and Strongarm Backstab.
Swindler - Drastically increased success rates while stealing from other players who trust them. Req. charisma
Truearm Backstab - Slightly increased chance to deliver an especially devastating backstab. Mutually exclusive with Swiftarm Backstab and Strongarm Backstab.

Racial Thief Edges:

Subterranean Rogue - Dark-Elf/Duergar/Svirfneblin - Conceal themselves effectively within the subterranean realm they call home.


Master Kidnapper - A character with this edge more swiftly and ably wrangles bound prey.

Binder + Pickpocket:

Wary Disarmer - Apply warning skill to performing sleeping disarms.

Binder + Thug:

Tormenting Bully - Good at beating up people that they've tied up with sucker hit.


Black Marketeer - Fence their stolen goods for more money.
Hustler - Sometimes steal a random item from the inventory of a victim that they isolate.
Shadow Flip - Small chance to avoid a targeted attempt to illuminate them with an acrobatic flip while in terrain they could hide in.

Pickpocket + Thug:

Tumbling Cutoff - Increased chance to perform a parting block, so long as their dexterity and freedom of movement remain supreme.


Asphyxiating Toxins - Leave lasting asphyxiating effects on those who resist their inhaled knock-out poisons.
Blender of Agitants - Brews more potent fear poisons.
Blender of Hallucinogens - Brews more potent neurological poisons.
Blender of Hypnotics - Brews more potent mind control poisons.
Blender of Purgatives - Brews more potent emetic poisons.
Blender of Soporifics - Brews more potent knockout poisons.
Conserve Ingredients - Chance that a poison or trap ingredient will not be consumed in use.
Enduring Concoction - The poisons and antidotes brewed by a thief with this edge will last longer before evaporating.
Smooth Manipulator - More persuasively make suggestions to the victims of their mind control poison. Req. charisma

Poisoner + Thug:

Boogeyman - Sucker hits upon such victims are exceptionally effective against fear-poisoned foes.
Forceful Nick - Inflict minor gutshot-like effects when performing a weapon nick with a dagger.

Poisoner + Trapper:

Sandman - Special superior knockout traps and reduces time spent asleep hitting their own traps.
Toxic Edge - Automatic chance to poison their enemies asmuch as a weapon dealing poisonous bite damage would (although less often).


Brutal Blackjack - Deals additional damage when their blackjack attempts(either type) fail to cause unconsciousness. Req. strength
Helmet Clanger - Less hindered by the quality of a victim's helmet when performing an earclap.
Jeer - Pushes with jeers and taunts meant to demoralize their victim.
Knife in the Gut - Chance to follow up their failed attempts at weapon butt blackjacks with a quick dagger strike.
Made You Blink - Distract those they sucker hit. Req. quick, mutually exclusive with Two for Flinching.
Thuggish Eviscerator - Gut shots with more devastating and lasting effects.
Two For Flinching - Occasionally follow up a sucker hit with a second quick blow. Req. strength, mutually exclusive with Made You Blink.


Arcanewise Trapper - Small chance to avoid trap-like effects created by magic with the use of their detect traps, such as quicksand or iceslicks.
Conserve Ingredients - Chance that a poison or trap ingredient will not be consumed in use.
Scout Training - Small chance to use their trap detection abilities to avoid snares and similar abilities. Works well for thieves who spend little time in civilized.