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I made this patch for the wiki, that is why it acts so wierd when you update it. With the new extra bandwidth, maybe it is time to turn it off (or better fix it so it works) (removed /Lazlo)

I also made a patch so when you post links to /external/ sites you get added to the .htaccess file. This prevents wikispammers from taking over the page with evil links to their spam sites. When an attempt to post spam is caught a mail is sent to wikispam <at> dikuclan <dot> dk

I didn't create any e-mails yet. So you'll have to set up what you need. The above mentioned wikispam as one of them.

For editing the pages I can recommend using the jEdit editor from with the FTP plugin. That way you can edit the files like they were on your own computer. Instant testing.

More useful info at the