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So, you want to roll a Svirf? Why the hell not, they're awesome.
You get same dex as human, 22 strength, 22 wis, you're small and can't be bashed by a giant
and if you reduce, you can't be bashed my much else as long as they aren't reduced
Your stats are pretty good for just about any weapon specialization except maybe dagger.
Oh, and you get inherent stone skin and detect invis so you don't need to carry around a
buttload of potions.

Do all of your character name stuff and then when you roll your stats, aim for 16 int, 20 wis and 21 con.
(Falstaff: If you don't mind giving up your helm slot for a while, roll for a 15 int and pick up the dented iron helm from the ground in the battlefield which is +3 int)

Now, when you go down, don't practice any of your skills until you complete the academy fine leather quest (as you can't go south anymore without going through the academy first; do whatever you like with training). Going through the academy fine leather quest will give you plus wis, con , str, dex and int gear.
The 22 wis will give you four practice sessions each time you rank, also, instead of getting a measly 1 or 2 percent
skill increase when you gain, you get 3 or 4%. If you use your practice sessions wisely, you
can get quite a few extra trains. The 17 int will give you enough intelligence to only have to use 2 practices to
learn a skill.

Now go back to the warrior guildmaster train, practice your weapon, enhanced damage, parry and shield block, because you
get 7 practices to start out with. Now, you're 60 years old when you start, so write a good role to cover those 60 years
well and go kill mages.