Special Undead Compilation

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Pumpkin Man

Attack: Claw

Ability: Jack-o-lantern, Bash, Berserk, does a crazy dance which defiles an forest room.


Attacks: Claw

Ability: Pukes on people for -Str and -Con (0 hour, stackable) - It's about -4 str/con. This helps a lot with landing disease/poison.

Rogue Warrior

Attacks: Chop

Ability: Bash, Trip, Whirl, Overhead, Weaponbreaker, Disembowel 


Attacks: None.

Ability: Invisible, represented by an 'affect' instead of a mob so it's always there. (even if you word/teleport)
         Causes distortion in those that attack you with weapons after a few rounds.
         Causes fear
         Can knock equipment that people are wearing
         Only way to remove is to die - doesn't get removed even if you quit.

Mummy Warrior

Attack: Claw

Ability: Vital, pummel, crushing blow

Drowned Warrior

Attack: Drowning

Ability: Drowns people (insta kill) when fighting in water

Barrow Wight

Attack: Claw

Ability: Energy drain, pass door, Casts Rot in combat


Attack: Claw

Ability: Upgraded ghoul, uses 'hold person'



Ability: In darkness has special defenses that reduce damage of some hits to scratch. 
Other -int/wis mental attacks in combat.


Attack: Icy Grip

Ability:Pass door, energy drain, Banshee's Keening (damage, chance to insta-kill)


Attack: Stab

Ability: Headbutt, Belches flame, Goring, Dirt kick, Bash

Aki weth


Ability: Thornhearts, Spores, Corpsethrall, porcupine spines that strike attackers

Coffer corpse

Attack: Claw

Ability: Strangle for extra damage — 3rd strangle is like entwine, and you cannot escape its grasp. (PK targets only).
Also does a special "bone-crushing blow" on all undead, does enormous damage to skeletons very quickly.

Shrouded mummy

Attack: Claw

Ability: Protection good, Haven, Cause Fear, Dispel, hides in DESERT


Attack: Claw

Ability: Pass door, lash, energy drain, accelerated degeneration(hits between decimates-***DEVESTATES***)

Patchwork Dead


Ability: Steals weapons, will auto-attack hidden/camo/invis if they're holding a weapon

Crypt crawler

Attack: Claw

Ability: Hides in graveyards like improved invis for hide, does not sneak. Fear and other mental attacks in combat, will remember who it struck and be aggressive toward them. 


Attack: ?

Ability: ?

Juju zombie

Attack: punch

Ability: Animates anything it gets on the killing blow. Things animated this
way still had a corpse left behind, and are aggressive to everyone. Might even attack
out of range, but takes a few seconds of standing in the room. Invis undead does nothing,
they WILL attack their creator's master.

Pale Carrion Ogre

Attack: Claw

Ability: Bash
 Note: Added the last three I knew of, best way to find out all abilities is fight your own or
others undead once they are a higher level. Some abilities seem level-based (I could be wrong). Edited spelling and abilities on mortuus.