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Ok, there is one other good faq out there, but I think I have a good bit of experience with rangers. At least, felar rangers.


Cloud giants[edit]

These are good rangers, but you will need alot of reduce preps to effectively creep. They even get to use bearcharge. To backrake, however, your target cannot be smaller than you, so this skill will be fairly useless. Aside from that, having a cloud giant ambushing you while dual wielding big mean axes is rarely a good thing, and herbs can heal plauge fairly easily.


My favorite race for rangers. 23 dex and 23 con gives them good hps, really good dodging, and their vulns can't be as easily exploited as a wood-elf's. Protection from heat/cold can help neutralize their fire vuln, and adds on to their cold resist. Throw resist fire in there and that fireballing invoker becomes an amusing magician. Claw attacks and a healing ranger's staff will make you an uber tank with nice damage. One downside, is most felar gear is in civilized places, and very hard to get for a felar ranger. Even if you can flee from the chief, he sees camo. Immolation and geyser are never (NEVER) fun, so you should avoid invokers at all costs, unless they lack shield of earth. Snare can be used defensively for escaping too.


I haven't played a wood-elf to any high level yet, and for the most part don't plan to. They get 100% camo, a boost to wilderness familiarity (very very nice), nice staffs, and likely get a few unseen boosts. However, you still have a low strength, throw in a low con, and an iron vuln, and you have a tedious character. If you play it right, this combo can likely do better than a felar. But then, when you get boneshattered and bashed by a giant wielding iron maces, you probably won't last long. Possibly the "best" rangers, though I don't think so.


The infamous DC (Gevanter) used this race, and actually did quite well with it. Your level advantage makes for fun hunting, you don't have any vulns, and with a few preps you can do pretty well. With haste, you do very well. However, humans are boring, and Gevanter didn't do so well at hero range, like most rangers and like DC.


Don't you wish?

Half-drow, half-elf[edit]

These are strong choices for a ranger. They get good stats, reduced vulns, and neat roleplay. I haven't played one, or seen a reasonably successful half-drow though, this is all speculation.


Don't. Sneak is nice and they tank very well, but save yourself the headache and don't. Unless you want the roleplay, go wood-elf for the advantages with the same disadvantages.


Can only be Animist or Explorer and Cave or Mountain. Smoke doesn't affect you in the past. Good con, good strength.



Concealment, one of the best in the game. Stay camo unless you're fighting. If you're somewhere you can't camo, plan on moving somewhere you can soon.


This is a very nice healing skill. At hero, it will heal heal quite a bit, though I hesitate to give a number. You only get one per 5 or so ticks, so use them wisely.


There are alot of neat new ambushes, but other than ambush disarm I think they're fairly useless. I haven't noticed ambush cripple do anything akin to slowing, though for some reason or another I did seem to tank better after an ambush cripple. I don't think ambush onslaught adds to the damage, but rather, does the maximum amount of damage you can do (such as, killing trolls you will do demo-oblit, you will hit oblit if onslaught hits). The new ambushes fail so much that stacking two together is just lagging yourself. You can only ambush once per tick, too.


This cuts your victim's moves in half, and lowers their dex by 4. If you're in the past, and they have no way to magically escape, a few entangle will finish it.

Call lightning[edit]

A good starter for arials, good way to lure people out of town, and an excellent way to finish those fights.


Like a camouflauge creep. Creep north, will take you north. If you have spent enough time in the woods, there will be no lag on it. Very easy to master.


Very underrated. A very nice skill, you'd be surprised by how much shit you can tame. I suggest mastering it, as it has a 2 round lag.


Like a jab, I think it goes through some damage reduction. Really neat. It's damage is changed to physical, too.


Very nice boost to healing rates, though you can't camp everywhere. You can camp right after a fight, too. It takes a little mana to camp.

Fashion/Imbue staff[edit]

Fashion staff creates a very nice staff with a high average, dependant on level. Imbue staff makes it heal you, and adds a lot of hit/dam to it. I forget exactly how much, but it's a lot. Imbue staff also does damage to you, dependant on hitpoints. If you have a few nice spare pieces of hp gear, you can get it to heal more hps when it heals by wearing it while you imbue. One herb and an hour camping will heal most of the damage it does to you. You also step out from your cover and there is a bit of lag, so don't do it unless you're fairly safe.


Mostly useless, except for cloud giants. Enlarged you might get a little lag, but treat it like shield bash instead of bash. It is better than shield bash, though.


Real nice for hidden people trying to sneak by. As a sylvan you can chameleon and waylay in places you can't camo. It also hits sneaking people, duo people (I'm fairly sure).. well basically it hits whoever you waylay the moment they step in the room.

Wilderness familiarity[edit]

This is very nice, probably a ranger's most important skill. This will make you dodge like a cat on crack if you spend enough time in the wilderness. It goes up very fast (no need to spam practice it), and will make you such a better tank it's sick. If you're going to level sit, get this first. Make sure you get this.


Very nice, but it fails fairly often, usually at the worst time. You can set a snare every 30 ticks or so, and they will last until someone triggers it (caught or not) or until 1 or 2 ticks after the timer wears off.





Automatic ambush cripple in caves


Ranger staff/spear progs cold attack



Rangers are a wilderness class. Their abilities are dependant on how long they have spent in the wilderness. Stay out of cities, stay off roads if you know alternate routes, learn alternate routes, and don't get caught with your pants down in a civilized area. Unless the person you want to fight is quite wounded or simply retarded, don't fight in a civilized area, ever. If you annoy the shit out of them, they will come. Call lightning is great for this.

Don't be afraid to flee in a forest. You'd be amazed how long people will stay around while you herb/camp a tick. While you're using your improved sleep and nice healing skill, they're standing.

Entangle entangle entangle. Strip those moves. Make sure you make lightning (not just rain) before you fight so you can call lightning when they flee. With pathfinding, you'll catch up in no time if you're deep in the wilderness and they can't word/teleport.

Strike when they're wounded. Strike when they're resting. Strike when they're not expecting it. Gain their trust if need be. Be a sneaky underhanded bastard. They're in your woods.

Patience is a virtue for rangers. If you wait and attack at the right time, you will land far more kills.

Oh yeah, don't ever ambush someone with chargeset. Ever. Even if they're a giant and probably don't have it mastered.