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Go For the Throat
You can train to go for the throat with your bites.
Tearing Jaws
You can train to better tear flesh as you bite.
Ricochet Skin
You can learn to better deflect blows with your thick-skinned forms.
Potent Transformation
+1 strength to form
Deft Transformation
You can grant additional quickness to your forms, +1 dex to form
Healthy Transformation
You can grant additional health to your forms. (not worth it, I got +10 hp in form)
Healing Metamorphosis
You can repair some of the damage to your body as you change shape.
Enlivening Adept
You can focus your study on enlivening magic while in another shape.
Gestalt Metamorphosis
You can learn to retain your racial resistances while in another shape.
Survival of the Fittest
You can learn to thrive on the energy of fallen prey.
Extended Greater Enlivens
32 hour long enlivens
Girded Metamorphosis
A shapeshifter with this edge has learned to power their shapeshifting with their own lifeforce in times of dire need. If they would die because they must revert and are unable to do so, such as when they have no mana remaining and cannot remember how to take a humanoid shape, they will sustain their shapeshifting with their lifeforce instead.
Veins of Venom
Resist poison with all forms (prereq = a form that can poison or can resist poison)
Lesser Form Hardening
You can grant additional resistance to your lesser forms.
Flight of the Prey
Better flee in the air against other faster air forms (good if you're not a falcon or eagle)
Lesser Form Ferocity
Additional ferocity to your lesser forms.
Abbreviated Greater Enlivens
shorten the duration of your greater enlivens.
Eater of Plagues
This edge grants a shapeshifter an improved resistance to attempts to inflict disease upon them regardless of their form. Only shapeshifters who count certain disease-ridden animals among their forms may learn this edge.
Muscle Memory
Less mana/tick for minor focus forms