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Due to all the shaman talk on the log board I decided to make my own kind of walk through on how a shaman fights/what to expect when engaging a shaman.

For a shaman, a lot of PK is a sort of meta-game. You're consistently trying to make your enemy think they are winning. You want them thinking that if they get 'just one more' <blank> in they're going to kill you. This might mean letting some of your buffs drop. This might mean engaging while hurt, or not healing.

As a shaman, you don't have a tactic for everyone. You have to tailor your tactics for the individual. People tend to gloss over using curse as a shaman, I loved it. Curse makes everything easier to land. Cursebringer edge makes it fairly reliable. I'd usually open with this or blindness dependent.

From there it depends how fast they're hurting you. A smart shaman might not drop his big -strength prayers on you if the damage is bearable. Instead, he might focus on cutting off your options for escape. Usually for me this meant stacking up on the things to cut your regen/movement. If you still have high HP, the shaman is gushing blood, the shaman is sticking around, and the shaman is known to be're probably in pretty big trouble.

When fighting a shaman be careful about dropping any moves that lag you for a reasonable amount of time. Flurry/assorted spec skills...etc. Even if you're winning the damage fight. If I'm at 60% and you're at 80% and you drop me down to 20% with a flurry...that's great, but you'd better that your melee can finish off the rest of my HP while you're lagged. A smart shaman will switch into DPS mode if you over-commit, and 2-4 demonfires on a foe who is stuck there eating it is bad news for the guy fighting the Shaman. There's no need for a shaman to play rope-a-dope if you over-commit, though I often times see shaman who keep on trying to plague/poison/weaken a guy who just flurried them. That's a mistake, IMO.

SVS is nice for fighting a shaman, but SVS isn't all you need to worry about. There's a lot of prayers that are con checks, and even if you're SVS is high don't go in feeling invincible. A smart shaman will adapt. Sure, I can't land weaken on divinely protected warrior, but I can probably land 3/4 plagues on you if you're not a giant/dwarf. And that -str stacks.

Alternatively, just because you can resist plague/poison through preps or whatever else doesn't mean a shaman can't nuke your regen. Blind + famish + energy drain can make you a sitting duck just as easily as plague.

Back to the rope-a-dope. If you've been fighting a Shaman for more than 5 ticks, even if you think you have the upper hand, you probably don't. When fighting a shaman things can go very bad, very quickly. With my shaman, I had tons of dead people say 'You got lucky that <blank> happened at the very end' or 'Wow that happened fast' etc. Something to the effect that they almost had me. 95% of the time that fight was completely my control.

Make sure you carry more than one cure blind prep in your inventory when fighting a shaman. Blindness is a moneymaker and if I blind you and then re-engage you a tick later and see you yell my name, I'm re-blinding you...quick niche caveat: if you're at a healer and have plague/blind/etc on you, don't keep healing blind. Blind is the cheapest commune a shaman has and I can't tell you how many times I ran someone out of coin by fighting them at a healer and just blinding them over and over again, making them waste their gold curing that instead of plague. Fleeing and teleporting blind without plague is way better than fleeing and teleporting plagued and cursed.

Also, if you teleport, try to get somewhere quiet. If you teleport to a large area and you know you don't have enough MV to get to a healer, try to at least get to an area that is small or way off the beaten path. Once my foe teleports, I start a 5-10 tick timer in my head where I'm checking every possible area. Teleport DOES NOT EQUAL safety.

When fighting a shaman, realize that they aren't a melee class. They don't have spec defenses, they don't have dodge. Most shaman aren't carrying a spare shield, and shieldcleave is a gamechanger. Even if you're a sword spec it might be worth it to grab an axe and shieldcleave a shaman. Even at 75% on a non-axe spec, shieldcleave is very landable and completely negates a lot of a shaman's defense. Taking away their defense makes fights way more winnable against a shaman. Dirt-disarm isn't a wasted command either, though realize that you're commiting 4 rounds to it and that's enough to potentially kill you.

Don't get super excited just because you CAN lag a shaman. Sure, permalag will kill a shaman usually. But trip lag alone isn't enough to command deny a shaman, and if you aren't killing them fast enough then they're still getting prayers through. Don't trip yourself to death, that's stupid.

I'm sorry if this is kind of all over the place, I just sort of stream-of-conscious'ed it.

Notable Shaman I've played: Gawlar/Ezgrint/Viranzel and tons, tons more who weren't as deadly.