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Blightcaller - Stronger rot, does more damage over time.

Claim the Unfettered - Chance to steal affects when you dispel them from a class that doesn't know them inherently (IE - Stoneskin from a warrior, but not from a shifter)

Crusader - Longer lasting and harder to dispel protection commune

Cursebringer - Curses are harder to resist, and harder to cure.

Curse of Parching - Famished enemes also become thirsty.

Diabolical Soul - Evil - Small damage reduction against negative attacks.

Diametric Opposition - Stronger communes if target is exactly opposite in both Align and Ethos.

Divine Contagion - Plague spreads far more easily but will never spread to you.

Divine Warmonger - Longer lasting and more powerful Aristaeia.

Empowered Enfeeblement - Weakness is more powerful.

Exalted Contagion - Good - Only non-Good aligns catch your plagues.

Gatherer of the Flock - Less resistance to summon if target is the same align and/or the same faith.

Girded Shield - Stronger protective shield, harder to dispel and lasts longer.

Hex Augur - Lets you know if one of your maledictions wears off a foe or is healed.

Inquisitor - Demonfire does good damage on all Aligns.

Languor of Aeons - Wither damages Dex, about half what it damages Str.

Master of Affliction - More likely to land afflictions various maledictions.

Positive Energy Burst - Good - Much, much better Turn Undead.

Power of Faith - Higher level supps in the presence of priest of the same faith.

Purity of the Righteous - Good Prot vs evil provides some neutral protection. See helpfile for specific conditions.

Remedy Pestilence - More likely to cure diseases.

Remedy Senses - More likely to remove blindness.

Remedy Toxins - More likely to cure poison.

Righteous Soul - Good - Small damage reduction versus positive damage.

Sacred Word - Don't need a hand free to commune holy word.

Sightbinder - Higher level blindness. Harder to resist, and cure. (requires 20 int to learn on a human shaman)

Spider's Grace - Dark-elf - Gain some form of poison resist. Fight really well under aristaeia too.

Unyielding Adversary - Mend wounds is more 'efficient' (the random extra bit heals is always higher in combat)

Voice of Condemnation - Stack damanations. Damnation commune now does small amount of damage.

Wild Shaman - Earthquake and Tsunami do more damage.

Wrath of Waves - Storm giant - Increases level of supplications done in/on water.

Zealot of the One Law - Fire giant - Do more damage, the greater the positive difference between your STR and your opponents. Ideal situation being yours is 25, theirs is 3.

Zealot's Fervor - Longer lasting and stronger fervor supp.