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Only newbies die to a rot *wink*. So, some info for them.

Today I will teach you my young padavan how to not die to the rot. Sit down and listen me. I never died as Mhardat to a rot. But I killed a lot with it. You can trust to me. You can survive even with 4 con. Just be ready for it.

Here is the list of con+ gear. (First part - easy and fast to get).

(Non limited.)[edit]

1. Balls from Aldelvary, on a jester. (+2 con) (hold item)
2. Wide bronze belt (goblin village) on a troll (+1 con) (about the waist)
3. Bracelets from sentrys in frigid wastelands (+2 con)
4. Bandages from mummy in the Keep of Barovia (+1 con) (armguards, leggings, bracelets, on body) 5. Silver amulet (+1 con) on an elf in the goblin village - not sure about this one.
6. Paddest vest in Balator (+2 con)
7. Rings with a rose in a pile (Near the keep of Barovia) (+2 con) (kinda limited)
8. Mandatory cloak on the battlefields (+1 con)
9. Pitch black ring from guards in Udgaard (+1 con)
10. Iron breastplate from guards (+1 con)
11. Cobbler's shoes (+1 con)
12. Past - troll hide boots (+1) (kinda limited)
13. Rings from an elf, from the past (mithril band) (+1 con) - not sure about con value now.
14. Belt from a dwarf in Evermoon hollow. (+1 con)
15. Jerkin from Arkham sewers, (+3 con) (By DurNominator)
16. Scorched clay shin-guards (+2 con) Southern Tir'talath Road, ground
17. pendant on a mithril chain (+2 con) Mobs, Graveyard

Total possible con count - (+17 con.)

All this things are non limited, so you can keep them in a knapsack, girdle, etc. (Exeption bandages, and rings,but they are not limited). You NEED TO HAVE this things if a happy-rot shaman is running in realms. But if you don't have, lets see.

Time its critical with the rot[edit]

1. Goblin area - 1-2 minutes to get those items.

(total con count +3)

Fast to get, if you are not a goodie. You don't need a time to request amulets.

if you are a goodie, you need to request an amulet and you will get only one amulet. (but can be on the ground)

2. Frigid wastelands - 1-2 minutes to get bracelets, 5-7 minutes to get suit and belt.

(min con count min +4, max +9)

Fast to get, but a smart shaman will camp there to await you. Limited belt and chainmail not always in.

3. Udgaard - 3-7 minutes.

(total con count +4)

It will take a some time to kill three mobs (Cobbler, two guards). Guards will assist to each others in a fight. Shaman will check that area too.

4. Keep of Barovia 7-10 minutes to get all set.

Total count (+7 con) Total time - 7-10 minutes to get.

You need to kill 5 mobs to get armguards leggings torso and bracelets. Blind, plague, poison. If you can heal it - it's your place. Also you will need a fly potion or spell. Things can be on the ground.

5. Past forest - long walk. Rings can be requested. Total time (8-10 min).

(min con count min +0, max +5) Good if you have a windwalk or pathfinding. Rot stops regeneration, remember this.

Easy way - Aldelvary, Balator, Frigid, goblin village. But you need to variate this.


1. Belt of the life in frigid wastelands (+3 con) 2. Suit of black chainmail from a barbarian (+2 con) 3. Malachite bracelets from a trader in a Feawn (+3 con) 4. Robe from the same trader (+2 con). 5. Bracelets of longevity (+4 con) 6. Darkned eq from Shadar Lunn. (+1 con) 7. Shell of a rainbow runner (+1 con).

Rot happy shamans.[edit]

I will repeat, You need to have those items in your inv. Please, spend some time to get those things. A smart shaman will cast a damnation on you (to try to get another -con affect). Also he will blind you, to prevent your regear in con+ items after a teleport. Also, rot will stop your regen. So no long runs for con gear. Rot kills you slowly, don't stay in a fight if you have a low con, and you don't have a con+ gear.

Healers with healing sleep can heal the rot. Just find a safe place to sleep. Where you can't be summoned, attacked.

Also there is some preps in the game that give +con affect, find them, and use them. Most of them you can buy in shops.

Also some cabal power can add con + gear.

All adds are welcome. And please rewrite that shitty faq on english ;)[edit]