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Ranger page[edit]

Please note: This page is a work in progress, and there are some conflicting reports. For example, some explorer perks were true once but have since been toned down or removed. Take the contents of this page with a grain of salt, and by all means, roll up your own ranger and find out more!

Terrain Breakdown[edit]

Camo/creep are as human-sized. Giants suffer a penalty, wood elves get a bonus? camo/creep in home doesn't fail. Only mariner can camo/creep in water. Only bedouin can camo/creep in deserts. All staffs can heal.

Terrain Camo trouble Creep trouble Staff/Spear Prog Bearcharge
Bedouin - marsh Heat -
Caverndweller - marsh - Nerfed (no/short lag)
Forester - marsh - -
Mariner - non-water Drowning -
Marshdweller plains plains Poison/plague -
Mountaineer - marsh Arctic Fury Auto bearcharge on mountains
Strong bearcharge
Plainsrunner marsh marsh - Strong bearcharge?

Special Skills[edit]

  • Bedouin: 2hr dirt kicking, Resists dirt kicking, desert becomes wilderness,sandswirl is vanish in desert (and can be done in camo without coming out)
  • Caverndweller: Gets Underdark scan, dive ambush in caves, can hear enemies in caves (like Danger Sense), Resists blindness in caves (per helpfile?) [In my experience, you can see the exits when blind, but that's it.]
  • Forester: None.
  • Mariner: Camo/Creep/Entangle in water.
  • Marshdweller: See chart. Evades many attacks in home terrain. Dirt kick in terrain can poison. 2hr dirt kicking in swamps.
  • Mountaineer: Strong herbs in mountains. Warcry in mountains causes avalanche - area damage.
  • Plainsrunner: Strong herbs in plains. Charge is noticeably stronger on Plainsrunners.

Expertise Notes:[edit]

  • Animist: Spell boosts with Spirit Allies? (goes up when casting, so it's checked, seems to only help in wilderness). Acute vision gives detect invis in wilderness.
  • Beastmaster: Stronger bearcharge? Tame can charm some non-sentient animals. You get an additional echo for charming being successful/unsuccessful if it is possible. What you can charm is level dependent.
  • Explorer: Wanderlust lets all terrains have a high chance to be home terrains once perfected. It is likely the easiest skill in the game to perfect and can be (literally) perfected in your sleep! Some, but not all, terrain perks can carry over to non-home terrains. Can track in civilized terrain at significantly reduced affect (harder to detect, tracks dissapear faster, and false readings).
  • Hunter: Low lag but higher damage bearcharge. Serpent Strike has a chance to do a double-strike based on dex with effects varying dependent upon weapon used.
    • Serpent Strike Effects - (Note: cannot serpent strike with hands or exotics):
    • Sword - second more powerful attack.
    • Dagger - low-damage, minus strength (stackable).
    • Whip - low damage, deafen.
    • Spear - low damage, weak bleeding.
    • Staff - minus dex (stackable).
  • Savage: Metal weapons lower ambush bonus, using metal weapons in combat is fine. Metal equipment weakens you further.
    • Savage Blow Effects
      • Forest / Trail: Lag and damage.
      • Desert: Damage and AoE blindness.
      • Water / Underwater: Lag, reduced damage.
      • Mountain / Hill / Cave: Lag, damage, chance to knockout.
      • Field: Lag, damage, can send victim sprawling into adjacent room.
      • Swamp: Reduced damage, poison/plague.
      • Cold rooms: Chill touch like effect (regardless of sector).
      • Anything else: Damage.
    • Savage Blow Factors
      • Sucks if you're ganging, like most lagging abilities.
      • Don't wear metal armor.
      • High strength helps, high opponent dex hurts.
      • Level difference matters against NPCs.
      • Home terrain is not a factor in savage blow.
  • Survivalist: Vanilla ranger.

Extra Explorer/Wanderlust Perks[edit]

  • Bedouin: Strong dirtkick in more areas.
  • Caverndweller: Rebounding/riposte effect in most 'inside' areas, not as good as the in-cave riposte.(not full riposte, can be defended against)
  • Forester: None.
  • Mariner: None. Cannot entangle on land. Any improvements to other skills (creep/netcasting/etc) are unknown.
  • Marshdweller: Pursuit fires in non-marshland. Swamp-echo evasion echoes occur outside of swamps. Strong dirt kick in more areas and low chance auto-dirt.
  • Mountaineer: Bearcharge progs in most wilderness, but does not necessarily lag at all. Warcry can cause avalanches in non-mountain areas.
  • Plainsrunner: Pursuit works everywhere. Extra strong plainsrunner herbs are found in most places. (not verified but this is likely for mountaineer) Can use bramblepit in any terrain.
  • Any: Have a good chance for lower herbs timer in any wilderness area, like it was home terrain, herbalist edges help.

Racial perks[edit]

  • Frost giants - have home terrain in cold areas, no matter the terrain type.
  • Wood elves - improved level for fashion weapon, imbue weapon, call lightning.
  • Felar - can backrake by default due to rear claws.

Other Notes or Tips[edit]

  • Plainsrunner: Plainsrunning has 1 hour cooldown on it and ONLY works in fields/hills.
  • Mariner/Marshdweller: Draw breath takes mp/mvs and slows move regeneration.
  • Forester: One player reports that a forester can find herbs in deserts.
  • Plainsrunner: Another player reports that plainsrunners can find herbs in the desert as well.
  • Bedouin: Area around Hamsah counts as desert, but cannot be camo'd in, can use sandswirl and 'whirling simoon'.

Ranger Equipment Starter Set[edit]

These items are meant to adhere to savage's requirements (excepting weapons), and easy to get at low levels. Stats are from memory, correct if wrong.

<worn on finger>    opal rings, from: collossal tree west of Galadon before Shadow Grove: +2 dam
<worn around neck>  ebony cloaks, from: Bazaar north of crossroads: +1 hit/dam +1 int
<worn on head>      decorated headband, from: [[OneHearts]]: +1 hit/dam
<worn on face>      bone mask, from: Troglodyte Caverns: +1 str
                    (preferably) leather-stitched mask, from: Bazaar north of crossroads: +2 str, +?
                    (option) bandit's mask, from: Goblin leader in Silverwood: +dex, +2 hit
<worn on legs>      Glauruk hide leggings, from: Glauruk spawning grounds: +1 dam, +9hp
<worn on feet>      water-logged boots, from: Feanwyn Weald: +hp/hit?
<worn on hands>     Studded leather work gloves, from: Aldevari: +1 dam +1 str
<worn on arms>      black leather sleeves, from: Tarus in Galadon docks: +1 hit, +1 dex, +10hp
<worn about body>   quiver of razor sharp arrows: dam 1, hit 2, dex 2, container, RANGER_ONLY, Rymagar the goblin hunter, neo-Silverwood
<worn about waist>  ebony beaded belt, from: Smuggler leader in sewers, +2 dex, +1 str, -3 cha, -1 int, +2 dam
<worn around wrist> charred leather bracers, from: Tarus in Galadon docks, +1 hit/dam


  • sword: flame blade from Seantryn Sewers, gleaming steel scimitar. Swords from guards in Evermoon Hollow: non-metal
  • axe: flaming axe, copper axe (Globsard in Gol'Galath), mithril axe (dwarf commander in Gol'Galath)
  • staff: staff from elves in past, usually on ground: non-metal
  • spear: spear from elves in past, sometimes on ground: non-metal
  • whip: bull-whip from Tir'Talath
  • dagger: tiny iron, duh. Dagger from arial thief in Blackwater: non-metal
  • mace (savage only): massive truncheon from Galadon Sewers, red stone hammer from araile makes decent offhand. Mace from guards in fields near The Manor (they are tough but killable very early with a ranger (figure it out))