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GUARDIAN SPIRITS - Bonus to resisting offensive spells when in a location you can summon a spirit guardian.
VEIL RANGER - an sense Veil changes.


VETERAN EXPLORER - Better chance to detect traps in the wild. [Watchful eye skill]
VERSATILE EXPLORER - Can detect traps outside the wild, although not as well. [Watchful eye skill, VETERAN EXPLORER edge]


ENVENOMED ARROWS - More damaging and high level poison from poisonarrow.


DESPERATE IMPROVISATION - No penalty to using Improvise Weapon while blind. Added benefts when fighting with such weapons.
DILUTING SLUDGE - Acid damage reduction with smearmud.
FORTIFYING PAINT - Warpaint gives some resistance to mental assaults and more morale.
MUCKMASTER - Mud lasts longer and is more effective, especially if from a swamp.
PERSISTANT FILTH - Longer lasting smearmud.



GHOST OF THE DUNES - Extra strikes on all blinded opponents when dervish dancing. [3 max possible per opponent in combat with you, instead of 2 max possible]
SANDCOVER - Can camo during the day in deserts even if you're glowing.


HARVEST IRONWOOD - Fashioned staffs/spears are harder to break.


FREE DIVER - Long lasting Draw Breath when not 'in combat'(bloodied?).
SARGASSUM ONSLAUGHT - Adds -str penalty to entangle victims.


APIARIST - More distracting Wasps/Mosquitos out of combat.
FREE DIVER - Long lasting Draw Breath when not 'in combat'(bloodied?).


MOUNTAINEER'S WARCRY - Can warcry more often (shorter warcry timer).
POLAR WIND - Bonus to Boreal winds (damage and utility)


AMBUSH FOCUS - Human - Additional damage on ambush while in home terrain.
BELLY RAKE - Felar - A chance to riposte close attacks with your claws, such as bash.


BOLT FROM THE BLUE - Can call lightning even during clear skies. This costs more mana and has a longer recharge timer.
DEFT HARBINGER OF TALISMANIC DOOM - Brandish faster than normal. [One round of lag instead of two. 18 int is the minimum int needed to get the edge]
EXPERT HERBALIST - Herbs will cure more, can cure poison, and can be found more often in your home terrain.[Prereq: 100% herbs, Herbalist edge]
GRACE OF HOME - Evade acts as if you have a higher Dex while in hometerrain.
HERBALIST - Better healing from herbs. [herbs>90%]
LODESTONE LIGHTNING - Lightning call does more damage on foes wearing metal armor.
QUICK REBOUND - A dexy ranger recovers faster from a missed bearcharge.
SCOUT - Scan further. [Prereq: Careful vision]
SNARE EVALUATOR - Allows a ranger to spot a snare that is likely to fail when tripped. (but doesn't allow them to reset it)
SOOTHING DEMEANOR - Tame sentient beings as well as animals. [20 Charisma required]
THUNDERCALL - Chance for a short deafen timer on someone hit by call lightning.

Ambush Edges[edit]

Ambush can incorporate any number of tactics when it is attempted.
The more tactics attempt (ie - ambush taglo distract fade cripple onslaught) will reduce accuracy.
These edges are designed to reduce the chances of combined ambushes missing

DEFT AMBUSH - High dex chars gain extra accuracy on their ambushes, less damage penalties on disarm, distract and fade ambushes.
GHOST OF THE WILDS - Smaller penalty when performing a 'fade' ambush.
HUNGER OF THE WILDS - Smaller penalty to using the cripple ambush. Works only with Dive ambush on cavedwellers.
LANDSLIDE OF THE WILDS - Smaller penalty to using a drive ambush.
MIRAGE OF THE WILDS - Smaller penalty to using a distract ambush.
POWER AMBUSH - High strength chars gain extra ambush damage and less accuracy penalties on drive/onslaught ambushes.
WILLOW OF THE WILDS - Smaller penalty to using a disarm ambush.

Barkskin Edges[edit]

BARKSKIN OF THE FEATHERY WILLOW - "shrugs off cutting strokes" (minor resist slash)
BARKSKIN OF THE MIGHTY OAK - Strength bonus with barkskin (+3 str on hero)
BARKSKIN OF THE SHADY ELM - Extra heat/cold resistance with barkskin
BARKSKIN OF PINE SAP - Disarm resistance with barkskin (-15% disarm chance)

Hatred Edges[edit]

CLOUD GIANT HATRED - Extra damage versus Cloud giants.
DUERGAR HATRED - Extra damage versus Duergar.
DWARF HATRED - Extra damage versus Dwarves.
ELF HATRED - Extra damage versus Elves/Half-elves.
HUMAN HATRED - Extra damage versus Humans/Halfies/Minotaurs.
STORM GIANT HATRED - Extra damage versus Storm giants.
FIRE GIANT HATRED - Extra damage versus Fire giants.
DARK ELF HATRED DARK-ELF - Extra damage versus Dark-elves/Half-drows.
AVIAN HATRED - Extra damage versus Arials/Avian shifter forms.
GNOME HATRED - Extra damage versus gnomes.
FELINE HATRED - Extra damage versus felar/feline shifter forms.
SVIRFNEBLIN HATRED - Extra damage versus svirfnebli.
UNDEAD HATRED - Extra damage versus Undead.
WOOD-ELF HATRED - Extra damage versus Wood-elves.
GOBLIN HATRED - Extra damage versus Orcs/Ogres/Trolls/Kobolds/Goblins/Hobgoblins.