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This is a work in progress which I will be adding to as time allows. Anyone can feel free to put more information in here if they wish.

Introduction The necromancer is both one of the simplest classes and one of the most difficult classes in Carrion Fields. This FAQ is simply intended to help you learn the ropes of being a decent necromancer.

Race: Lots of people prefer various races for their sneaking abilities or other innate benefits but the most prevalent race by far is the human. The human will allow you to get 3 practices per level, excellent int, decent con, and you won't have to worry about any natural vulnerabilities. For your first necromancer, I highly suggest a human.

Gearing: HP, HP, HP! Like most mages, you're pretty frail, especially at lower levels. You'll want to get every ounce of extra HP you can manage. At higher levels it's beneficial to add some svs. Generally speaking you'll probably use a sword as your weapon of choice because it parries the best out of your options. At mid ranks and higher you may choose to carry a whip. Even a practice whip is fine because you don't care that much about your melee damage, you'll be using it for lash... more on that in the combat section.

List of Graveyards:

  • Galadon graveyard. From market square, head 4n, 2w, n, 3w, and north.. Welcome to the Galadon graveyard.
  • Dale cemetary. Head east out of Arkham through Absolom. Be careful at lower ranks, there's a lot of possessed aggro mobs here.
  • Arboria. At the southern end of Arboria is a graveyard. Arboria is FULL of aggro mobs, but if you know how to get to Arboria, you knew that.
  • Akan. This one I'm not sure about, apparently there's one below Akan. Someone else may be able to provide better information. This one also has aggro mobs here.
  • Hamsah. Small one near the necro guild.
  • South of Galadon. There is a hidden graveyard south of Galadon
  • Udgaard. There is a hidden graveyard just north of Udgaard
  • Arkham. In the Arkham sewers there's a graveyard
  • Barovia. Just outside the necro guild in Barovia
  • There's a graveyard in K'tengs Lab (Daurwyn)
  • Organia has one too if I recall correctly (Daurwyn)
  • There's one in the ruins of Delar Tol (Daurwyn)
  • Grisly Battle Scene in Frigid Wastes
  • Mausoleum (Torak)
  • Calm dune in Sands of Sorrow is a graveyard (Golgepapaz)
  • There's one in Galadonian Settlement in the past (Golgepapaz)
  • One in Troll forest
  • One in Talshidar caves (Golgepapaz)

Notes about order of spell casting: Lots of people have their own preference on what order to cast your maledicts on a slept player. This is simply mine with an explanation of why. This one is a good rule of thumb, but you may decide to tweak it based on your own experience or particular enemies you're fighting.

Combat: 1) You have slept someone! You've either snuck up on someone and slept them, or fled and slept them after being attacked. Time is of the essence. Sleep doesn't last forever and they'll be waking up when their HP drops below 50% (and they are poisoned/scourged).

  • Curse first. This lowers their SVS which makes the rest of your spells easier to land and it's more difficult for them to escape

(Daurwyn - If you aren't worried about time, rescue, mana etc. cursing last can be a good idea, because it maximises your chance to find them after a teleport.)

  • [optional] summon. Summon them into a room where you can close the door, or there are no obvious exits. That way they can't run away. (I would probably summon them anyway even if it is to a room with exits. Many people can navigate blind, making sure they don't know what room they are in when starting to run can make it easier to chase)

(Daurwyn) It's also a good way to help you run them out of moves. Summon them a long way from the way out of the area, and you can let them run a bit before summoning them back. In certain terrains and areas, they'll tire themselves in no time (e.g. Udgaard Mountains). Also, you may want to summon them to graveyard so you can stick a shadow outside for when they flee, etc.

  • Blindness. If they are awoken too early for some reason you don't want it to be too easy to get away

(Daurwyn) If I don't expect them to get rescued, I'll throw this on last, to maximise my chances of locating them after they teleport (although if I'm not lazy there's a better way of doing that).

  • Weaken. This lowers their Strength and Hitroll. It's helpful against a combat class which may gear for strength to help them with the maledicts. It's probably useless against mages but I always do it anyways, it's cheap and you already have them where you want them.
  • Poison. Does some light damage every tick, sucks away their mana and mv, and will drop the weapon (-str) of most characters with the conjunction of weaken.
  • Crimson Scourge. This does very nice damage every tick and similar to poison sucks down mana and movement. The scourge is stackable which makes it harder to cure (if they're lucky enough to have a prep) and it will last longer. If this is a giant or some other character with lots of HP I might go with Crimson before weaken so it has more time to soften them up.

(Daurwyn) You might want to confirm this for yourself. My own impression was that it stacked the -str, but not the duration or difficulty of removing it. Personally I quite like to use scourge early on, so that they are as low as possible on mana and moves when I wake them. I think it might check against con, rather than save vs spells. Plague certainly appears to.

  • Forget. This will seriously fuck up any mage.
  • Energy Drain/Vampiric Touch. Almost 100% of the time they will try to flee as soon as they wake up. On RARE occasions a rager will try to stick around and kill you off before they die, but I think I've only seen that once or twice. Vampiric touch is your best damage spell, plus it gives you an HP bonus as you'll be taking some melee damage from them when they wake up. Energy drain drops their mana/mv by 50% (I think).

(Daurwyn) This is correct. It drops them to 50% of what they were just before you cast it.

 This is AMAZINGLY powerful in conjunction with scourge and poisonn.  If they don't have a magical means of moving ready, they will tire out very quickly and will sit around waiting to die of scourge/poison.  Note that you already cursed them so they will have to teleport if they want to get far.
  • Embalm corpse. Embalming the corpse saves you from catching the scourge from your dead enemy.

(Daurwyn) Worth noting that the edge that protects you from your own scourge will not protect you from catching it off their corpse when you loot it. So embalm, or get your undead to pick the corpse for you. Alternatively, cryptborn edge will make you very resistant to disease.

  • animate dead. Nothing says FU like raising your dead enemy's course and having it hit their outer cabal guardian.

(Daurwyn) Plus you can make them talk on the cabal channel, for a laugh.