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Angel Flight – Longer lasting Angel’s Wing maledictions.

Angel Skin – Righteousness reduces damage from ‘evil weapon types’ . (Righteousness/Templar’s Gift)

Banisher of the Taint – Improved success with Remove Taint.

Bladed Barrier – More damaging Shield Jabs.

Blessed Fast – Remarkable regeneration of body and mind while Fasting.

Bolt of Glory – Divine Call Lightning bolts.

Burning Brimstone – Possible Immolation with Fire and Brimstone.

Charity of the Pure – Faster Requesting.

Crippling Defense – Longer lasting Templar’s Defense wounds.

Crusader's Grip – Immunity to Disarm from significantly lower leveled opponents. Other disarm techniques are not affected.

Demonbane – More Damage to Demon-type creatures.

Devine (Divine) the Tainted – Locate evil items also with Blessed Divination

Divine Bodyguard – Stronger defensive communes on any you are a Sacred Guardian of.

Divine Might – More benefits to Holy Strength, counteracts weakening conditions better.

Faeburn - Half-Drow - Flamestrikes will have short faeriefire effects.

Faithful Seeker – Drastically more accurate Lore.

Fortified Faith – Makes communes harder to Dispel.

Fury of the Righteous – Possible prevention of transportation on a Track the Wicked affected foe.

Healing Touch – More potent Lay Hands.

Inspiring Crusade – Additional benefits from Crusade.

Mailed Templar – More protection with blessed armor.(Armor Use)

Martyr – Inspiration to your allies after you die.

Mass Deliverance – Better Strike of Deliverance.

Rejuvenating Touch – Lay Hands also heals fatigue.

Sacred Oils – Longer and more potent Anoint Weapon.

Sealed Life – Resistance to lifeforce(Energy Drain/Vampiric Touch/etc) stealing from Undead.(Turn Undead)

Sense Malice – Evade unseen attacks from evil foes, while Detecting Evil, as though you can see them.

Share Life – Significantly less taxing Lifeboon.

Shield Charge – More damaging Shield Bash on those you fight directly.

Shield Flurry – More frequent Shield Jab.

Shield Riposte – Shield Jab any who fight you.

Striking Shield – More effective Shield Jab.

Templar's Aim – Better bypass evil armor.(Aim)

Vampire Hunter – More damage vs. Undead.(Turn Undead)

Purified Mind - Fervor grants resist mental for a short time