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Orc (Re)Gear

How to get 40+ damroll at level 15

(Finger) Skull rings            (+4) Aldevari
(Neck)   Brass collars          (+2) Sewers
(Body)   Shining silver shirt   (+2) TabershawsKeep
(Head)   Spiked Bearskull       (+2) Arms dealer, Orc Village
(Face)   Spiked mask            (+2) Apprentice Shaman, Orc Village
(Legs)   Spiked Kneepads        (+3) Arms Dealer, Orc Village
(Feet)   Heavy iron boots       (+2) Arms dealer, Orc Village
(Hands)  Studded gloves         (+1) Aldevari
(Arms)   Steel arm guards       (+1) ForgottenCrypts
(About)  Wyvern cloak           (+1) TabershawsKeep
(Wrist)  Charred bracers        (+2) Lumberyard
(Waist)  Wide bronze belt       (+0) GoblinVillage, to get to max strength.
(Waist)  Pitch-black belt       (+1) Udgaard, if at max strength
Total:                          (+22) damroll.
        23(max) Strength      (+7)
     lvl 15 Berserk + Fury    (+6) damage
Total                          *35* Damroll without weapons.

And then you can choose to hold a massive truncheon from the sewers (+4) with a cruel battle axe (+3) or go for two other weapons that will add some meat to your chop. Your total will exceed 40 damroll with just average weapons. This kit also gives you fair hitroll and warcry pushes it up to about 20.

The Bazaar (found in OsendrelleFields) Here they sell upgraded versions of some regear, fleshing it out with some extra stat+. Some of these (especially the +2str masks) are far superior to the normal versions and can be combined to improve your set. Example: If you want some extra +dam and +dex, buy some tight mithril sleeves (+1 hit+dam, +1 int) and get an onyx studded belt (Sewers). The +int negates the belts drawbacks, and you get a lot more bonuses between the two.

Most of this kit can be assembled pre-15 but I thought 15 a good mark because its when you can start trading about the village better. If you did some of the newbie quests, you'll have all the gold you'll need to buy the armour from the orc shoppies. Replace whatever you want as time goes by but this is a good template to begin with. You'll want to add some +dex later as the orc-only stuff has -dex in it. Its worth keeping for the progs when contact is made with the right body parts.

Enjoy doing DISMEMBERS at lvl 15 with basic weapons!