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Orc tips

Add your own tips to playing an orc here!

Pk tips

  1. Berserk in battle. Fury of the clan gives you an offensive advantage beyond +hit and +dam. More hits, and more likely to strike through defenses. You can try opening with a dirt kick if you're not sure how strong they are and run if it fails, berserk if you can win.
  2. Stock elf blood. If you can get away with it, whittle them down about 50-60%, run and drink blood, then berserk to finish. Lagging is only important when they start to flee hurt or against non-melee classes who can be raped if held in place.
  3. Vulns can't be exploited easily pre-25 but making sure your opponent doesn't resist your weapon is easy. Carry an non-physical and a physical for each wield, for this reason.
  4. Coinage! Healers are better than elf blood and easier to use. Although they aren't always a possibility.
  5. You can buy slaves/mercs from lvl 5 upwards. These aren't amazing in pk but can take some damage for you, dirt (most do this) and some even bash/trip/disarm. Check the Orc village's caves for buyable slaves.
  6. You won't be able to win every fight. Be prepared to run with a teleport potion or a return.

Ranking Tips

  1. For levels 1-15, an all-orc group is the only way to be! Try ranking in TheValeofArendyl with iron weapons, for 1000+exp per elf.
  2. The orc-group bonus diminishes as you get older. It drastically decreases about lvl 25 onwards. It's undetectable by lvl 35.
  3. Crushing assault works well on mobs. They will parry nearly nothing but high-dex opponents will still dodge frequently.
  4. Many of your skills get kick-back damage. Don't use them if you plan to tank at all - and try not to plan to tank in the first place past lvl 20.

Orc Edge tips

  1. Demon in the Woodpile

Helps you avoid being slept. The chance of staying on your feet is rather considerable. There is a disadvantage, as you are likely to auto-attack anything in your path, not just Elves. But! It's not so bad, as I've only ever attacked mobs that I could easily have defeated on my own anyway. So, it's good for PK and to add color to your RP. Had an Orc edge? Tell us about it, and make your own recommendations!

Rolling tips
To preserve as many trains as possible the following distribution of attributes might be useful:

  1. Str: 22 of 23 -> You get the last point when reaching the "mature" age level. (30-40 hours?)
  2. Int: 15 of 15
  3. Wis: 15 of 16 -> You still get 2 pracs per level (as far as I remember).
  4. Dex: 17 of 18 -> Still in the "dexterous" range.
  5. Con: 23 of 24

Orc trainer tips
Besides the obvious one in the Orc village there are a few others places in Thera where Orcs can train and/or practice:

  1. Ugobal in the Orc keep near the manor.
  2. Goblin village Taskmaster.
  3. Globsard the Warboss in Gol'Galath.
  4. Recruiter in the past.

Additional tips
When you die, if you have grappleweapon you can steal high level mob weapons without initiating combat. If savage feeding goes off, they will still attack you however.

Orc scavenge skill and effect of eaten bodyparts
Orcs are able to eat guts without getting poisoned. Orcs are also able to eat heads. Scavenge skill allows orcs to obtain beneficial affects for eating bodyparts. The bonus duration is not very long, a few hours maybe. The gained affect is specific to the eaten bodypart. Following affects can be obtained: brains +int
hands +dam
eye +hit
leg +moves
feet +mv regen
guts +con
arm +str
ear +morale
head? (no effect noticed)
fingers? +dam

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