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Orc adaptations guide, lists of skills and opinions/experiences with them:


Syntax: adapt <Mundunugu|Skrugga|Shig-Ru|Mamlauk>

When an orc earns his 35th level, he begins to finally rise above the pitiful peons and sows that comprise the vast majority of the orc population. Only the
strongest and most cunning of orcs are physically and cognitively capable of attaining such a status amidst a life of such cruel brutality. In order to continue
to survive in this atmosphere of fierce and savage competition, an orc must begin to adapt to new challenges and various hardships. He must compensate for
his age by adopting skills beyond simply the heavy-handed tactics of younger orcs, prove his worth to his chief by displaying particular cunning, and demonstrate
that his abilities are intimidating enough to assure that the ever-greater number of orcs beneath him continue to possess ample motivation to submit.

These specialized skills to which the strongest of orcs adapt are, however, carefully-watched secrets. It is said that a clan chief is capable of denying
this knowledge to an orc that he deems as weak, worthless, or disobedient.


Part shaman, part bloodmage, a mundunugu is a practitioner of the most primitive rituals. A mundunugu seeks not the empowerment of any deity, but rather draws
upon the dark and savage energies that exist in the presence of blood, death, and fire. These rituals, combined with the potent combat abilities shared by all
orcs, makes a mundunugu a feared and respected member of his clan.

Soot Ritual[edit]

Level 35 Syntax: sootritual

Calling upon the destructive energy of fire, a mundunugu can incinerate his
immediate vicinity, turning it immediately to ash. The soot from this
destruction is then smeared upon the orc's flesh, rendering him temporarily
resistant to light-based attacks. The soot is also refreshing and soothing to
the mundunugu's wounds, and offers slight protection against all physical

Blood Ritual[edit]

Level 38 Syntax: bloodritual

Using primitive blood magic, a mundunugu can take a severed body part from
fallen prey and brew it into an ichor that, when consumed, bestows the user
with any one of a variety of properties. For the desired effect, the orc must
use a large quantity of blood, creating a heavy and sickening brew that is
enough to make any non-orc terribly ill.||

Sanguine Filter[edit]

Level: 43 Syntax: automatic skill

Using his knowledge of blood magic, a mundunugu can filter out useless
impurities in the exsanguination process, rendering each healthy drink of elf
blood twice as effective. Also, a mundunugu learned in this knowledge can eat
poisoned food and drink poisoned liquids with greatly reduced chances for
ill effects. Finally, a mundunugu with this skill has some ability to
exsanguinate dwarven corpses.||


Level: 45 Syntax: fetish <corpse> <fetish type>

A mundunugu can use his primitive dark magic to draw out the mystical
properties of body parts severed from fallen prey. The result of this process
is some manner of fetish or effigy that can be worn or held. Those not of
orcish descent will find these items useless, but orcs will find themselves
accutely attuned to the dark and mystical energies within.

The types of fetish a Mundunugu can make are ears, eyeball, heart, or scalp.||


Level 48 Syntax: gravesleep

Orcs never sleep peacefully, with their veins filled with hunger, lust, and
rage, and with enemies lurking in every shadow. A mundunugu, however, can bury
himself under the earth, administer himself a potion, and come out completely
refreshed in all ways after several hours in a zombified state. He is shrouded
in darkness, silence, and stillness for the duration of the gravesleep, but
also is safe from harm beneath the cold, hard earth. This ritual can only be
performed outdoors.

Tips & Comments:[edit]

-Most skills cost mana, which is something orcs have little of, and can't regen very quickly. (Perhaps makes sense to take edge that improves int and wis?)
-Soot ritual destroys a wilderness room, offers minor physical damage reduction (comparable to giant resist?), turn orc light vuln. into resistances to light attacks, and during combat fires to blind those that hit you in melee, occasionally. Also the ritual heals your hps at two times your level.
-fetish effects include, but are not limited to: ability to see hidden, invis, and camo while IN the orc village (situational at best)


While outsiders view orcs as cowardly creatures, orcs themselves view their cowardice as simply a sensible quality of self-preservation. A skrugga is a
powerful orc who has honed this instinct to the next level. While less brutal than other adaptations, a skrugga's wily and evasive methods are potentially
quite dangerous in their own right.


Level: 35 Syntax: automatic skill

Driven by self-preservation, a skrugga will cower, wince, and skulk his way
away from painful attacks in combat. The more injured the orc is, the more
frequently he will instinctively employ these cowardly reactions.||

Improved Flee[edit]

Level: 38 Syntax: automatic skill
(improvedflee to toggle)

Skilled in the art of running away, a fleeing skrugga is capable of fleeing
twice the usual distance, instinctively opening any doors or other obstructions
that might be in his way as he does so. A skrugga may toggle this behavior on
and off as they see fit, choosing to flee normally if they prefer to do so.

This skill somewhat reduces the effectiveness of skills which interfere with a
skrugga's attempt to flee, such as cutoff, parting blow, and parting block.
This passive benefit persists whether improved flee is toggled on or off.

Take Cover[edit]

Level: 40 Syntax: automatic skill

Naturally fearful of large explosions and threatening incantations, a skrugga
will instinctively attempt to take cover whenever an enemy priest or mage
releases a spell or supplication that affects a wide area.

Staff Defense[edit]

Level: 42 Syntax: automatic skill

Though berserkers are learned in the use of many weapons, the weak and slender
staff is not one of them. Skruggas, however, learn enough to wince away from
the blows of any weapon - even a staff.

Dirty Fighting[edit]

Level: 45 Syntax: automatic skill

When a skrugga successfully evades a blow, he will use the opportunity to lash
out by whatever means present themselves. The orc may also resort to dirty
fighting at other times as well, and is particularly known for getting in a
strike when he flees that will assist him in a successful escape.||

Tips & Comments:[edit]


An orc who taken the adaptation of a shig-ru has further honed the instincts and abilities of the berserker. Focused on swift, aggressive offense and
thriving on the experience of pain both sadistically and masocistically, an enraged shig-ru is a terrible thing to behold.


Level: 35 Syntax: rush <direction> <target>

Using overwhelming endurance and speed, a shig-ru can run for a great distance
in a direction, poised for attack. If his target is struck in the rush, the orc
may continue to drive him further in that direction, delivering a painful blow
in the process.


Level: 40 Syntax: automatic skill

It is said that the demeanor of a shig-ru in the throws of frenzied combat is
so terrible, that it can break the will of those who behold it. Upon hearing or
witnessing one of the orc's terrifying displays of rage, one can become so
utterly overwhelmed with feelings of terror and despair that their morale is
eroded and any inspiration is potentially destroyed.


Level: 43 Syntax: pillage <corpse>

Weapon types are: Dagger, Mace, Whip, Flail, Axe, Polearm

Weapon choice is not often a delicate or subtle matter for berserkers, and this
is especially true of the frenzied shig-ru. Some have even witnessed such orcs
ripping bones, entrails, or other body parts from corpses and using these
remains as gruesome makeshift weapons.||


Level: 46 Syntax: automatic skill

As frenzied combat behemoths, many Shig-Ru have learned how to enter a
primitive state of adrenaline-driven ecstasy when they experience severe
pain. Devastatingly painful blows against a Shig-Ru in a berserk state can
drive them into a delirious fervor. The more such blows that the Shig-Ru
endures, the more stimulated he becomes, the accumulated effects of which
can be quite terrifying to behold.


Level: 48 Syntax: punt <victim>

With vicious precision, an adapted shig-ru can deliver this particularly
devastating kick. When a punt is employed against a target significantly
smaller than the orc, the force of the blow will send them reeling through
the air, leaving the hapless victim dazed and alone.

Tips & Comments[edit]

-Many skills are passive, and most require you to be berserking to activiate. -Berserk grants a base damage reduction %, and your berserks are more powerful.
-Pillage gives you a damage modifier, besides a low quality weapon
-Rush can lag, and keep enemies from hitting you first. Type of weapon may change effects.
-Masochism effects include removal of lag on you, lagging opponents (not much), and enrage effect. (You must get hit with caps damage for it to fire)


While smaller, weaker members of an orcish clan will find large and heavy weapons a less-than-ideal choice for the chaotic combat style of a berserker, an orc who
has adapted himself as a mamlauk has no such inhibitions. The larger and heavier the instrument of destruction, the more lethal these barbaric monsters become.


Level: 35 Syntax: whomp <victim>

Using a heavy weapon, the mamlauk will savagely swing with all his might at his
enemy, causing massive damage. This assault is said to be so devastating, that
victims are seriously injured, and often momentarily stunned by the grievous
impact. Very occasionally, when a mamlauk manages to land a blow just right,
their prey will be barely able to stand and think.

Stone Hands[edit]

Level: 37 Syntax: automatic skill

Orcs adapted as mamlauks become so accustomed to wielding heavy weaponry, that
their hands become callused and strengthened from battle upon battle of bearing
the weight of monstrous instruments of destruction. It is said that mamlauks
who develop these stonelike hands are able to wield weapons that would buckle
the arms of other orcs, and can often maintain their grip upon them even when
weakened or injured.


Level: 40 Syntax: swat <victim>

With a crude swipe with a heavy weapon, a mamlauk attempts to disarm their foe,
inflicting minor damage due to the violence of the action. This method is
particularly effective against lighter weapons, occasionally knocking the
weapon clear out of the room.

Brute Force[edit]

Level: 43 Syntax: automatic skill

Mamlauks are adapted to fighting with large, heavy weaponry, and are extremely
comfortable swinging weapons that others would find unwieldy. As such, mamlauks
are able to apply brute force when wielding such weapons, dealing heavy-handed
damage and extra attacks.


Level: 46 Syntax: hack <location> <victim>

Locations are: head, torso, arm, and leg

With a big overhead swing, a mamlauk can hack at an opponent, attempting to
target a limb with a lengthy, heavy weapon. The affects vary depending on the
location struck. The head is the most difficult of the four locations to
strike, and the torso the easiest.

Tips & Comment[edit]

-Whomp is 3 rounds of lag to self and big damage. Suitable as a finisher.



Syntax: squelch <victim>

This may only be done by the Chief of Grinning Skull Village, or by a god with power over orcs. The Chief may use this command to punish a clan member
who displeases him, stripping him of the benefits of Adaptation indefinitely. This can be done in person, or the Chief can approach Tremblefist to punish an
orc who is in Thera but not in the Village.

The Chief may also approach Tremblefist to revoke this punishment, although acts of forgiveness or mercy are exceedingly rare among orcs, and may send a
message to others that the Chief is weak.

Clan members who find being Squelched a handicap frequently conspire to overthrow their tormentor and return the favor.