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Moved Feb 9th, 2015

  • Graveyard Area List and Special Undead Compilation by Yhorian
  • Starting Stats by race - Mort
  • BattleCharmed aka Khrathtyn updated Healer Edge information. Feel free to update the rest as he will no longer be playing the Healer Class.
  • Scrimbul wrote a general Thief FAQ with edits on posioners by Llohuir. Edit the heck out of it with opinion and conjecture.
  • Grecken added Druid Edge information. You can thank him by not ganging him anymore.
  • New page: Racial Vulns by Rade
  • Thief points were revamped. Mort gathered a table of thief point costs and levels of various thief skills in Thiefpage.
  • Rangerpage started by joecloud. Check it out and update if necessary.

Moved 5 June 2008

Moved 15 December 2007

Moved 18 July 2007

  • Edges Lists are being updated constantly, thanks to -Cassman- for creating them, and thanks to all who contribute!
  • Shifter page has been updated and organized! Feel free to contribute!

Moved 19 june 2007

  • World Map updated, underdark access now marked with **'s
  • Dikuclan website now part of the community! Welcome to Dioxide's Diku wiki!

Moved 14. august 2005

  • Due to spam I had to close the previous account for cf e-mail. You can still reach me but you have to make a wild guess what my e-mail is... /Lazlo
  • Performance improvements. The page should now take advantage of your browsers caching mechanism. So the second time you view a map should be a lot faster from now on. /Lazlo
  • Minor update to a Stats page ... put any relevant info regarding stats at this page.
  • I updated the TarValon map to reflect the recent changes. Someone from Diku needs to update the links and such from the main map to reflect the new name. It is all done under the "TarValon" map page. .... Larcat
  • I added a hack that now disallows posting links away from the page. This is currently stopping 1-2 spammers every day. Thanks to Joshu thinking out the hack. The page should be safe to edit.
  • Please help cleaning out work from vandals. Read FixingVandalism. It is easy.
  • Welcome to the new home for the dikuclan site. It now runs on my home server.
  • You can now edit pages again. Please do so!
  • RecentChanges and DikuClan definitely have to be updated by hand. I've just added some leggings and it did not reflect. Is this a bug?
  • Added one neckwear and one boot id to their respective pages yesterday. A bit surprised that this would not be auto-reflected in "RecentChanges" or this page... Carrock
  • Added every piece from Forgotten Crypts (except a ring which I missed) to MiscItems 7.12.04 /Circ
  • One year anniversary. Nice going everybody. With more than 250.000 page views and a steady stream of user contributed updates, I think we can say that this site is a success! 03.18.04 /Lazlo
  • Added script for item search in MUSHClient 4.26.04-Reject0-
  • BlingdenStone Updated 03.17.04; Moudrilar Monastery Updated 03.16.04; Xvart Lair Added 3.10.04; Keep of the Righteous Updated 01.08.04 -Cassman-
  • Added map for Whitecloak Camp. anonymous 3/4/04
  • More abuse today. Some moron deleted two pages in the system. Next time use the new FixingVandalism link above and fix it yourself. I only visit once a week. If you want the page to stay up, contribute! /Lazlo - 2/13/04
  • 200000 hits mark passed. Thank you for your contributions so far. /Lazlo - 1/11/04
  • Added everything (except some of the really crappy gear) from Troglodytes area to MiscItems. Circ 3/1/04
  • Began work on RankingEquipmentGood page, found under RankingList. Hidetora 10/27/03
  • Posters should consider putting the date next to their post. Chris 10/24/03
  • We should consider putting together an equipment leveling list. This list would include the best obtainable equipment at a particular level. For example Lvls 1-5 Fine Lvls 6-10 Wide Bronze, etc. I think this fits nicely with leveling areas page. Chris 10/24/03
  • Various areas need combining, the overgrown road and Aridhol, Master's Tower and Feanwyyn, among them.
  • Removed Gehenna, added Dra'Melkhur, still needs to be mapped though. Rob
  • Click the new Vote link in the navibar. And click it every time you visit. That will generate more attention to CF and thus help keeping it alive.
  • Everybody please read this page so you know how to roll back a page to an older version: FixingVandalism
  • Krathrael, RiverErinin already exists but please keep up the efforts. I've cleaned up a little - Deavr
  • Started a the map to the North of TValon where Dylans Area used to be. Still need to do some more work to this one. - Krathrael
  • Maps of ForestofProsemy and CoastalPlains updated. Removed a few quest locations and shrines as well. -Rob
  • Maps of TarValon and Arkham updated. Started new map for DragonSea - Nebel
  • Map of FelarEncampment added. I disagred with Khal on some points. Feel free to go there and correct any mistakes. Drenden.
  • All information I have updated or added has been 'PC-ized' so as to be acceptable to the masses. -C-
  • Plains of Eregion, Khazad-Dum, Ostagaliah Past,Galadonian Settlement, Shadow Grove of Old, Forest of NoWhere, Ashes of NoWhere, Forbidden Forest, The Past, Academy (with Caverns), Tower of High Sorcery are all either UPDATED or ADDED. -Cassman-
  • Edited TheShire and TheValeofArendyl to show paths to BlackwaterSwamp, did a little more work on shire map. -NewbieMapper-
  • Rough map of BlackwaterSwamp added -NewbieMapper-
  • Another fly hits the ban fan. 1458 hits in July and no visible contributions. Tsk tsk. Thats more than twice as much this months top contributor.
  • Lazlo is once again inactive as a mudder. You now own this place!
  • Edited DesertOfAraile map to include more things, added directions on how to get to all adjoining areas on the bottom of map. -NewbieMapper-
  • Edited StuntedForest map slightly. -NewbieMapper-
  • Added a rough map of RuinsOfTheDeep. -NewbieMapper-
  • We now have a map of StonesEmbrace by Drenden.
  • Don't forget the RankingList ... Updated slightly
  • Zendrac just did a fine job of porting RobertDunn 's WorldMap to our page.
  • Remember that if you make a major change (e.g. add a new map) you get to credit yourself. Just edit this page.
  • Visit our new CarrItems page and be sure to read UsingTheItemListFromAMudClient too.
  • Bored with CF? We have the solution. Follow these 10 simple rules, live the DikuDogma
  • Thank you all for your recent contributions. Remember that if you read the page, you must also contribute!
  • From now on Leechers are banned. If we detect that you have been using a crawler to get a local copy of our page, you can never come back to enjoy the updates. If you belive that you have been banned unjustly ComplainHere
  • I can see that there are people using the page, but not a lot contributors. The page needs just a tiny amount of ongoing changes to stay alive. Help out or we will close it again!
  • 48 hours and we are still here! The page already got a good deal better! Thanks for your contributions so far.
  • OK. All Area Explore maps should now be removed. We are very sorry that we posted the maps against our own rules. We will do what we can to avoid that something like that happens again.
  • The rumor is out. Topic at #dangeroom now links to this page.
  • We will go live with the page today (thursday) at 22:00
  • Thanks to Zendrac he linked Robert Dunn's WorldMap to all our areas.
  • Thanks to Zendrac, Lazlo (me) and Malte (in that order) for the big task of transfering the page from the old format to this.