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Edges | General | Class | Race

Calmed Mind - Better rest from Meditation and Trance.

Cursebringer - Stronger, harder to resist and remove Curse.

Battlemage Training - Bonus to combat abilities.

Black Duelist - Stronger spells with in Head-on combat.

Blasphemous Art - More effective spells against Priests.

Boneblade Affinity - Drain victim’s mana and endurance when fighting with a weapon made of bone.(Skeletal Smith)

Charnel Sanctum - While in a graveyard, Necros are more difficult to harm, and cannot be summoned away.

Cryptborn - Resist Plagues and pestiliences of all kinds based on Intellect, rather than heartiness.

Death's Swift Wings - Arial</b> - Fashion bone wings to enhance small and medium corpse with Flight.

<b>Defiler - Offensive skills may drain extra power from natural places. May then provoke natural creatures, but give some resistance to certain feats of natural power.

Disorienting Disruption - Feint-type result from Disruption.

Dreamthief - Better Forget, partial effects on conscious victims.

Empowered Enfeeblement - Better Weaken.

Final Word - Stronger and less resistable Power Words.

Golem Crafter - Create sturdier, quicker recovering Golems that detect invisibility.

Golem Guardian - Stronger, faster, more accurate, weapon-resistant, Golems, that strike all that are fighting them, and will wield weapons their master gives them. (Prereqs: Golem Crafter)

Gravechill - Less resistable, and longer lasting Chill Touch.

Gravewalker - Better recovery in Graveyards, and stronger Shadows.

Hex Augur - Sense when your target’s maledictions expire, whether healed or run out.

Horrific - Lich</b> - Horrify better, and more often.

<b>Kindred’s Touch - A powerful Vampiric Touch may shorten the time of bleeding wounds.

Master Animator - Stronger Zombies.

Master of Decay - Less resistable disease spells, and immunity to those you’ve created.

Nightcaller - Summon more efficiently at night.

Nightmare's Chilling Call - Failed sleep will do damage the first time it fails on a person.

Penumbral Might - More powerful and more damaging Shadows, who will attack any who stand in their way, and can stand the light of day to a limited extent. Penumbral necromancers also possess a more durable umbra.

Practical Vivisectionist - Chance to cause bleeding wounds when using a dagger. High Dex races will be better than others.

Resistant Golem - Create Golems that are resistant to various kinds of magic. (Summon is one of these magics)

Scourge of the Sands - Mummy</b> - Stronger offensive spells while in the desert and great resistance to Quicksand.

<b>Sightbinder - Less resistable, harder to heal, and longer lasting Blindness.

Skeletal Smith - Longer lasting, heartier, and possibly damaging reducing Armor of Living Bone.

Spectral Adept - Longer lasting, and better Wraithform.

Spectral Master - When fighting others that are Incorporeal (Pass Door, Wraithform, etc) you are able to avoid blows easily, and hit with Mana-draining, harder hitting physical blows. Those that can’t perform these spells themselves much more so.(Spectral Adept)

Subterranean Graverobber - Dark-Elf</b> - Use areas of the Underdark as graveyards.

<b>Subterranean Sorcerer - Dark-Elf</b> - Ability to Summon in places of the Underdark.

<b>Torturer - More damaging Lash with a chance to cause a minor malediction.

Undying Will - Better Speak with the Dead, and better repelling and controlling any undead they encounter.

Zombie General - Zombies will redirect to whomever you are attacking. [Eventually.]

Zombie Lord - Easier Animate Dead, and less chance to destroy the corpse.