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The ultimate Wiki for the Carrion Fields MUD

Now more than 20 years old, Carrionfields has been enjoyed by thousands. Enjoy your stay!

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  • Going to be cleaning this up over time—if you have suggestions, message me on the forum. – Torak

Character Help[edit]

Class Specifics[edit]

Name Resources FAQs
Anti-Paladin Edges Torak's Guide
Assassin Edges Basics, Isildur's Advanced
Bard Edges Basics, Beginner's Guide
Berserker Edges, Adaptations, Gear Tips
Conjurer Edges, Pets Infi's Tips, Daurwyn's
Druid Edges Oddjob's, Trewyn's
Healer Edges -
Invoker Edges Adrigon's, Uli's, Starbright's
Necromancer Edges, Special Undead, Graveyards Rade's, Quixotic's
Paladin Edges, Virtues -
Ranger Edges, Skills/Terrains Theerkla's Basic, Someone's Advanced
Shaman Edges, Paths Arrazn's Rot FAQ, Larcat's
Shifter Edges, Forms -
Thief Edges, Skills/Points Scrimbul's Thief FAQ, Callowin's Trapper FAQ, Torak's Poisoner FAQ
Transmuter Edges -
Warrior Edges, Legacies Mini Svirfneblin FAQ, Felar Warrior FAQ

Area Help[edit]


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Site Help[edit]

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