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How about those Legacies...[edit]

Autumn Harvest[edit]

Increased dodge versus foes bigger than you. The bigger they are, the better the bonus. This is optimal when you're a reduced gnome/svirf versus an enlarged giant or dragon.

Balance of the Sisters[edit]

All non-automatic skills can be done with your off-hand.

Player comment: Only useful for utility specs or if you want a better parrying mainwield. It saved a lot of time switching things around as a dagger/whip spec. It meant you could very suddenly switch tactics - making you far less predictable by letting your opponent watch you change weapons.

Calming the Tempest[edit]

Helps in saves vs spells, gives essentially a second chance to save.

Chilling Embrace[edit]

Permanent +8 damage.

Crashing of the Waves[edit]

Grants auto-disarm based on a comparison of your strength vs. your target's. If their weapon is cursed, it will instead reduce the number of attacks of opponent makes during next round (like cross for swords) - echoes "your crushing stroke" and/or "you cant get your weapons up in time"

Cry of Thunder[edit]

Heals 100hp, grants 14 damage, strength and con, and you gain haste on a 0 tick timer. Your warcry also has a shorter duration, so you can use it more often.

Player comment: Note that the special effects of this legacy will not be granted to your allies if you also take Vanguard's Desire.

Dance upon the Southern Winds[edit]

Bonus to dodge. Small enough it's hard to notice. This has been rumoured to have a greater affect on those not already good at dodging (e.g. - giants) than on already dexy characters.

Player comment: As 23 dex human staff warrior I did in fact notice a HUGE improvement, at least against mobs, once I had this edge.

Enigma of the Thirteen[edit]

Coolness. Can use "offensive" wands, which is a lie. You can use offensive utility wands like reduce, slow, plague, wither, but no fireballs or word of recall or faerie fog. Can quaff potions in combat like fly and return potions, which is the main benefit. Can eat pills like speckled ones in combat which is awesome. Can also eat food while fighting.

Player comment: Good for surviving nasty stuff, summon traps, and fiends.

Fires of Adversity[edit]

Increased defenses as you lose HP. Percentage based. Kicks in strongly when you reach 'yellow' health.

Player comment: Makes it very difficult to out-melee the warrior in a straight fight.

Fist of the Titans[edit]

Increases your max wield weight by 10 lbs at all strengths (making 13 lbs undroppable via maledictions), and gives disarm resist.

Player comment: Worked well for a felar polearm spec. Still got disarmed every once in a while, but was not often, without strength gear, and almost never dropped from maledictions.

Player comment: Weapon does drop if malediction!

Flow of Shadows[edit]

When you dodge an attack, you have a chance to riposte with 3-5 attacks of your own.

Player comment: Only went off once in a while, and not really dependable. Nice though every once in a while you're enemy misses that drum/pummel used to seal a kill and you get your impale,stun, whatever. Don't think it was worth a legacy because it is so unreliable.

Fluid Deceptions[edit]

Gives you auto-feint in most combat rounds, if not all. When using the active feint skill you get two feints for that round (e.g. opponent loses two attacks) and a chance of auto-disarm (a one-round lag disarm move!). Disarming seems to be dex based, and all feints are based on your mental stats versus their mental stats (a 25 int elf feinting versus a duergar or giant being best).

Forsaken Thoughts[edit]

1/6 damage reduction from holy and unholy. All communes targeting you are lowered in level (per Zulg)

Fortress of the Spirit[edit]

Some resistance to spells/communes/powers/etc in general. A lot of help making mental saves, a lot of help making paralysis saves, and some resistance/DR to mental damage.

Gates of the Forge[edit]

25% physical damage reduction max from Armor. AC bonus from Dex does not count, but some spells/berserk do. Kicks in when you reach certain levels of AC, gives you echoes to confirm this.

Player comment: I've used this on a dwarf with good AC gear (Dern). A good tactic is to use a svirf with this legacy because of the availability of stone skin (which also gives -ac).

Greeting the Avalanche[edit]

Big bashes, obviously. Up to EVISCERATE in damage vs. unprotected enemies. If you miss a bash there is a high chance you will "remain on your feet", reducing the miss lag from 3 rounds to 2. Chance to bash anyone who tries to bash you, although if you are smaller and/or weigh less this is unlikely. Also don't get lag if you try to bash someone who has control translucence/wraithform up, you will 'Realise that he is protected and abort the maneuver'.

Harmonious Equilibrium[edit]

Greatly reduces the duration of lag you receive from others.

Player comment: Works well against trip, pincer, legsweep etc. The effect against bash is too inconsistent to make it a useful counter.

Hour Past Midnight[edit]

Improved offense and defense with exotics. Exotic skills work better.

Incarnadine Wave[edit]

Gives maladictions to your normal attacks, per weapontype, as follows:

  • Axe:
    • You seize an exposed flank, and are greeted by a satisfying gush of crimson. (bleeding)
    • Dropping down, you time a vicious strike with YOUR_AXE to XXX's legs! (dex)
  • Dagger:
    • Flowing through the Incarnadine Wave, you precisely time a painful blow! (dam)
    • With practiced quickness, you lunge suddenly, drawing XXX off guard. (feint)
  • Flail:
    • Swiping with savage speed at an XXX's head, you disrupt his concentration! (int)
    • Whirling YOUR_FLAIL around an XXX's guard, you land a solid blow to his arm! (str)
  • Mace:
    • Dropping down, you time a vicious strike with YOUR_MACE to XXX's legs! (dex)
    • Swiping with savage speed at XXX's head, you disrupt his concentration! (int)
  • Polearm:
    • You seize an exposed flank, and are greeted by a satisfying gush of crimson. (bleeding)
    • Through the Incarnadine Wave, you time a lunge to push XXX off balance! (lag)
  • Spear:
    • With practiced quickness, you lunge suddenly, drawing XXX off guard. (feint)
    • Through the Incarnadine Wave, you time a lunge to push XXX off balance! (lag)
  • Sword
    • Dropping down, you time a vicious strike with YOUR_SWORD to XXX's legs! (dex)
    • You seize an exposed flank, and are greeted by a satisfying gush of crimson. (bleeding)
  • Staff
    • Through the Incarnadine Wave, you time a lunge to push XXX off balance! (lag)
    • Striking with savage speed at an XXX's head, you disrupt his concentration! (int)
  • Whip
    • Flowing through the Incarnadine Wave, you lash at a vulnerable point! (con)
    • Flowing through the Incarnadine Wave, you precisely time a painful lash! (dam)
  • Hand to hand
    • Flowing through the Incarnadine Wave, you precisely time a vicious swipe! (dam)
    • Flowing through the Incarnadine Wave, you strike a vulnerable point! (con)
  • Exotics
    • You seize an exposed flank, and are greeted by a satisfying gush of crimson. (bleeding)
    • Flowing through the Incarnadine Wave, you precisely time a painful blow! (dam)

Player comment: Not worth a legacy in my opinion. Never went off in fights with players, even with a 1 pound weapon, and never affected mobs, though it went off more often against them.

Player response: Maybe if you took a 'quick and graceful' race, like the helpfile suggests? Fires almost every round with an arial.

Landslide of the Second Breath[edit]

Lagging drive. Improves drive, damages ever so slightly, and does trip lag.

Maelstrom of Veils[edit]

Lets you hit ANYTHING, hidden, while blind, whatever, using murder 1., cranial 2., etc. This also works for items, and you can manipulate all of your inventory while blind. Can see but not use containers. You can use keywords to get things off the floor or out of your inventory even when blind.

Player comment: This legacy is so useful, I couldn't imagine a warrior without it now! Overpowered! Not quite true that you can hit anything. You cannot hit a duo'd transmuter. You can look at them, but cannot touch them.

Mercy of the Typhoon[edit]

Occasional extra parting blow, extra strikes on other foes you fight when one flees. People fleeing cause an enrage effect which can stack hit/dam for quite a bonus.

Player comment: A legacy best used by people who face groups. Enrage is a situational help.

One with Shadows[edit]

Often strikes out against surprise attacks that come from stealthy foes (rangers, thieves, assassins).

Player comment: A brilliant counter to blackjackers if you want to kill them (not just stop blackjack occasionally. For that take Place of the Raging River).

Outcry of Steel[edit]

+100 moves. Allows nested dashes (see helpfile). Increased resistance against quicksand and trip (and probably other similar skills).

Place of the Raging River[edit]

Quite regularly 'snap back' from being rendered unconscious. This works for all forms of sleep/knock out.

Renewal of Spring[edit]

Leader aging/lifespan.

Riddle of Resilience[edit]

Halves physical maledictions affects (eg, kotegaeshi goes from -8, -8 to -4, -4). This includes duration as well.

Soul of the Mountain[edit]

A flat +200 HP bonus.

Space Between Heartbeats[edit]

Extra attacks as opponent "averts eyes" from combat. Will trigger if someone spams directions in combat, handles items, talks to others, etc... averages 2 hits, believe 1-4 is the range.

Striking The Shadow's Footfall[edit]

Gives echos and increased abilities versus the character it echoes for the duration of your login. These affects are cumulative and can be acquired quickly with high int/high wis characters.

Surrounding the Sunrise[edit]

If you're fighting, others have serious problems trying to assist and you will often dodge them entering combat, and lag them a round. The chances of success depend on the terrain type you're on, and it works better in some places than others.

Trapping Beneath Thunder[edit]

Increased damage based on weapon weight. Requires heavy weapons (~25+ lbs) to work.

Vanguards Desire[edit]

Can retreat an entire group out of combat. Warcry for an entire group. Also inspires with rescues.

Note: this does not give your group the benefits of Cry of Thunder.

Ward of Blades[edit]

Increased parrying ability. Said to be less useful on characters that already parry well.

Whirlwind of Steel[edit]

More melee attacks against foes with a lower dex than you. The optimum being an arial versus someone with 3 dex. The number of melee attacks made can be as high as 8 per round using this legacy.

Whispers of the Great Siege[edit]

Improved hp regen, very useful in combination with the healing edges available to warriors. Also reduces how often you need to eat and drink, similar to being slowed.