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Basic Edges:

Civic Elementalist: Area-effect spells will only hit criminals+minions in town.
Combat Elementalist: Can cast touch spells in combat.
Demielemental Transcendence: You become more like an elemental (harder to disease/poison/knockout/bleed) but take some hinderances (maybe no muter spells?). This edge triggers often enough to make it worthwhile if you really fear knock-out/sleep. There is a clear echo on it triggering: 'Your demielemental transcendance assists you in shrugging off the stunning attack!'
Desperate Unweaving: Better at dispelling invoker shields.
Elemental Abjuration: Less damage from weapons made of pure elements (air, stone, fire, water, ice, oil, or lightning).
Elementalist of the Golden Grimoire: Area-effect spells will never hit the innocent.
Fast Deshield: An invoker with this edge may shed their protective shield much faster than most.
Extra Affinity: Extra affinity point, can be taken multiple times.
Martial Invoker: More damage with weapons made of pure elements, increase based on affinity with said element.
Natural Elementalist: Area-effect spells will not hit natural creatures in the wilds and fireballs won't burn the area.
Rend Elements: Stronger single-target offensive spells against elementals.
Solipsistic Shielding: Longer lasting and harder to dispel elemental shields, but you cannot shield others.

Element Edges:

Bend Air: Longer lasting Improved Invis.
Cloudmage: More potent cloud spells (incendiary/noxious) and can cast more often.
Hurricane: Vortex deals damage any in the invoker's pk range.
Earth Push: More effective Earth Ripple, including more damage.
Persistant Earthrain: Rain of Earth can be continued while knocked out.
Spiked pits: Pits created by the invoker now have spikes, equivalent to spike growth from a druid.
Stonebreaker: More damaging Stoneshatter. Did not seem to increase success rate.
Igniting Nova: Small chance for Nova to Immolate those hit by it.
Mind over Flame: Those with high fire affinity, can extinquish fires that burn their body with their mind.
Absolute Zero: Chance to freeze opponent solid with cone of cold.
Glacial Mind: You can sense when someone freezes in your Conglaciation.
Needle Spray: May assail groups with more iceneedles than normal.
Piercing Needles: Iceneedles bypass armor. Cannot take with Wounding Needles.
Wounding Needles: Iceneedles affects last longer. Cannot take with Piercing Needles.
Arcing Bolt: Forked Lightning has a chance to give "arc lightning" like Pillar does.
Electrical Enchanter: More potent and longer-lasting Charge Weapon.
Concentraded Vitriol: Longer lasting Vitriolic Stream.
Chilling Geyser: Those strong in ice/water produce chilling cold geysers doing more damage to those not resistant to cold. Cannot take with Scalding Geyser.
Mage of the Depths: Those with high water affinity, all the other elements do more damage underwater.
Scalding Geyser: Those strong in fire/water produce scalding hot geysers doing more damage to those not resistant to heat. Cannot take with Chilling Geyser.

Racial Edges:

Earth Power: Stronger spells for Svirfs when in contact with the Earth (no flight?).
Earth Ward: Longer and undispellable Shield of Earth for Svirfs.
Wingwall: Adds magic to Arial wingsweeps. The bonus is small. Your wingsweeps can do DISMEMBERS or so, at the cost of 30 mana. On the good side, it bypasses rager spellbane.