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General Tactics[edit]

  • Make your servitors tank. By: Infi
For a conjurer, the best way to kill something is to have someone else tank it! Conjurers can actually tank very effectively if they use their familiar and servitors correctly. To effectively solo a mob, you'll want to use an angel/demon instead of a devil/archon. Order your familiar to attack the mob, and then immediately attack the mob yourself. Use an attack that will place you in combat! Look at your familiar to determine its health. When it's low, you can dismiss it or order it to flee. If you dismiss it, you will become the tank by default. If you order it to flee, there's a 2 in 3 chance that one of your servitors will become the tank. A little known secret is that all familiars that can sleep regen outrageously fast. Order it to flee, sleep, and it may be available to tank again.
  • Boxing in your opponent. By: Infi
When your angel or demon is aggressive on someone, you can use it to cover two rooms. First, position yourself at an exit and spam magic missiles. When your servitor leaves, note which direction it's gone. When it returns, go that direction and spam. You're servitor is guarding the room you've just left. When it returns, repeat. This method is effectively spamming two rooms worth for your opponent.
  • Follow your servitor. By: Infi
A little known fact is that your servitors hunt down any target they've attacked. Against stealthers, this is very useful! When your opponent is hidden, just follow your servitor. Watch for when it moves rooms and open up with an AOE (like warp dimension).
  • Follow your familiar. By: Infi
Familiars don't suffer movement lag. You can move faster by following it, and moving your familiar. Also, don't be afraid to attack hiders with your familiar (famsee all = on) and follow up with your own hit.
  (It is no longer true that you can move faster by following your familiar and moving it. You now suffer movement lag yourself
   whenever your character moves, even when following someone else. So each time you move your familiar, you suffer normal 
   movement lag, and you cannot send a new movement command to your familiar until that movement lag is gone. --Klaak)
=== Familiar Strategies ===
When a familiar is in an area, the area respawns on the normal timer. You can leave your familiar in a zone to check watch for mobs respawning. One of the biggest things I look for in a familiar, is that it has good object manipulation. All familiars can pick up an item. The best gathering familiars can open doors, get objects out of containers and even unlock things. The best trick I've employed with my familiar was to lock it in a room with an item that respawned in the room. Everytime that the item respawned, I'd order my familiar to pick it up, and then drop it. After a while, I'd fight my way to the room and pick up the (pile) of items and be on my merry way. This is as close to an exploit (without actually exploiting) as it comes. Familiars rule! (This is why I cried so much after losing my Quasit) -Infi
   (Not all familiars can pick up an object. Faerie dragon and shadowcat I know for certain cannot pick up items, even small ones off
    the ground. Regarding leaving a familiar in a room to gather items as they respawn, this has been nerfed slightly, so that once the
    familiar changes something in the area--i.e. picking an item from a container--that change will not reset until a PC spends at 
    least one tick in the area. So, you have to wait outside the area, when the item respawns, have the familiar pick it from the 
    container and drop it, then you enter the area, wait one tick, then leave the area again. If you don't do this, the item will NEVER
=== Zmud Script ===
This script captures names when you type in (fam who pk) and stores them as variables. When you type "whore" your familiar will check their current area for every pkillable opponent. -Infi
#alias whore {#loop 1,@targets {
  fam where @tar%i
#Trigger {You tell your familiar to ~'who pk~`.} {
  #va cnt 0
  #T+ famcheck
#CLASS {Famspy|famcheck}
#TRIGGER {Players found: %1} {
  #va targets @cnt
  #T- famcheck
#TRIGGER {~] ~(PK~) (%w)} {
  #add cnt 1
  #va tar@cnt %1