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 :Quixotic's Comprehensive Necro FAQ

General Tips: Understand that you have about the worst hitpoints of every character class. Even with wands, you will likely die brutally to people who bang out a lot of damage and can parry or dodge your armies. For most situations, the necromancer class should be thought of as a finesse build and a fast connection would definitely make your life easier.

  • Use the consortium constructs. They swim, they are resistant to some damage types, and they can perform various tasks:
All can rescue
Obsidian sneaks, dirt kicks, trips, feints
Silver bashes, dirts, and auto-rescues (use no-rescue if you wish to tank)
They cannot sleep, but you can order them to rest to slightly speed recovery
Their durability is related to their level
The stupid things will catch crimson scourge., and if you are in your mid 30s, they may easily die.
Order all enter portal before you use a portal.
  • If you flee your creations won't follow you, and you will have to collect them. However, once you gain summon you can more safely get them back after teleporting away. In that event, you will usually want to summon your special undead first, golems carrying weapons you like second, regular greater undead next, and zombies last. This is due to all the undead mobs that will complicate your summoning attempts.
  • You cannot “order all.zombie” but you can order individual creations (1.zombie, 2.zombie)
  • The success rate and power of some (or all) necromantic spells (animate dead) is highly variable, and I suspect is linked to the strength of the Shadow plane.
  • Having your pets rescue will allow you to blind, curse, scourge, poison, faerie, forget, and often weaken without reengaging. There are many tactics you can use to reengage depending upon the person you face:
Chill touch to attack their strength
Ghoulish numbing to draw out combat with mobs or maladict PC dex,
energy drain for attacking mana & moves
vamp touch if you need to heal some or seal a kill
scrolls and wands for damage, maladictions, or lag
PWK if you feel lucky, but it will only work if you have levels on the victim.
  • Some mobs (like the Scion Archmage, Outlander spirit) can be slain by attacking, letting your army engage, and then fleeing. The army will trickle out after each takes melee damage and they flee—a relatively painless way to kill some mobs. Understand though your army will flee in random directions, so be aware they could flee into a guild instead of out toward you, and that is very inconvenient.

 : Spell Descriptions

Level 3 Ghoulish numbing

Damages opponent and slightly refreshes you
Can cause a feint-like effect similar to lethargy (can't get their arms up)
Seems to impair dex (cramp)
one round casting lag

Level 8 Reanimate

head, hands, fingers, arms, guts can be used to harm your foes
Damage type done varies; occasional echoes suggest additional effects

Level 11 Weaken

Weaken can do damage on foes who are awake; I believe it works on to what degree they save
It will never damage foes who are magically asleep

Level 16 Corpse Thrall

Good damage even at low levels (MUTILATE - ***DEMO*** at level 16)
Attacks all pcs & mobs not grouped with you

Level 19 Embalm

This important skill enhances the usability of Reanimate & Animate Dead
Works underwater
Trains about like weapons—very slowly compared to spells

Level 20 Lesser Golem

Bone at level 20, Flesh golem at level 26
Golem crafter edge makes them noticeably sturdier and see invisible
Golem guardian edge lets them hold weapons (Yay Thunderlance! Yay pincer staff!)
You automatically enhance your golem with PC bodyparts you carry when you cast it:
 :Energy crackles around the pieces of bloodless flesh as they bind together to become one. You smear the embalmed guts of Manitu (a PC) over the golem's flesh, and its skin hisses with forbidden power. As your spell completes, a golem rises from the lifeless flesh.

Level 23 Crimson scourge

at Level 26, lasts 4 hours (5 ticks), and sucks hps (caps damage), mana, moves
Cryptborn edge helps you resist a great deal. (Master of decay makes you -almost- immune to your own scourge)
Constructs will become infected occasionally, but they have plague resistance.

Level 24 Wraithform

Passdoor and physical resistance at first
Bash protection at 36
flight after Becoming (wight, mummy, lich)
See Spectral Adept edge

Level 25 Animate Dead

Fails about 2/3 of the time when mastered (without edges)
24 hours cooldown when successfully cast, 16 hours if you fail
Does not work under water
Variable zombie strength (Mob can drop 5 levels or so)
Trade up your zombies when you kill tougher mobs.
Embalm a corpse before you log off
Small corpses weigh 10.5, medium 44, large ...
You get additional zombies at
 :26 (2 total)
 :31 (3 total)
 :40 (4 total)
See Zombie Lord, Master Embalmer, Master Animator Edge

Level 26 *** Lesser Undead will now create a flesh golem *** *** You can control two zombies *** Disruption – big damage to undead (<<<UNSPEAK at hero>>>) but not to golems

Level 27 Repel undead (weird spell. You will get an echo that a mob, usually one of yours, is pushed back. Didn't work against mobs you really didn't want to fight.) Summon (maybe the most important skill you have-pk, gear, preps, leveling) Graft (heal your zombies and golems with body parts)

Level 28 Vampiric touch

physical heals you at their expense,
more powerful than Energy Drain, but only hitpoints
Edge: Kindred's touch helps reduce bleeding
two rounds lag

Level 29 Wall of putrid flesh

This summons a mob that offers protection from melee attacks
until it is destroyed, you move, or time (12 hours?).
Only works in a graveyards
If it isn't destroyed, no problem, otherwise a variable negative con timer for a long time

Level 30 Control undead

Allows you to charm undead for a short time.
Cannot exceed your limits (zombies, etc)

Level 31 *** Can now control three zombies *** Mystical armor

Level 32 Word of recall (cannot cast on others)

Level 33 Greater undead :Mummy :Does all that golem can do, Can cause disease (short duration) :Ghoul : At level 40 or 41. Numbing attack Feeding on the cold flesh of the dead, this hunched and deformed beast would just as willingly sink its teeth into the flesh of the living. The rotted, pallid flesh of its hands has drawn itself tightly over the underlying muscle and sinew, hardening into horrid claws which bear tattered remnants of past meals underneath. Its pupils are as black as the night around you, with an unholy, slick sheen reflecting an unseen source of gray light within each. A moist rotting hangs over this corrupted beast, a choking stench in the evening air, more sinister than that of any corpse.

Special Greater undead Four types of Special undead are available per character Some special undead can be found at multiple locations

  • Necrotauros (headbutt, belches flame, goring, dirt kick, (stabbing attack)
The abomination that is the minotaur has been taken a step further in this
foul undead behemoth. Cursed by the gods, some of these pitiable souls are
left to rot in mummified flesh, tormented between the realms of the living
and the damned. Its eyeless sockets smolder with infernal light and its
breathless lungs mimic life by periodically snorting out a cadaverous soot.
Occasionally stomping its hooves and challenging would-be foes with its
spear-like horns, this undead menace is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Mortuus (Seems a PoS. Weak, no special attacks seen vs mob or PC)
A translucent skeletal figure is before you, a network of gray and spidery
veins floating in dead, transparent flesh around its bones. Once a strong
spirited mortal, this poor soul was cut of from its people and left in a
tormented place somewhere between life and death; without rest it strikes
out in anger and frustration. An uneasiness passes over you whenever it
gazes in your direction.
  • Wraith (has passdoor, Accelerated Degeneration, lash?, claw attack)
During the day this spirit nearly fades from view. All that remains of this
wraith is a vaporous shadow that hovers before you and a sense of unease that
something unnatural is present.
  • Rotwight (spits attack constitution, weak defense, hits often)
Reeking of the grave, this disgusting corpse-like being is at once being
maintained and eaten by the worms and grubs infesting its limbs and cavities.
Its pale skin ripples with the movement of the worms beneath its flesh,
occasionally appearing where flesh has separated from bone. If any of the
walking dead entered into madness, certainly beings such as this would be
  • Shrouded mummy ( protection good, weak sanc, cause fear, dispel magic)
  • Aki weth ( saurian, thornhearts, spores, corpsethrall)
  • Poltergeist ()
  • Coffer corpse (strangles—3rd strangle is like entwine and kills)
  • Banshee (keening wail can kill outright)
  • Drowned warrior (drowning attack)
  • mummified warrior (hand spec)
Buried in his armor, this undead warrior retains some of his facial features
as they were preserved in the process of mummification. Dead flesh and dusty
wraps are visible within his helmet and where his once-living skin is un-
protected. Twin lights of pale green glow within the sockets of his eyes as
he regards you, his claw-like hands poised to strike.

Level 34 Bone armor use: Didn't seem to work at first with Armor of Living Bone, but at level 36 I whined on officials, and coincidence or not it started improving fast. Rainbow runner shell ftw.

Level 35 Forget :

Can use it to initiate combat, does not initiate on sleeping/fighting foes.
Doesn't seem to do (anything to NPCs. Cannot cast while fighting

Level 36 ** Wraithform now gives bash protection **

Invisibility to Undead – Works with lower undead, but Karzandra will eat your face

Level 37 (Detect Artifact-You probably want protections as a necro. Just sayin.)

Level 38 Speak with the Dead

Level 39 Power Word Decay

Cannot be cast if the mage is in combat. Does not wake sleeping foes.
On a major fail, you will get a timer (“you are too weak to do that again” )

Level 40 Power Word Kill

Like forget, it cannot be case while in combat, but it does good damage if it fails to slay them.
Never successfully slew a character or mob higher level than me.
(200 mana to cast)

Level 41 Manifest Shadow

Level 42

Level 43

Level 44

Level 45

Level 46

Level 47

Level 48

Level 49

Level 50

Level 51

Necromancer Edges

Spectral Adept     	(33?): You may study the lore of Wraiths, to better mimic their insubstantial form. (increases wraithform from 5 to 7 hrs at 47th)
Master of Decay  	(33?): You may further study the processes of disease and decay.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Aura attunement
Shield attunement
Eyes in the Back of your Head	(51?): You can be wary for unseen attacks.
Overcome Distortion	(45+?): You can learn to be resistant to the effects of sensory distortion
Defensive Withdrawal: 	(33?): You can learn to flee from battle in a more controlled manner, diminishing opportunities for parting blows.
Hex Augur           	(33?): You may learn a Hex Augur's awareness of malediction.
Ehren Soul          	(-46): You can call forth your Ehren Soul and its love of honorable combat.
Twitchy             	(-46): Your paranoia and perceptiveness could keep you safe from harm.
Footing            	(-46): You can learn to brace yourself to resist attempts to drive or push you.
- - - - - -

Strong Wrists       	(28?): Your wrists could be harder than normal to break.
- - - - - - - - -  - - -  - - - -  - - -
Zombie Lord  		(28): You may further study the rituals of animation.
Ehren Soul  		(28): You can call forth your Ehren Soul and its love of honorable combat.
Footing     		(28): You can learn to brace yourself to resist attempts to drive or push you.
Remain Conscious 	(28): You can train yourself to sometimes remain conscious when others might be knocked out.
Arcane Scholar     	(36): You may fortify the fundamentals of your art, and more readily manipulate magic.
Battlemage Training 	(28): You may supplement your magical training with limited martial studies.
Nightcaller        	(36): You may learn to Summon more readily under the night sky.
– - - - - - - - -  - - - - - - -  - - -  - - 
Blasphemous Art  	(28): You necromancy may be especially offensive to the divine.
Deep Pockets      	(28): You can develop deep pockets, capable of carrying more things.
Thinned Bloodlines 	(28): Your elfin blood may run thinner than most, reducing the harm the accursed metal causes you.
Dragonslayer  	        (46): You can learn the secrets of the dragonslayers and prey upon the weaknesses of scalykind.
Combat Statistician	(28): You can be a combat statistician and analyze battle more precisely.
Courageous   		(28): You can show courage surpassing most.
Apt Learner    		(28): You can become an apt learner, garnering more from your experiences.
Lucky   		(28): You can be lucky.
Mousy     		(28): You could explain to your guildmaster the reasons you are unmoved by epic song.
Humorless  		(28): You can explain to your guildmaster the reasons you are unmoved by comic song.
Stonehearted 		(28): You can tell your guildmaster about your disinterest in romance.
Cheerful     		(28): You can tell your guildmaster about your cheerful nature.
Quick Healer  		(28): You can tell your guildmaster stories about your ability to heal faster than others.
Fortitude of the Flesh	(36): You may learn how to give fortitude to your flesh, and stave off the affects of some wasting diseases.
Intonation Adept    	(36): You can learn to intone your words with greater precision, sometimes speaking exactly even while deaf.
Nightmare's Chilling Call(28): You can inflict suffering on those who resist your cant of sleep.
Master Animator     	(36): You can become a Master Animator. (significantly improves chances to successfully animate dead, zombies average stronger)
Master Embalmer  	(28): You may learn the techniques of a master embalmer.
Kindred's Touch		(-31?): You may learn to close bleeding wounds by stealing the life force of others.
Cursebringer  		(28): You can learn the Cursebringer's way.
Defiler            	(45): You can delve into the magics most offensive to nature.
Skeletal Smith 		(-31): You can encase yourself in the unliving armor of a Skeletal Smith.
Golem Guardian     	(-34): You may learn to invest your golems with a warrior's spirit. (They can wield weapons that you hand to them and they seem to have one more attack)
Zombie General      	(45): You may learn to better direct your undead minions during battle.
Practical Vivisectionist(-34): You can learn to target blood vessels with precise dagger strikes.
Leader      		(28): You can be a natural leader.
Footwork        	(28): You can learn to avoid kicks better.
Shadowed Soul   	(28): You can hone the subtle nature of your soul to evade a paladin's attempts to track it.
Possessive          	(45): You can feed your paranoia and strive to protect your belongings from thieves.

Unpredictable       	(35): You can allow your wild nature free reign and fight in a way that defies easy prediction.
Thick Veined  		(28): You might have a knack for bleeding less than most.
Prone Defense       	(34): You can learn to better defend yourself while prone.
Black duelist		(30): You may study the art of working your offensive magic more readily during combat.
Empowered Enfeeblement 	(28): You can weaken your foes with an Empowered Enfeeblement.
Spectral Master     	(48-49): You may learn to punish the incorporeal through your mastery of that art. (Spectral Adept required)
Strong Memory      	(35): You can learn to focus your memories and resist magic of forgetfulness
Zombie Fighter      	(45): You can learn to avoid the predictable attacks of non-sentient undead.
Slippery Soul      	(45): You can learn to resist scrying magic.
Gravewalker  		(28): You may harness the power of graveyards to recover more quickly.
Gravechill    		(28): You may study the art of draining the warmth from the living.
Resistant golem 	(30): You can learn to craft a Resistant Golem. (spell protection)
Battle Tested   	(  ): You can learn to slumber more quickly after the excitement of combat.
Transportation Sensitivity(  ): You can hone your senses to detect transportation magic tugging at you.
Resistant Sight 	(  ): You can learn meditative tricks that would help you resist blindness magic.
Cover Up 		(34): Block attacks aimed at your face.
Mana Flood   		(  ): You may have a knack for drawing more power from a weak Veil.
Seasoned Traveler    	(Explore exp): You can apply your considerable knowledge from your long journeys and condition your legs for faster recovery.
Mana Drought  		(  ): You may have a knack for suffering less than most from a strong Veil.
Mana Sensitivity  	(  ): You can become more sensitive to the ebb and flow of the Veil.
Last Breath     	(  ): You can learn to swim short distances when your life is on the line.
Woodsman            	(  ): You can take advantage of your childhood in the sylvan reaches of Thera.
Hermit 		        (  ): You can take advantage of your youth in Thera's hills and mountains.
Nomad               	(  ): You can take advantage of your heritage as a nomad of one of Thera's deserts.
Barbarian           	(  ): You can take advantage of your youth in Thera's frozen tundras.
Farmer              	(  ): You can take advantage of your childhood on the farm.
Fisherman           	(  ): You can take advantage of your upbringing near the seas and rivers of Thera.
Urbanite            	(  ): You can take advantage of your urban roots.
Edges missing from original list with description from helpfiles

Undying Will		(  ): Necromancers with an undying will have greater mastery over the dead. It is rumored that they converse more clearly with the fallen, as well as both more efficiently repelling and controlling any undead beings they encounter in their travels. 
Dreamthief		(  ): The Dreamthieves are insidious necromancers that focus their efforts on stealing the thoughts of others. They can not only inflict a forgetful stupor with greater efficiency, but can also muddle the mind of any victim unfortunate enough to remain conscious when first afflicted with this magic. 
Death's Swift Wings 	(  ): (Arial only) By understanding the anatomy of wings, arial necromancers are able to used decased bone and decaying flesh to fashion their undead creations complete with putrid, enchanted wings. This provides the gift of flight to all small and medium size corpses along with golems and greater undead.
Disorienting Disruption	(  ): Certain necromancers are able to form the feat of disorienting the undead that are touched by their disruptions. The resulting disorientation causes the dead to miss his next attack.
Charnel Sanctum		(  ): Cloaked in the darkness and death of a graveyard, necromancers with this edge are more difficult to harm when secure within their charnel sanctum, and cannot be summoned away from gravesides.
Final Word		(  ): Necromancers who learn to utter the Final Word have mastery of all power words above and beyond that of the typical mage. It is said their words are more potent and difficult to resist.
Torturer		(  ): Torturers posess a special talent for striking painful spots with the proper tool.  Their lash skill deals more damage, and has a chance to inflict aminor malediction.
Scourge of the Sands	(  ): Mummies, who traditionally incubate in tombs of the desert, sometimes develop mastery over sandy environments. It is said that a Scourge of the Sands is a mummy who can cast offensive magic to devastating effect in the desert, and that it is rare that quicksand will hold such a creature.
Horrific		(  ): Horrific liches have learned to use their terrible visage to their advantage even more than most. They can horrify both more frequently and more effectively.
Penumbral Might		(  ): Certain necromancers possess a mastery of shadow-magic that is supreme. Their animated shadows are more powerful, deal more damage, and attack any and all who stand in their way. These shadows are further displaced by the cloak of night, and can even endure the light of day to a limited extent. Penumbral necromancers also possess a more durable umbra.
Boneblade Affinity	(  ): Attuned to the mystical properties of bone, certain necromancers are able to use this knowledge to their advantage.  When fighting with any weapon made of bone, the necromancer's melee attacks slightly drain his victim's mana and endurance. Only necromancers with an advanced background in bonecraft may choose this edge.
Calmed Mind		(  ): Certain tranquil-minded individuals gain more efficient rest from the practices of meditation and trance. 
Subterranean Graverobber(  ): (Dark Elf only?) Necromancers with subterranean origins know that the stench of death lingers throughout the underside. These mages are able to treat areas of the underworld as if they were graveyards, dredging up the long-forgotton bodies and energies of the dead. 
Subterranean Sorcerer 	(  ): (Dark Elf only) Certain dark-elves who possess summoning magic have also studied the secret writings of their people.  These sorcerers comprehend how to summon in corners of the Underdark that other races find impossible.


Past-Old Galadon :NW corner of Old Galadon 
Past-Troll,      :tombstone; 
Ayr'Trinil       :Bottom of the area, sw corner, outside the mausoleum	
Shadow grove     :at tombstone
Seantryn         :From town center, 4s4e3s
Seantryn         :west of the Blackthorn Inn; will kill heroes in a   round.
Coral head       :Air chamber
Udgaard          :North exit, hidden
Emerald Forest   :(moors)
Hamsah           :outside of guild
Galadon          :NW corner of city
Galadon          :Mausoleum
[[CaveOfWebs]]       :south of Galadon
Oryx Steppes     :Deep in the southeast corner
Gallows Hill     :NW of North crossroad
Arkham Crypts    :From town center, d2s3ede
Dale Cemetery    :From Arkham center: 3e2s, all east, north into cemetary
Dale Witch's hut :From Arkham center: 3e2s, all east, south, east
Balator          :look behind the rooms to the west				
Sands of Sorrow  :Calm Dune
Kteng's Lab      :Southeast cell of the lab
Akan             :Below Akan, Halls of Remembrance 
Frigid Wastes 	 :Grizzly battle scene
Talshidar Caves  :By Alistin
Organia	         :all of the Plains of Bone & Grave of the warrior
Orc Village      :The trenches just inside the gate, south and down.
Barovia          :outside guild
Barovia Keep     :Right outside the keep, within the keep
Mansion at Twi.  :Dungeon (x2?)
Consortium       :In the shopping mall
Loch Grynmere    :Sepulcher below the compound. North side, toward the east.
Maltrakis        :Butchering Ground
Isle of Corte    :At the coffin at the town center
Udgardian plains :In the refuse heap hidden in a the cave along the south edge
Ruins-Ostalgiah  :putrid alley  on the north side
Past-Ostalgaiah	 :putrid alley  on the north side
Azuremain        :below the 'bridge' where the sparkling potion is
Imperial Lands   :within the necro guild
Mortorn ?
Abandoned siege encampment ?
High Lord's keep ?
Keep of Faulgash ?
Ruins of Delartol ?
Hardan Woods ?
Spiderhaunt woods ?
Kuo Toa ?

- - -

Becoming There are currently quests to become a Wight, Mummy, and Lich; to discover what to do to become each of these, talk to your prominent necromancers about your interest to discover clues to each quest.