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Adept of Satiation - Minimizes Sate and Quench side effects.

Awakened Spirit - Regain Mana resting as quickly as sleeping. [Expensive edge. Prerequisites are meditation/trance/nap. Nap goes up absurdly slowly.

Blessed Sanctifier – Sanctify Area with greater ease and speed.

Bonded Shield - Benevolent(Good/Neutral?) Healers commune superior Lifeshield.

Certitude - More effective Ardent Faith.

Combat Medic - Use prayers with greater ease while in combat. [Increases the amount of HP you heal in combat. Rejuvenate raises from 200 to 220.]

Devoted Cause - Allows Healer to commune Frenzy on same Ethos or Cabal.

Diagnostician's Insight - Stronger Cleanse after Assess.

Dire Precognition - Longer and more accurate Miraculous Foresight.

Divine Consciousness - Greater Soul Citadel.

Divine Purifier - Makes ‘Purity’ supplications harder to dispel.

Evacuate Sanctum - Allows (harder/shorter) Gating out of Guilds/Cabals. [Gating out of my Cabal was easy. Guilds were a lot harder.]

Favored Sanctifier - Sanctify Self with greater ease and speed.

Fierce Bulwark - More damaging Bulwark of Faith. [Raised Bulwark of Faith damage slightly. In my opinion it wasn't worth the Edge Points.]

Girded Shield - Longer lasting Protective Shield that is harder to Dispel. [An amazing Edge for a medium expense of Edge Points. At hero my Protective Shield lasted 11 hours, from 5.]

Good Shepherd - Heals some HP, Mana, & Move upon successful Spirit Shepherd.

Guardian of the Flock - Commune ‘group’ supplications more easily.

Peacemaker - More effective Calm.

Plaguetender - Gives some Resistance to Disease.

Planeskipper - More often successful Gates. [Gating became noticeably easier. Especially to farther distances.]

Power of Faith - Greater Communes when with another of the same Faith(Imm)

Preacher - Tattooed Priest can send notes to All

Rapid Response - Gate to a Trusting person almost without fail. [Gating to Cabal Mates and other trustees became increasingly easy.]

Reactive Movements - some resistance to Paralysis. Also makes Remove Paralysis give some additional protection to further attempts for a short time. [Expensive but worthwhile. Grants increased protection to paralysis naturally. When you commune Remove Paralysis upon yourself you earn another -23SVP for 2 hours.

Reassuring Presence - More effective Guiding Hand & Stalwart Arm when in the same room as the supplicated.

Remedy Curses - Stronger Curse and Damnation removal with Remove Curse and Cleanse.

Remedy Pestilence - Stronger removal of all curable diseases with Cure Disease. [Cheap and very useful. Crimson Scourge was nearly impossible to cure until I took this Edge.]

Remedy Senses - Stronger removal of Deafen with Cure Deafness, as well as Blindness with Cure Blindness. [Cheap, useful and noticeable.]

Remedy Toxins - Stronger removal of poison with Cure Poison. [Cheap, useful and noticeable when used on stronger poisons. Very useful for dispelling the stoneskin fillet's poison.]

Rock of FaithGiant – Uses physical strength to bolster the mental strength, aiding resistance to those types of spells. Bonus vs. bash as well.

Rouser – Awaken people more easily. [Inexpensive, but I didn't notice any change.]

Shield of the Vulnerable – Longer Aegis [Relatively inexpensive, those few extra hours make a huge difference if you do a lot of exploration or do elements-intensive fighting.]

Soul Fortress - Turns Soul Citadel into Soul Fortress. Longer and some protection vs. Mental.

Trained Medic - More effective First Aid.

Unfettered Movements - Makes Swiftness able to dispel Slow. [Dispel Slow affect only works on self. But also dispels Metabolic Slowing.]

Wandering Healer - Mass Healings more effective in Area Explore.