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Antihero - Evil
Gain XP bonus for killing evil NPC’s, but none for good NPC’s. Protection works vs. Evil, instead of Good. No change to grouping restrictions.
Apt Learner
Better skill improvements with Level/Imm Awards.
Arcane Scholar
Stronger dispel magic/cancellation. Longer lasting detect magic.
Battlemage Training
Combat skills are more effective (no increase in parry though) [Dervish: did not notice any difference for my lashes]
Battle Tested
Sleep faster after combat. [About 1.5 ticks and you can sleep again]
Calmed Mind
Better rest from Meditation and Trance skills. Requires the Trance skill.
Combat Statistician
More precise knowledge of enemies status (in 5% increments)
-Minotaur, -Orc.
Resistance to Fear, 'lower' wimpy. Maximum wimpy allowed is 10% of your maximum hp.
Cover Up
Better defense against Faceslash, Headbutt, Savage Feeding, and Cross.
Deep Pockets
+1 Item carried.
Defensive Withdrawal
You can learn to flee from battle in a more controlled manner, diminishing opportunities for parting blows.
More Damage to, Less from Dragon attacks. [Bypass Dragon resist, Dodged better, was hit less often and less severely by their special attack bites/tails/etc]
Ehren Lord
More damage against any besides the ‘Tank’ of a group. These benefits will fade or become a detriment to those that are not honorable.(Ehren Soul)
Ehren Soul
Honorable Souls get a bonus to anti-ganging code, but suffer more when ganging themselves.
Extra Training
Convert Edge points into Trains, price increases each time it's bought.
Better Evade.
Eyes in the Back of Your Head
Aids to avoid Assassination.
Better chance to avoid being moved by Pull, Drive, Buffet, Earth Ripples, Driving Ambush, Morosa Charge, Rogue Separation or Isolation, etc. Less effective version of Ranger's Sure Footing.
Aids to avoid Kicks.
Fortitude of the Flesh
Some resistance to Rot and Power Word Decay.
Intonation Adept
Bard, Mage.
Chance to Sing or Cast while Deafened.
Last Breath
Chance to swim while unable to breathe underwater.
Can affect Morale while leading a group.
Low Light Vision
Longer Sharpened Sight.
Better Luck.
Mana Drought
You may have a knack for suffering less than most from a strong Veil.
Mana Flood
You may have a knack for drawing more power from a weak Veil.
Mana Sensitivity
Roughly discern the state of the Veil while Detecting Magic. Requires Detect Magic.
Overcome Distortion
Bonus vs. displacement and sensory distortion. [Seemed to work better against class specific attacks like Knife and Bash rather than generic attacks like Trip and Disarm]
Small chance to auto-attack on a failed steal, diminished if sleeping, but enhanced by Wisdom.
Quick Healer
Bonus to Fast Healing, if not bloodied from Combat (can enter a guild).
Remain Conscious
Small chance to ignore knockouts such as Sleep, Lullaby, Blackjack, Weapon Butt Blackjack, Knockout Trap/Poison, Strangle, Cranial and Choke.
Resistant Sight
Some resistance to blinding spells/communes such as Blindness, Flash and Sunray. [Noticeable difference. As a d-elf warrior fighting necro 8 ranks on me, necro failed to blind me 5 times in a row]
Seasoned Traveller
Faster Move regeneration. Significant bonus, and you can only get the edge after you have gained quite a large amount of exploration experience.
Shadowed Soul – Evil
Aids evil characters to avoid Paladins’ Track the Wicked.
Shield Eyes
Small chance to block blinding by Dirt Kick, Eyejab, Blindness Dust, and Templar’s Defense.
Chance to avoid Shield Cleave, but probably eat a direct hit instead.
Shrewd Trader
Barter for larger number of items, if a fair trade. The more Commerce experience the better.
Silent Sidestepper
Small bonus to dodge blows from opponents who cannot see you (blind). Typically chosen by those that Sneak and Dodge. No advantage against Maelstrom warriors.
Slippery Soul
Resistance to Clairvoyance and Clairaudience.
Strong Back
+20 Weight allowance.
Strong Memory
Resistance to Forget.
Strong Wrists
Resist Kotegaeshi's wrist snapping effect.
Thick Veined
Less Damage from bleeding wounds.
Transportation Sensitivity
Chance to notice attempts to Summon, Gate to, or Tesseract to, even if those attempts are resisted.
An overeactive danger sense, will sometimes fire when there is no danger.
Counteraction to anticipation tactics, such as Striking the Shadow’s Footfall, and Martial Trance.
Veil Tender
Better at thickening the Veil with magic items at Tahren's forge.
Veil Render
Better at thinning the Veil with magic items at the Rift.
Wise Recovery
Faster Fast Healing, while not bloody, based on Wisdom, rather than Constitution, if your wisdom is currently higher.
Zombie Fighter
Better parrying against non-sentient undead, such as Zombies, but not against the greater undead, such as Ghouls and Wraiths.

Only one attitude may be picked:

Cheerful – Attitude
Bonus vs. Tragic Music.
Mousy – Attitude
Bonus vs. Epic Music.
Humorless – Attitude
Bonus vs. Comic Music.
Stone Hearted – Attitude
Bonus vs. Romantic Music.

Criminal Edges rely upon having (or never having) WANTED status:

Good aligns with a criminal record are less likely to be struck by good-align guards.
Smooth Criminal
Take a charisma check to avoid being attacked by guards (excepting special guards)
Valued Customer
While WANTED, some shops at your hometown will still deal with you
Upstanding Citizen
Orderly characters with no Criminal record regen faster in Tribunal cities, and can evade more in them.