Felar Warrior Analysis

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Posted by Ishdor on 04:33:52 11/6/2007:

As a new player, the first thing you should always take note of when deciding your specializations are the maximum statistics of your chosen race. This is so because these numbers tend to determine to a fair extent which weapons are potent/recommendable/advisable in the hands of your race and which aren't, or less so, and especially if you've chosen a race which tends both to spike and dip in its statistics as Elves or Giants do. While making the proper legacy choices can and will give you leeway in this, I'd also say it is a bit too early for you to experiment with such set-ups if you're finding yourself craving for this kind of basic advice, and its rationale.

More to the point however -- the things that truly define any Felar warrior are the following four features of this race/class combination:

  • The inherent 100% skill in hand-to-hand.
  • A dexterity of 23 combined with a constitution of 23.
  • The ability to dual wield their basic hand-to-hand skill with far greater efficiency than any other race, and more importantly, the unique ability of being to dual wield their basic hand-to-hand skill with two-handed weaponry, such as staffs, spears, polearms and certain swords and exotics.
  • The inability to dual-wield weapons in the conventional sense. I.e.: a Felar will never be able to wield more than one weapon at a time.

What these four features are essentially amounting to is a warrior who 1) has the dodging potential of a Human assassin or thief, 2) the health point gains and health regeneration rate of a Fire Giant warrior, 3) a natural incentive to actively wield the finest parrying weapons in the game while 4) having a 100% skill in the attacktype most (ranking) mobs tend to use. The success rate of parry is, among other things, determined by your character's skill in both the weapontype it and its opponent is using.

Not very surpisingly, these unique benefits of the race have been balanced out by the Felar having had unique challenges placed on them;

  • Felar have the lowest strength stat of all player character races.
  • Since Felar are unable to dual wield two separate weapons, you'll feel this in the hit- and damroll department if you're not knowledgable about the better felar_only gear in the game.
  • Felar have two elemental vulnerabilities, only one of which is quite easy to compensate for, and due to their moderately low intelligence and wisdom they are not very resillient to mental attacks or adept at naturally saving spells (though the feral growl inherent increasingly helps to compensate for this as your level goes up, as do the race-specific edges of the Felar).

What this in turn amounts to is a warrior who 1) generally is the easiest to disarm through strength loss of all the races, 2) has a relatively limited carrying capacity and 3) has a sub-standard bashing ability, restricting your run-off-the-mill lagging potential.

The conclusion to be reached from all this, as far as specialization choices are concerned, is in my opinion the following;

1) Felar warriors have very little incentive to ever commit themselves to heavy-weighted weapons, or weapons which otherwise derive their potency from being dual wielded with each other.

2) Felar warriors have a natural inclination towards two-handed weaponry, because it gives them the ability to dual wield while also benefitting from the parrying bonus these weapons offer at the same time.

3) Felar warriors have a natural inclination towards using (the spec skills of) low-weighted weaponry, in order to compensate for both their uniquely low strength and their sub-standard skill in the conventional bash lagging technique (i.e. replacing it with lash, crushing blow). Also, to be able to indirectly benefit from their unique 23 dexterity + 23 constitution combo, since several of the low-weight weapon spec skills seem to be based on dexterity, while the Fire Giant-like health point gains are offering you a tangibly larger margin for error than most other races using these skills get to enjoy when it comes to these skills failing in mid-combat.

Weapon specializations:

All the above basically leaves you with four weapon specializations which have a natural synergy with Felar. These are, in no particular order; hand-to-hand, staff/spear, dagger and whip/flail.

Polearm and mace can be made into viable choices, but be forewarned that they render a Felar prone of being struck at his racial weakpoints while the value of what they offer in return is arguable and/or circumstancial by nature, meaning these two specializations need to be supported by proper legacy choices. That means you need to know what you are doing.

Axe and sword are not recommendable as Felar have little synergy with the skillsets these two specializations offer.

Legacy choices:

I can say this much -- there are legacies out there that cater to the Felar to a high degree. In fact, I am going to go so far as saying that there is a legacy choice out there that caters to a staff/spear spec Felar almost to the extent Trapping Beneath Thunder and Flow of Shadows can cater to Giant and Elf warriors, respectively. Since my character is still active however, I'm not inclined to say much more about it at this point.

Should you have found this post to be somewhat useful to you however, I might come out with it one of these days/weeks/months/years after Ishdor has finally kicked the bucket (aka: barrel of ale).