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ADEPT OF THE GREAT CYCLE - Slight resistance to all undead attacks.

BEAST TAMER - Shapeshifters find it harder to dodge a druids communes with their forms. prereq is killing shapeshifters

BEETLES SHELL - Does what the helpfile says, deflects regular melee attacks more often. Depending on moon + moonblessed edge + herbal forage choice can do it as often as once or twice a round to once every three rounds.

BOLT FROM THE BLUE - Can call lightning even during clear skies. This costs more mana and has a longer recharge timer.


Deny Flesh / Deny Wood / Deny Bone / Deny Metal - Only can pick one. Added resistance like protection vs metals to said type. Not as significant as the resistance to metals. Felar claw attacks and zombies are included with flesh. Not sure if shifter attacks are affected anymore. A definite top 5 pick.

DRAWER OF DAWN - Can call a sunray two hours earlier than normal, added "power" during the hours of 4 and 5 am are a "healing" effect similiar, but not identicle, to vampiric touch.

DRAWER OF TWILIGHT - Sunrays can be called after sunset without loss in power. Minor weaken effect once the sun has set.

FARHAVEN - Right now it's a bit buggy, but it definitely lets you haven down the eastern road and balator.

FORESTWALKER - Bonus to regen while in a forest. One of the top five most expensive edges. Worth it.

HERBAL FOCUS - human - Can carry 1 extra herb set. - COOL! Six offensive herbs... disgusting.

HERBAL REGENERATION - Gains regeneration with medicine in proportion to how many curative herbs you hold. Requires strong curative power to work well. (Moon varries effectiveness)

HOLDER OF THE ETERNAL FLAME - If four seeds hit on a fireseed, there's a LOW chance that they will catch on fire (immolation). Happened next to never. Only worked ONCE in a PK. Not an edge I'd take again.


INITIATE OF THE DESERTS - Awesome edge. Makes desert terrain wilderness (green colored). Sunrays are noticeably more powerful in a desert. Did not use whirling simoon before this edge, but whirling simoon can cause blindness, + 2 or 3 hour EVISCERATES bleeding, and does more damage with more creatures in the room. No echoes on effects. Prerequisite is skill in whirling simoon prayer, not time spent in deserts.

INITIATE OF THE GREAT CYCLE - Couldn't tell a difference with this. Decompose supplication didn't seem to do any extra damage but hard to tell.

MASSIVE METAMORPH - Cloud - Weapon resist carries over into bear/condor forms.

METAL ANTIPATHY - Bash and similar skills less effective if the attacker wears metal armor.

METALSHAPER - Less likely to destroy items transmuting them. With this edge at hero maybe 2 out of 60 transmutes would blow up. Worth it to me, fairly cheap

MEDICINE MAN - Herbal medicine will be more likely to cure maledies.

MOONBLESSED - Top 5 most expensive edges, definite top 5 pick. Noticeable bonus to herbal forage herbtypes if the moon cycle favors that herb. Each moon cycle favors one type of non-utility herb. Figure out which one is which on your own.

MOONLIGHT CHARMED - More powerful moonbeam. (Disclaimer: Moonbeam is a funky prayer. LOTS of things affect it.)

Power of Faith - Greater Communes when with another of the same Faith(Imm)

SEED SPRAY - Fireseeds hits everyone attacking you.

SHARDS OF CONTAGION - Thorns prayer does added effects. There is no echo, but the diseases are influenze, pneumonia, and plague. At hero, EXTREMELY reliable. Can bet with 3 thorns they got something. Plague happens enough at hero to not take coins from corpses till after they are sacrificed.

SHARDS OF VENOM - Thorn prayer poisons.

'SKIN OF THE REDWOODS' - "Essentially it gives barkskin minor Damage Reduction."

SKYRENDER - Faster movement above the world in condor form

SNAKE CHARMER - Makes snakes more powerful. Hit more often, hit harder. NOT HEALTHIER. EXTREMELY FRAGILE. Without, won't see many capital letter attacks without frenzy. Makes serpents viable attackers after level 30. If you use charmies a lot, a definite top 5 pick.

STORM MASTER - Control weather better and longer.

SUNREAPER - Chance to turn weak undead to dust with sunrays.

SUN SOAKER - Does what the helpfile says, sunrays blind more often. Without, sunrays OCCASIONALLY blind, with one in 3 or 4 sunrays will for sure blind. A definite top 5 pick.


TELLURIC ADEPT - Telluric surge is more successful.

TROPICAL TRACER - Transmute metal to wood never fails.

OAK OF BALANCE - Treants have permanent prot vs good and prot vs evil. Useful edge.

OAK OF THE PRIME - Treants take less damage from conjured beings.

OAK SHAPER - Didn't take this edge, but I thought I'd put in that the treeform prayer has been modified. It is possible either with lvl or skill in treeform prayer to be COMPLETELY undetected.

PRIMORDIAL AVENGER - Stronger primordial vengeance.

VERDANT LORD - Significantly less lag on plant growth. Herbset affect speed as well. (Super secret abiity not mentioned)

WILD-BLESSED METAMORPH - Less lag shifting to/from forms in the wild(normal lag is 2 rounds).

WILD CALLER - Call of the wild stays longer.

WILD-EXHAULTED METAMORPH - Consume herbs slower shapeshifting.