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All suggestions only. Conjurer is a class to develop your own tricks with, so these are just the basics. Some of this faq can be applied to other classes, but all of it should be applicable to conjurers.

How can I rank before I can summon?[edit]

One way is to dress like a warrior and use an axe. You won't be tanking so you won't need to heal up. If you gear for mana so you can magic missile forever you will spend huge amounts of time sleeping to get it back, and your group may get annoyed. Alternatively, if you can lead a group, you could just be proactive in assembling one and finding a good ranking area, then gear for hp so that you don't get pk'd so much.


Detect Magic[edit]

- This is a utility spell which allows you to:

  • See which items are magical
  • Look at someone and see how much mana they have (this takes a little figuring out, but is similar to how you see how much health they have when you look at them)
  • Lets you spot WARLOCK Wards of Forbiddance

[Addendum: Also lets you see if someone is affected by the Barrier spell. - dalneko]

Detect Charm[edit]

- Lets you see when servitors are bound (not just yours)

Faerie Fire[edit]

- Use this when ranking so it looks like you are doing something worthwhile. Use it on any thief, ranger or Outlander (because they want to kill you) that attacks you unless you want to flee. The spell makes them glow and they will not be able to hide until the spell wears off.


- Once you get an archon (if good) this is a relatively safe spell to use. Before that, it is still quite safe if you make yourself translucent so that wimpy gets you out of closed rooms with monsters in. You may land in a deathtrap though, but a more advanced conjurer spell can avoid this. [Addendum:If you do get teleported to a No Recall/ No exit call a decent Archon to Sanc the Room.]

Dispel Magic[edit]

- Much underused. Many of your opponents will use magic to give themselves an advantage and dispelling those magics can provide immediate benefits. For example, dispelling Flight will allow your thief groupmate to trip.


- An unreliable spell, it is worth doing in big group battles when you have a good chance of blinding *someone*. [Opinion:Not all that bad against Ragers and Outlanders, as it's an area spell. If you have an Archon not a bad idea, anything else you may not want to chance it.]


=== Q. === What affects the kind of familiar I get? === A. === There are lots of theories about what affect this, including terrain where you first cast it, ethos or your character, etc. The only thing that is certain is that your alignment restricts you to one of three familiars.

[addendum: It has been proven that name affects the type of familiar, though what it is about the name that affects is still unknown. - reject0 ]

Good conjie: coyote, faerie dragon or owl Evil conjie: imp, quasit or raven Neutral conjie: homunculus, monkey or shadowcat

=== Q. === What if my familiar sucks? Should I delete? === A. === Some familiars may be more useful for your style of play than others, but your familiar is not the make-or-break issue for the success of your character.

=== Q. === What happens when my familiar dies? === A. === You lose con and take damage equal to around half your (natural if I recall) hp, though this can be reduced by protections. [Addendum: The death of your familiar counts as a normal death with 1/3 con lost every time. -Rodriguez] [Opinion: Keep famsee notinroom on if you don't want to see full view, that way if you teleport you can see if someone strikes him.]

=== Q. === What is a familiar good for? === A. === At low ranks, helping you fight. Also scouting (since it doesn't show when people use where, and many can use some form of stealth) as you can see out of their eyes. They can enter guilds that you can't. However, sometimes they are too scared of an area to scout for you. Sometimes their abilities are not obvious. eg faerie dragon will wake you from at least some forms of magical sleep. While a familiar does not show up on 'where', they will appear on 'where familiar' if the player can see them. [Opinion: Once past 40 I noticed my familiar wasn't scared of places he used to be.]

If you want to move your familiar around conveniently, consider using a script with your client. eg perhaps set it up so that the numeric keypad moves your familiar.

Resist Negative[edit]

- I believe reduces negative damage (ie defilement & infernal power). Maybe energy drain etc. [Opinion: Did notice a decrease in Energy Drain, but it may have been a fluke.]

Resist Positive[edit]

- I believe reduces holy damage (ie wrath & divine power), both from weapon and commune. [Opinion: Good idea for Neutral Conjurers to put up before calling an Arc/Ang.]

=== Conjure Smoke Mephit === -

Servitor that doesn't move but will bring hidden characters into view. It is possible to sneak past a smoke mephit sometimes though.

[Opinion: Not a bad idea to call one too when fighting someone with area spells.]

=== Pass Door === - use this before teleporting if not in a rush.

Conjure Elemental, and Bind elemental[edit]

=== Q. === yay. I can summon now! Should I? === A. === It is risky. Elementals may or may not be aggressive when they arrive, and only a protective circle will keep you safe if they are aggro. Therefore only summon one if you can deal with it being aggro or if you are prepared to die. Otherwise wait until you can make a protective circle. [Opinion: Once you Do get conjure elemental it's a good idea to start seeking Slow sources, they exist and some are not terribly hard to get. This will cut down on your Sleep time, plus allow better Conjures.]

=== Q. === What affects the strength of an elemental? === A. === Basically the amount of extra mana you put in (see the helpfile for the format of the command). However, more mana is not always better, and the optimum amounts of mana depend on a number of factors (eg your charisma). Don't worry if you can't conjure anything better than a "perfect match" elemental. You need to put in an awful lot of extra mana to get a stronger one (talking several hundred here), so you will have more success when you've gained some more levels. I will also mention that WHERE you are affects it. Many people believe that being in a guild when you conjure will yield weaker servitors. You might want to consider if the place you conjure has an effect even outside the guild.

Until you get the hang of it, try to have the mana to cast a circle, conjure a weak elemental and bind it without needing to sleep. Your elementals won't be that strong, but your group will appreciate your not having to rest. If you are pk?ing on your own, you might want to make a strong circle, rest fully, bring a strong elemental and then bind it, in that order.

=== Q. === Can I stop my elemental from doing things like area spells (they suck when ranking!)? === A. === No, but if you experiment with different elementals you'll find they have different strengths and weaknesses in this regard. [Got changed, now the NOAREA command will stop them using area attacks but you have to conjure a new elemental if you want the area attacks again. -Rodriguez]

=== Q. === Why aren't my elementals able to use any/all of the elemental utilities (eg shockwave) for their element? === A. === Because they aren't high enough level. Higher level ones will be able to access more of these utilities.

=== Q. === How much mana should I use in a binding? === A. === More mana gives better chance of successful binding. [Opinion: As long as you do an equal amount as Conjure I've noticed less turning, i'd recommend starting with a 50/50 approach.]

=== Deny Summoning === - yes, this does prevent you teleporting, wording, etc. You can use it on others.

=== Celestial Circle === this is for elementals. More mana equals stronger. Angry elementals will be weakening your circle while they are not bound. Eventually they can break through. A stronger circle gives you more time. Sometimes is it easier to make a strong circle and let your elemental just leave than to dismiss it. [Opinion: When making a weak circle, not a bad idea to also make an extra in the next room, as if you have to flee it'll save you for a moment even if it's a standard cast circle.]

=== Dismissal === - sometimes many weak dismissals will use less mana than a single strong one. So if you have time to do lots of weak ones (eg you have a strong circle up), you might want to.

Conjure Angel[edit]

=== Q. === Does my angel's Pillar of Lightning hit my groupmates? === A. === Yes. It is meant to. But they only pillar outdoors.

[Update: This has been changed. Pillar of Lightning no longer hits groupmates. - dalenko]


- use on angels and later, archons. If you put the wrong binding on the wrong servitor, they may appear to be charmed when they are, in fact, not under your full control.

Conjure Demon[edit]

=== Q. === I hear demons are different from each other. In what way? === A. === Some will do things like loot corpses. Others won?t. Some are aggressive to almost any mob. Others are not. Some use psionic attacks etc.

=== Q. === Why use a demon instead of an angel? === A. === See above answer about behavior of different demons. Note that they have bad behaviors too.

=== Darkbind === - use this on demons and devils.

=== Sending === - remember you may lose what you send. Therefore don't use this on your most valuable things. Tip. If sending lots of pies to someone, put them in a bag and send the bag instead, unless you want to practice the sending spell or unless it is vital that at least one pie arrives.

=== Q. === Can I send things between continents? === A. === You could in my day. [Think you still can now, explore areas/shrines/cabals are off limits.]

=== Thaumaturgic Circle === - protects against aggressive angels, archons, demons and devils in a similar fashion to how celestial circle protects from elementals. [Opinion: Again not a bad idea to extra circle in the next room.]

Phase Door[edit]

- use this to bypass aggro mobs, cross water or air without a boat or flight, shake a mob off your tail, skip past those thieves spamming blackjack at large x-roads. etc. Be creative. [addendum: Unfortunately those spots when its obvious you REALLY want to use it will be blocked by "magical protection" i.e. the underdark past those dark-elf patrollers] [Opinion: far under used, keep this in the back of your mind and it can save you numerous times.]


=== Q. === How does this work? === A. === Basically your body is sleeping where you cast the spell, and if anyone attacks it you die instantly. I think that damage from poison, hunger, thirst etc might do the same. Once your body is unconcious, your spirit can move around. Each step takes mana, and you also lose mana over time. I guess that you will die if it runs out, so make sure you get back to your body in time. Is good for scouting places your familiar won't go.

=== Conjure Archon === - a great healer and offensive communer. However, won't commune offensively if engaged in melee activity (which it is also good at) and can't heal if blind. You can, however, cure magical blindness by casting cancellation on them. Your enemy will sometimes try to blind your archon to stop it from healing you. [addendum - Archons can heal their own blindness too, it just takes them awhile sometimes.] [Opinion: Tactics differ, but even when brought into melee Archon's aren't horrible.]

=== Conjure Devil === - caster/communer of strong negative spells and some useful protective/utility spells. Can turn on a weak caster.

Conjure Nightgaunt[edit]

=== Q. === Can I spell my nightgaunt up (eg with voker shields) before I bind it and send it after the target? === A. === Generally not (unless you want it to attack you) but it is possible some safe ways of doing this exist.

=== Q. === What stops a nightgaunt? === A. === Killing it, forcing it to leave the continent it was summoned from (by recalling, perhaps), going underwater, going into certain areas that seem to be linked by being neither under night sky nor shadowy. Surviving until dawn. [Or we have Jake?s handy solution: let it win. :) ] If the target of a nightgaunt keeps fleeing he can often force it to kill him instead of capturing him for the conjurer.

=== Clairaudience === - let's you hear what is being said around the target. Lasts several hours so can be useful. Use to hear plans enemies make for a raid, etc. You lose mana if you clairaudience someone in the same room as you each time there is a noise. No mana probably means death. Could mean something less severe like a feeblemind, forget or insanity though. You can identify speakers better as you get better at the spell. Also useful for tracking people as you can hear mobs shout "now you die" and mobs like the Hamsah greeter greeting your target.

Note that you will sometimes be attacked when you use this spell, either by lost souls (watch your mana because they will drain it) or psychic vampires (mental attacks). These creatures are invulnerable to many attacks. Fire works on them though.

=== Clairvoyance === - similar to clairaudience but visual. Weaker in that it is instant and not durational. Stronger in that when adept at it you can see who someone is fighting, what they are wearing, any obvious spells on them (eg white aura), and how hurt they are. You can also sense who is with them, and sometimes determine the location. eg a poisonous place may indicate they are on kidiana's river.

=== Contact Other Planes === - tells you stuff about an object such as "this has special properties when worn", or "this has special powers when a command phrase is spoken". Can have nasty effects on you when you cast it, like feeblemind (no casting for a long time, ie no dismissal and no making a protective circle so be careful of any aggro servitors that are due to come unbound).


=== Q. === Can I move between continents? === A. === Don't think so.

=== Q. === How much mana does it take? === A. === It transports anyone in your group who is with you. Group of one (ie caster only) takes 150 mana. group of 2 takes 300, group of three takes 600. I expect group of four takes 1200. Lag upon arrival increases with number of people moved. A timer until you can next do it also does if I recall.

=== Q. === It fails a lot. === A. === Try mobs that are less likely to resist your spells, as this can be considered a hostile one.

Missing spells:[edit]

=== Q. === I am missing some conjurer spells, like Kaubris's XYZ. Why don't I have them? === A. === You have to earn these in game. How? In similar fashions to how a mage might. Search for clues of the forgotten magic, perhaps in places known to be magical, or places known to contain knowledge.

=== Final word: === Thanks to Jake and Isildur for their input. (Jake did much more than just suggest dying to a nightgaunt to get rid of it!) Also, it is possible that some of the information in this faq may not be accurate or up-to-date. If you know this to be the case, please let us know so that we can try to keep it current. Better still, please let us know BEFORE it gets added to the faq page so that only one amendment is required.

Good luck. May your enemies kill you more than your own servitors do! Daurwyn.


The conjurer class is actually a very interesting class, as the name would suggest, their skill set is based around conjuration, or calling extra-planar mobs into being in order to help them. Their other spells are centered around the other planes and interacting with the other planes. Their strengths and weaknesses are very alignment based, for Pking, evil conjurers are much stronger, while for exploring good conjurers are much stronger.


Basically, all servitors have an alignment, and the closer your alignment is to their alignment, the better you will get along with them. This means they will be aggressive towards you less often, and will perform their various skills more often for you. Archons heal more, Devils bash more. You get the idea. How close your alignment is to your servitor makes a good amount of difference. It also seems to affect the amount of mana you have to put into conjurations to get upper level servitors.


In my early conjurer days, basically not having a high charisma made the conjie totally and utterly useless. I think this has actually been changed recently. Charisma still seems to make a difference in how often servitors are agrressive to you, but not so much that non-human conjurers are unplayable. Still, if you are a novice do not play a character with less than 21chr.


Basically, there are classes of servitors, and sub-classes of servitors. Each sub-class has their own unique set of skills. Alignment is related to class of servitor.






- Neutral Neutral - Elementals are your basic conjuration, you learn it first and they pretty much just do damage. They also have some small utility functions available with the elem command. I've found that conjuring stronger elementals seems to go by multiples of 300, so 300,600,900 to get stronger elementals. Your mileage may vary, but I've had a lot of luck with that. Invoker shields make people unaffected by the elemental's attack type, even the crush of an earth elemental.

Elementals also have the ELEM command available to the caster. This brings up a list of functions the elemental can provide for the caster. They are different for each element.

Air Elemental[edit]

- Damage type : Blast, Area attack : wind wall. The air elemental won't area attack indoors since there is no wind. This is usefull for ranking when you don't want area attacks. The shockwave attack is sort of luck an area buffet, knocking flying people out of the room.

ELEM commands[edit]

SHOCKWAVE - An air elemental can quickly blast everything surrounding it with a wave of air.

This is like an area affect buffet, big damage for flying people, bash like affect, possible to blow them out of the room.

TRANSPORT - An air elemental lifts its binder into the air, protecting him from enemies. Movement is slow and physical combat impossible.

Protects you from all physical harm. You can still be cast at, and they can cut the elemental out from under you. It won't fight back in this form.

WHIRLWIND - An air elemental can create a turbulent barrier against others.

Tries to toss people out of the room you create it in.

Earth Elemental[edit]

- Damage type : Crush, Area attack : earthquake. The earth elemental is a good solid elemental. Putting different types of mana into conjuring gets a different looking elemental, but i never noticed the difference other than the stronger ones hitting harder. Earth elementals are good for underwater.

ELEM commands[edit]

STEPPINGSTONE - An earth elemental can shift shape into a column of stones, allowing the binder and his party to scale it into the air.

This can get you into arial city I believe.

BARRICADE - An irreversible procedure, an earth elemental reshapes to block a doorway. Cannot be done outdoors.

Very limited, you will have to experiment with where this will work.

Water Elemental[edit]

- Damage type : Drowing, Area attack : geyser. Solid elemental esp. since lots of people have a water vuln. The only elemental you can call underwater, except that everything underwater is immune to drowning. When going underwater call an earth elemental on the surface before you go.

ELEM commands[edit]

FERRY - A water elemental can ferry its binder across bodies of water very rapidly.

Useful if you don't have a boat, or can't fly.

CAPSIZE - A water elemental can cause surface water to batter boats/ships, possibly destroying them.

Practical purpose for this, possibly destroy someone's boat leaving them stranded on the water?

Fire Elemental[edit]

- Damage type : Flaming bite, Area attack : fireball. The best one for higher ranks since a lot of mobs are immune to the other attack types. Also the only elemental that can help you kill psychic vampires and lost souls. The one drawback is that the fire elemental will periodically light the room on fire. Good for burning down forests to smoke out Outlanders. Who incidentally all will try to kill you.

ELEM commands[edit]

INCINERATE - A fire elemental can release an explosive blast of flames in an attempt to ignite everything around it.

Big fire damage, it can set the room on fire, and immolate targets.

ABSORPTION - The fire elemental absorbs the heat of its surroundings to make a comfortable environment for the binder.

If you need to rest in a burning room, it works well.(heat damage protection)

BLAZE - The converse of ABSORPTION, the fire elemental burns hotter to provide heat for its binder in cold environments.

For resting in frozen areas. (cold damage protection)


You will have to choose between Angel/Devil/Archon/Demon. Only one at a time. If you are good/evil, you will have a lot of trouble binding / controlling servitors whose alignment opposes yours. It's not impossible though, and there can be times you may want to do that. (rp permitting)


- Chaotic good - Offensive powerhouse, wrath attacks 4x/round plus rescue/bash/disarm/holy light/ wrath(like a paladin) and the occasional pillar of lightning. The various types of angels have differing personalities and all will attack necromancers and aps and shamans on sight. Fierce angel, Radiant Angel, Terrible Angel, Lesser Archangel. The angels will also rescue you in combat. Turn on norescue to stop them from killing themselves while you rank. The Lesser Archangel has sanctuary and tanks like a champ, but almost never bashes. The Other angels seems to bash a bunch. An angel is sort of like a Maran warrior, sort of like Fahnrore. Just runs headfirst into evil with little regard for getting itself killed, but often beats the heck out of people while dying.

[addendum: Angels only get 3 attacks per round. -Infi]


- Orderly good - An archon is sort of a cross between a healer and a paladin. When you bind one they will give you protective shield, bless, armor, and the higher level ones give frenzy, fly, and some other goodies. In battle they grant protection and sanctuary and heal you. the upper level archons use rejuvenate, the basic archon uses heal. The archon is pretty much the staple of the good conjurer. Luminous archon - the puniest one and you will only get them by accident. Blazing archon - someone once called it a fighting archon, and that's the best description I've heard. Use this archon for exploring because it seems to prism spray a lot. Radiant archon - The big difference on this one is that it really focusses on healing you and will refresh your moves which is nice. Transplendant - sort of a cross between Blazing and Radiant. Also seems to have some neat attack communes. All archons will cure poison and I think plague. The ones that aren't luminous will even heal things like deafness and crimson scourge, but sometimes it takes them a long time to do it. During battle the archons will also commune against your foes, things like prism spray and wrath. cool.


- Chaotic Evil - With the changes to the demons, there is a ton of good strategy available when choosing an attack type. Some of the demons claw, while others beat, so you can vary the damage type which is very nice. They also avary in terms of what they do in battle, some gore (like a minotaur) and bash. Great for pking since you only get lash which is not much of a lag skill. One of the demons is ooze focussed and will acid blast all the time, very cool. I won't go into detail since this change to demons is still pretty new, and I don't want to ruin it for the evil conjurers out there.


- Orderly Evil - If an archon is a cross between a healer and a paladin, a devil is basically a cross between a Shaman and a Transmuter. The devil will give you protective shield and those sorts of spells, but not sanctuary and protection. The upper level devils will give aura and even barrier. They won't heal you though. In battle they will act like a shaman and maledict the hell out of your opponents with nasty things like rot and wither. Ouch.


- In case you've never experienced a nightgaunt, Basically it's a mob that can be sent from the same area or another area to attack someone, if the persons hp drop low enough they will be carried back to you so you can try to finish them off. They are evil, and rp prevents a lot of good conjies from using them. They are by far the best pk spell conjurers get, though they are a little on the cheap side, but no more so than assassinate or the hunt so have at it :).


- I am of the opinion that where you cast your first familiar spell affects what familiar you get. Others may disagree, but if you cast familiar in the guild, I've only ever gotten faerie dragon for good. Homonculous for neutral. No, I don't know a surefire place to get owl/raven. *hehe*. A lot has been posted about familiars before so I won't bore you with the details unless someone asks.


- Smoke mephit is a crummy substitue for faerie fog. It does have it's uses though since it stays in the room, It's good if you are just hanging out in a room and are hoping noone hidden sneaks up on you, since it kicks them out of hiding.

Other Useful Spells[edit]


- When you can't use your familiar to scout ahead (areas explore & underwater areas) You can project yourself and go and have a look. A very useful spell for exploring. If you don't make it back to your body you die a horrible death with a very cool echo. If I have the log I'll post it.

Contact outer planes[edit]

- Basically this spell tells you if an item is progged. EXCEPT if it has a use prog. So if the item is activated by use item name, This spell is useless. Also, every once in a while when you cast it you will get a forty-hour feeblemind. IMO this is ridiculous since you often cast it while exploring solo and it basically means you have to sit around on your ass for 20minutes real time doing nothing.(end rant) Like an enhanced identify.


- This is a neat spell, but it is a huge pain in the butt to master. At 100% it tells you what someone is wearing, their description, their condition, the terrain they are in(marginally useful) and auras they have. IMO it isn't worth practicing beyond 85% when you can see their gear.


- An awesome spell that lets you listen to what people are saying. Great for spying on people and for trying to track them down. On a side note, you can hear bard songs through it. This means you can hear things like resisting from a group or cabal-mate (only). And it means you can get yourself fiended as well so be careful. If you sleep, you can't hear anything and don't have to worry.

When you cast clairvoyance and clairaudience, there is a chance a psychic vampire or lost soul will come through and kick your ass. They are very strong and both have weird abilities that can cause you instant death. This can sometimes be avoided but I'll let you figure out how on your own. The only elemental that can harm them is fire though.

Kaubris's spells[edit]

- I've heard a lot of people say go and look here and there to get them. But I would ask that someone confirm they can be gotten in-game without immteraction. It is my belief that they will be available to get in game without immteraction when a new area goes in but that it is currently impossible to just go and get them right now. Someone please correct me if you have _firsthand_ info that this is not right. I've seen posts on both forums and opinions by people that they have to be found in game, but haven't heard of anyone actually finding them in game. If it's possible I'd love to know it though so feel free to give the rest of us some hope :).

The other spells were detailed pretty well elsewhere, I would just add that on the skills front, consider using an exotic weapon for better parrying. Learn mobs that you can tesseract to in all the areas and you will save yourself lots of foot time. Almost always the main mobs in an area can't be used, so you'll have to be creative in figuring them out.

Some strategy for Exploration[edit]

An orderly-good conjurer is great for exploring. For selecting your gear, you should gear for Damroll. That's right. Damroll. When exploring, a lot of things will kill your elemental. If you have a 50+ damroll and a nice weapon, you can kill just about anything anyway. You'll need a few extra hp from gear as well, but not many since your archon will almost always keep you alive and you parry pretty well (I reccomend using an exotic over an axe, but your mileage may vary). Use your familiar to scout ahead and avoid the deathtraps!

Some strategy for Pking[edit]

Pking as a conjurer is pretty tough because it is VERY hard to land kills. There are two things that really land kills in cf. Something that does big damage to use while chasing someone. Like a good damage spell (think geyser), or a lagging attack to prevent someone from running away when you are winning. You have neither. The problem is that it can take a couple rounds for your servitors to catch up with you while you are chasing someone so once they are on the run it is very hard to catch them. The issue is that you are 100% reliant on your servitors. Unlike a druid or necromancer who has spells/communes to use when their servitors aren't there, you have nothing. From a balance perspective, they make up for this with great utility spells, but this doesn't help you in pk. Angels bash, but not reliably so you have to get lucky. Demons are good for pking and bash quite a bit + gore so you can get some good lagging action. The one exception for conjurer pking is nightgaunts, which are pretty straightforward. And of course, if you use a devil they can rot someone which is nice for landing kills. At hero ranks, elementals will land some blows, but you may be a little dissapointed in them for pking. It's really the angel;demon;devil that will get you the kill. Archons will keep you alive pretty well, though people will often distract them and then they won't heal you anymore.

Hey wait! It sounds like evil conjurers might actually kick some ass, I thought you said they weren't that great? You caught me, evil conjurer has very high pk potential, however they don't have any innate damage reduction, which means that a corruption of pareto's law applies. 80% of the wands are held by 20% of the playerbase. If you don't have a handfull of barrier, your evil conjurer isn't going to live long enough to mop up the hero range. At low ranks though, evil conjurer is very very strong, but ultimately a challenging and difficult class to play.

Oh well, just my 2 cents

Elementals are just based like regular mobs, for when you con them. I've noticed no difference in description appearance.




An animated mass of stone and soil towers here. -Roughly humanoid with three great arm-like appendages this elemental is heavy enough to crush a score of men beneath its paleolithic weight. A tumble of primordial stone juts out of its earthen trunk, reminiscent of a head, the product of sympathetic magic compelling shape from shapeless- ness. It stands here silently, awaiting the commands of its controller.

A humanoid bulk of crystal and clay and rare minerals leans here. -Glittering chunks of crystal and ore twine up through the clay and soil bulk that rises up like an unexpected bluff here. Without lungs to stir its earthen mass it stands stock-still, moving slowly when commanded, ever silent and watching.

A hulking tower of ore and earth squats here on three great legs. -Like the nightmarish rook of a delusional chessmaster the conglomeration of metal and earth that squats before you stands silent, emotionless, without life or conscience. Three massive leg-like appendages project from below, giving it the appearance of a dormant volcano with legs.


A cascading column of bubbling water moves along fluidly here. -Amazingly, the water of the column never spills away from the bubbling base of this thunderous elemental. It roars like a gushing geyser feeding into its own source by cascading from pinnacle to base and back again.


A raging tower of flame hovers just above the ground. -Roaring with fierce intensity the column spirals around its white-hot base, the heat of which whirls out to smite you like an open furnace. Lashing about with purpose and frightening speed, the elemental makes no sound whatsoever.


A rippling sheet of amorphous winds leaps about here. -An explosive cloud of air rippling and swirling about sends debris flying in all directions.

A disturbance in the air ripples and waves before you. -At the heart of the swirling mass of air a dim glow emerges and flickers like a single alien eye.

Dust and debris swirl around in a column of gale-force wind. -A dim glow at the heart of the winds seems to regard you with an alien attention. Dust swirls up through the column, defining its boundaries as it snakes along willfully. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


Winged angel[edit]

A fierce winged angel stands here, bathed in a holy aura. -Beautiful beyond description the features of this holy being are sublime even in their ferocity. White, feathered wings rise in gentle arcs from its back and luminous white robes hang from its larger-than-human form. Bearing a sword of light in one hand and a glittering shield at its side, this warrior of the Light is prepared to destroy any that might oppose it.

Radiant angel[edit]

An angel stands here, burning brightly like a shaft of living light. -Lovely and deadly, the delicate features of this heavenly being are nearly non-discernable in the brilliance of its holy aura. Feathered wings drift behind it as if pulled by celestial breezes unfelt by the Material Realms.

Terrible angel[edit]

A fearsome angel stands here defiantly in a circle of light. -Encircled in a blaze of white fire, this heavenly host serves as the wrath of the Light. Blinding motes of brilliance drift around its arc of piercing light like radiant bubbles floating in the dark sea of the Material Realms.

Lesser Archangel[edit]

(White Aura) A shifting radiance burns here in a blaze of holy fury. -Within the armies of the Heavens the lesser archangels are feared for their wrath and persistance despite any odds, for they are truly the servants of the Gods of Light. You cover your eyes when you attempt to gaze into the beautiful but blinding light that surrounds the heavenly being.




A hulking, heavy-limbed demon stomps here with clenched fists. -The tremendous hands and feet and this mis-shapen giant of a demon hang from muscle-laden arms and legs, disproportionately large for the limbs that bear them. Its turtle-like head rests deep within its shoulders, capped with a thick hide as tough as bone. Three small sets of teeth chitter quietly from the base of the behemoth's jawless skull, whispering wordless curses from the mindless recesses of the Abyss.


A horned demon sits here grinning, its wings arched above its head. -Segmented horns curl from the brow and jaw of this broad-mouthed demon in the shape of a flattened star. Its bulging eyes dance around beneath a bony brow and wild tufts of soot-colored hair. With horned wings expanding in a five-pace arc around its shoulders to the lashing tip of its barbed tail the demon can take flight with amazing speed and strength, carrying heavy loads with ease in its taloned hands.


A six-armed demon slinks atop her serpentine tail. -The sublime beauty of this female demon's face is marred only by her snake-like eyes, steely gray and staring without compassion or mercy. Three arms sprout from either side of her broad shoulders, each bearing a blade or dagger, each lashing around her with the skill of any mortal master swordsman. Beneath her bared breast and muscle-rippled abdomen her supple flesh turns coarse and scaly and where you expect to find hips and legs you find the iron-hard scales of a serpent, her tail coiling beneath her and undulating to move her like a sidewinder across the desert sands.


A flabby toad-like demon squats here, croaking and burbling. -Stinking drool hangs in putrid strings from the sagging, shapeless lips of this demon's bobbing toadish head. Its spindly arms hang lifeless at its sides, tiny sucker-shaped fingers poised like ineffectual claws. The stench of sweat and urine hangs palpably in the air near this slit-eyed beast.




(White Aura) A hovering figure borne by a halo of white light is here. -A servant of the Gods of Light, the archon towers before you a pillar of radiance and warmth. Bright blue eyes drift across the being's nebulous head and with each glance towards it you are lulled into a sense of peace and contentment.


White Aura) A blazing sphere of light surrounded by swirling motes hovers here. -A cloud of swirling motes of silver-blue light twinkle in a swirling display around the blazing sphere that is the heart of the archon. The image of your own face is reflected in the light of the heavenly being, making itself known to you in somewhat familiar terms. The image of your face is beautified and softened in the light of the transcendant being.


(White Aura) Lighting up the world around it, an illuminated archon floats here. -Spinning wheels of holy fire amidst an array of beacon-like eyes float here gazing upon the world around it with the serene interest of a supreme being. As the illumination from the spotlight shafts of soft light washes over you, a feeling of calm peace with the world fills your heart. The heavenly being drifts closer, urging you to give yourself fully to the Light.


(White Aura) A transplendant ring of sparkling wings and brilliant light is here. -Downy-soft feathers sparkle in heavenly splendor in a sweeping circle around this being of searing light and radiant color. Dazzled by the holy grace and power emanating from this envoy of the Light you cannot look directly at it without falling to your knees in humble submission to its authority.



Black abishai devil[edit]

Lashing its tail around like a whip, a black abishai devil squats here. -Like a bipedal, winged lizard in appearance, this wicked little devil is armored with glistening black scales and a ridge of sharp bone along its back. Conjured from the upper reaches of the Inferno it is the weakest of Devilkind to reach the Material Plane, and yet its wrath is formidable.

Bearded devil[edit]

A scaly-fleshed devil with a bristly beard stands here. -Named for the shock of wire-tough hair that bristles out of their loathsome chins, the bearded devils are known for their vicious nature and love for tormenting their prey. Its slavering fangs jut from black gums like a row of iron spears, a gaping moat beneath the cloudy windows of its eyes.

Barbed devil[edit]

A char-fleshed devil covered in deadly spikes lurks here. -As if impaled internally with a host of pointed bone spikes, the devil before you is a wretched testiment to the horrors of the Inferno. Curved talons arc from its massive paws, mimicking the arc of its tusk-like teeth. Its broad shoulders are spiked and covered with weeping scabs that stretch up to its gruesome face in a speckled array of untreated disease.

Lesser ice devil[edit]

Chittering to itself, a lesser ice devil crouches here. -In a constant whir of motion, the devil's mandibles open and close, producing the disturbingly unnatural chittering that issues from its broad, mantis-like head. Whipping its tail around like a barbed club, it comes from the icy depths of the Inferno seeking retribution against the Upperworld.