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Carrion Fields Items[edit]

Armor & Jewelry
Weapons & Shields
Compiled List (Unformatted)

Compiled List and MUD Client Scripting[edit]

Flags and Abbreviations[edit]

E:Evil, G: Good, -E: anti-evil,-N: anti-neutral,-G: anti-good
M: Magic, Gl: Glowing, Hm: Humming
D: Dark, Hd: Concealed (hidden)
str: Strength
dex: Dexterity
con: Constitution
int: Intelligence
wis: Wisdom
chr: Charisma
norem: No remove
nodrop: No drop
nodisarm: No disarm
svb: save vs breath
svs: save vs spells
svp: save vs paralyses
svm: save vs mental
Armor, arm, ac:
1 1 1 1 1: (AC against:) pierce bash slash magic element

Weapon Damage Types[edit]

Bash  : blast, pound, crush, suction, beating, slap, punch, peck, smash, stinging lash, crushing force, charge
Pierce : stab, bite, pierce, charge, scratch, peck, sting, chomp, gore, thrust
Slash  : slice, slash, whip, claw, cleave, chop, cut, rending gale, flogging, hack, rend, rake, tear
Energy  : magic, chaotic blast, asphyxiation, burst of energy
Light  : searing light, brlliant radiance, blinding slash, blast of light, piercing ray, searing beam
Holy  : wrath, divine power, heavenly cut, crushing wrath, righteous wrath, holy assault
Negative : defilement, infernal power, black light, unholy cut, malefic attack, defiling smash, piercing evil
Poison  : poisonous bite, venomous slash, venomous cloud, blast of poison, noxious force
Mental  : mental assault
Acid  : acidic bite, caustic slime, corrosive slice, wave of acid, caustic smash, acrid stab, penetrating acid, digestion
Lightning : shocking bite, electrical discharge
Fire  : flaming bite, searing cut, burn, blazing slash, fiery blast, burning thrust, arcing flames, piercing fire, oppressive heat, raging flames, whirling flames, molten smash
Cold  : icy grip, frigid chop, freezing cut, icy blast, piercing cold, frigid smash, blast of ice, biting cold
Water  : drowing, surge of water, slashing wave, crashing wave, blast of water, jet of water, wave of water

Things to Do (TODO)[edit]

  • Add links from items to areas
  • Table the other itemlists
  • Make sure the Weight and Material columns have been corrected on all items
  • Itemarchive * We should delete the links in Itemarchive and make it the new item ID dump-in to be formatted.
  • Old Syntax Page Syntax * Kept just in case.