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Adept of Bloodletting - More effective bloodletting, longer lasting bloodsteep, less damage taken on both.

Agile Coward - Skrugga - Raises maximum dexterity to 19. You still have to use gear/trains to get it there. Expensive edge.

Backbreaker - More effective spinebreaker, less lag on a missed spinebreak. [Very useful edge]

Bloodmage's Cunning - Mundunugu - Sets maximum Intelligence to 16, Wisdom to 17. You still have to use gear/trains to get there. Very expensive edge.

Brutalizer of the Handicapped - Pierce the defenses of a blind opponent more easily. Doesn't work against Maelstrom warriors.

Bully's Confidence - When demoralizing a foe, you get a +morale effect.

Bully's Heist - You can steal from foes you've spinebroken or demoralized. Failed attempts may initiate combat. [Doesn't initiate often, but steal success is still low]

Compact Frame - Can bash gnome-sized opponents if normal sized yourself. However, these bashes are fairly inaccurate.

Demon in the Woodpile - Auto-attack good-align priests while berserked, but will resist knock-out effects and unholy damage. [Handy edge, set-back can be both useful and annoying. Auto-attacks angels/archons too.]

Desecrated Hide - Can block blessed weapons more easily. Very strong effect if the orc has used Desecration recently.

Disease Carrier - Lowers resistance to catching Plague/Crimson scourge, but negates some of their effects completely.

Flailing Fallback - Will do an automatic elbow/knee when using fallback.

Furious - Bonus to Fury of the Clan. A short-term effect of a Berserker's Berserk skill.

Gifted Scavenger - Increased bonuses from scavenging.

Glutton - Can eat even when full. [Don't choose if you're going to get Thrak's Tatt]

Goadmaster - Demoralize will effect entire groups standing together.

Gravenap - Mundunugu - Use gravesleep more often, and recover more quickly. [Very nice edge.]

Grimwright - Bonuses to Desecration, Set snares, Fashion war banner, Pillage(Shig-ru) and Fetish(Mundunugu)

Heavy Foot - Bonuses to Kick, Punt(Shig-ru), Cheap shot and Trample. Trampling a victim will drain their moves.

Lasher - Higher success with Lash. More damage, and adds demoralization effects.

Lug - Mamlauk - Sets maximum Strength to 24. You still need to use gear/trains to get it there.

Marcher – Regenerate moves more quickly.

Masochist's Endurance - Shig-ru - Sets maximum Constitution to 25. You still need to use gear/trains to get it there.

Master of Bloodletting - Adept of Bloodletting - Exsanguinate skins will contain more blood than normal.

Opportunistic Bastard - Extra hits when using 'murder' on someone who can't see you.

Opportunistic Carnivore - Bonus to Savage feeding. Savage feeding will satisfy hunger.

Pit Fighter - Brawling - Add's occasional malediction to brawlings techniques: Elbows will bloody noses (like cross), knees will lag (1 round) and kicks will give -dex. Occasional chance to auto-elbow in combat.

Primal Terror - More vulnerable to fear poison/magic, but more likely to resist it's effects.

Savage Cunning - Small chance to avoid traps and snares everwhere. Good chance to avoid them in Caves/Swamps.

Savage Trapper - Set snares more frequently, and with greater effects.

Shieldbreaker - Bonus to Shield Cleave. Cleaving will also demoralise, and do damage if dual-wielding axes.

Slaver - Bonus to enslaving races, and is able to enslave some races other orcs cannot.

Slippery Coward - Skrugga - Greater chance to dodge/evade/take cover when hurt. Less likely to eat a parting blow.

Standard Bearer - Fight more effectively than normal while holding a war banner

Superior Leverage - Bonus to all two-handed weapon techniques.

Survival Instinct - Will parry more, flee faster and damage more with Last stand blows when hurt.

Territorial - Better at using corpseguard to block out-of-range looters.

Thick Skull - Bonus to headbutts. Will resist blows aimed at their head better (jacking, cranial, etc)

Undersight - Allows limited scanning in the underdark.

Vital Strikes - Bonus to opportunity strike, (more damage?) and a further bonus on blinded opponents.

Will of the Slave - Gain more moves with Forced march, and recover faster from the -con affect.