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Alcohol Tolerance - Lowers the amount alcohol effects your drunkeness across the board. May not choose Bardic Temperance.

Bardic Temperance - Lose all the benefits of being tipsy, but gain extra mana regen while sober. Also get drunk more easily. May not choose Alcohol Tolerance.

Change of Heart - Lets you re-choose your preferred reportoire. Can only be chosen once.

Chosen Voice - Gives added effects and a stronger canticle to Tattooed bards.

Combat Showmanship - Bonus to flourish. [benefits to your groupmates is improved, more malediction on foes + they occasionally 'miss' a melee attack. Cheap cost but not really worth it.]

Dancer - Bonus to A capella. Drains moves, and only works if unaffected by certain Dex maledicts.

Daunting Dirgesinger - Bonus to Languid carol and Laborious lament.

Daunting Presence - Occasionally attacks against you will fail, out of fear. Requires some skill in nightmare song, flourish and high pk record.

Depths of Depression - Bonus to offensive songs versus demoralized foes. Requires some skill in nightmare song.

Deft harbinger of talismanic doom - Brandish faster than normal.

Distortion Opportunist - Foes under Symphonic Echoes miss more versus you. Requires dex and some skill in symphonic echos, dodge, sneak.

Elven Romance - Elf - Further bonus to romantic reportoire.

Erode Confidence - Auto-demoralize during combat. [Each time is roughly -20 or -30 for 5 hours, and it stacks duration/morale meaning in a few rounds your opponent is going to fight horrible and be unable to rest/sleep. VERY NICE but expensive.] Needs flourish

Feign Strength - You appear 10% healthier than you currently are.

Feign Weakness - You appear 10% less healthy than you currently are.

Force of Personality - Make saves against mental and paralysis with your Charisma instead of mental stats.

Frightful Fiend - Bonus to Grand Nocturne. [Very expensive. I did not notice much difference with it]

Glory Hound - Bonus to regen while fighting higher level mobs or high pk chars. [Helps regeneration out of combat too if you've fought recently. Noticable difference, especially in Area Explore where no more rest is necessarily needed if you're tipsy. Moderate cost.]

Guarded Voice - Harder to hit with tiger claw and hurl throat - but will take extra damage instead.

Habitual Drunk - Alcohol Tolerance - You get no -dex while drunk. Drunkeness doesn't set in until very nearly 'smashed'.

Hear Light - Ignore some of the effects of Blindness.

Hidden Assets - Bonus to Panhandling. [Gives about 20 extra copper per panhandle attempt. Increases amount of attempts.]

Inspiration of Angels - Good align - Bonus to songs versus evils.

Insinuitive Overture - Apocalyptic Overture is more likely to hit with a damage type a foes vulnerable/not resist to.

Killing Joke - Preferred Comedic - Bonus to damage songs, and grand nocturne.

Languid Lullaby< - Lullaby will often add a 2-3 hour slow effect as well as try to sleep them. [It's independant of the save for sleep, so they have to save twice against two effects. Won't work if already asleep.]

Librarian - Improved Lore. Bonus to scrolls/talismans. Requires some skill in scrolls/talismans

Lyrical Adaptation - Switch reportoires faster.

Musician's Caress - Less likely to drop instrument when it's offhanded, brutal lashed, etc.

Nature's Song - Songs will not harm wild creatures.

Nocturne of Dread - Nocturne of Fright will cause a longer fear effect, goes from 0-1 ticks to 2-3 ticks.

Perfect Pitch - Reduces tune to 1 round. [Worth it. Very cheap, and can tune before singing protections.]

Proficient Instrumentalist - Improved bonuses from instruments, lowers penalties pertaining to reportoires and instruments.[Same cost as Ehren soul]

Proficient Vocalist Bards with this edge enjoy increased ability at singing without an instrument.

Psychological Insight - High Int - Bonus to songs based on INT.

Raucious Racket - Adds a short deafen affect to Cacophonous Clamour. [Imho, works like Languid lullaby. Two seperate effects to save versus from song, won't work if already 'clamoured' or if person can't currently be clamoured (eg, fighting).]

Soothing Voice - Bonus to healing songs and tranquil serenade. [Only available to good-aligned bards. -Vythigor.]

Sounder of the Knells - Strong PK record - Bonus to Requiem, longer lasting and added effects.

Shattering Note - Piercing dissonance can be used to shatter enemies glass items. Adds lag to you for each one shattered.

Shield of Words - Longer lasting protective songs.

Serenade - Romantic - Bonus to songs, if sung to the opposite sex.

Swashbuckler - Bonus to dodge and evade, based on Charisma. [This is a great edge for humans and even halfies. Evade bonus and Dodge bonus both noticeable, even thought evade isn't in the helpfile]

Scrutiny - Can look at people and judge morale levels. [Very cheap. Not worth it if you don't use Depths of Depression.]

Tavern Brawler - More damaging roundhouse, elbow, kick and knee. Requires h2h, roundhouse, brawling.

Troubadour - Songs will only harm Criminals and Pets inside protected cities.

Wandering Minstrel - Improved defensive spin, and pugiling.

Warsinger - Preferred Epic - Stronger Battaglia, with more degenerative effect on foes. All opponents are effected by a muscular lethargy like effect, take a MASSACRE to *** DEVA ***, and have a greater -hit/-dam effect than normal battalgia.

Windsong - Arial - Song bonus when Outside.

Woodsong - Wood-elf - Song bonus while in Forests