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Assassin FAQ

I haven't played an assassin for a few years now. But came across this FAQ on my computer. So I thought I'd share. Feel free to edit any info that is not true any more.

Race Selection:

Human - Decent con -> decent hp gains. Decent dex, decent str. Good all around. Can use spike-toed (from bodyguard in manor) and wolf kin. Good choice for people who know what they are doing. Be very liberal with those flight potions.

H-drow/H-elf - See human. Trade 1 point of str/con for 1 point of int/dex. Quiet Movement is also nice.

Arial - The ultimate newbie assassin, max dex, learns fast, sic tank, permafly is damn nice too. Hp gains are a bit shabby, str is decent. No spike-toed, no wolf-kin, no nice helms, etc, which doesn't really matter if you're a newbie. Best race for a newbie assassin. Lightning vuln is also easy to cover, water attack weapons are not that common.

Felar - Arguably THE 'best' race. It has everything going for it really. Nice hp gains, decent dex, felar claw attacks, felar gear...crappy strength doesn't matter since you'll be wielding light weapons anyway. Vulns suck, but you can always hide from vokers and take loads of weapon damage from other classes due to your sic hps. Crap int, learns slow.

Drow - Lots of drawbacks, crappy pk range, autosneak is pretty damn nice, 24 int makes you learn skills much faster than an arial. Very crappy hp gains, definately not for the new player.


If you're a felar and can stomach playing a goodie, try join Maran to handle your fire vuln. Otherwise, even if your going to play evil its worth going neutral to avoid paladin wrath.


Best to start by gearing for +dex +str in equal portions. Dauwryn said it before, you dont need a huge damroll to kill, you just need about 25/25 hit/dam, and your set. Once you reach that, gear for mad hp, keeping in mind the +str/dex. You need to make the fight last as long as possible, having a 40 damroll isnt going to stop you dying when your hp reaches 0. This is what your set should look like at about rank 25:

amethyst ring (H-elf merchant, Balator)
amethyst ring (H-elf merchant, Balator)
silver necklace with blue dragon pendant (Buy in Udg 750cp)
silver necklace with blue dragon pendant (Buy in Udg 750cp)
(Glowing) a shirt of shining silver chain (Bilkon, Tabershaws)
helm of Kazzal-Bak (Gishka Khan, Arkham)
some leggings from the snow worm (Snow worm)
a pair of waterlogged leather boots (John, Weald)
some plated brass gauntlets (Diana, Tir Talath)
snow worm/ studden leather work gloves (Middle Aged Worker, Camelot)
razor-edged shield (Past, Battlefield)
a cloak of wyvern leather (Wyvern Mother, Tabershaws)
elaborate beaded onyx belt (Sewers, Gal) or wide bronze (Goblin village)
charred leather bracer (Lumberyard, Tarus)
charred leather bracer (Lumberyard, Tarus)
thin sabre (past), nightmare blade (Gehenna), jeweled bsword (Ruined Keep).
Royal Sword (arial).
gleaming silver sword (diana), tiny, iron dagger(Drow, Bandit Camp)

Good idea to keep your weight down to preferably 1/3 but at least 1/2 of your max weight capacity for dodging.


<<<Posted by Zepachu on Dios.>>>

You should always begin with caltraps... it's very reliable and reduces the target's dexterity. kotegaeshi should follow. By this time you have a few quick choices off the top of your head... kansetsuwaza, poisonsmoke, blindnessdust, nerve...

    • Authors Note: If you ever use poisonsmoke during a fight your an
    • utter tool. Starting with caltraps is a good idea only if your
    • opponent has dex equal or higher than your own. What comes next
    • is dependant on who your fighting. Spear/Staff spec? try a kote,
    • they have lots of +str gear? Go a kan, they are hasted? Kan again.
    • If the weapons are still not dropping, try an axe kick. Also, when
    • fighting assassins, always wield light weapons. Wielding a weapon you
    • can't disarm? go crescent kick.
    • Some people recommend initiating combat with strangle. This is a
    • bad idea most of the time, but your milage may vary. Initiating
    • with dust is a good idea, but it lets your opponent have a few
    • extra attacks.


Assassins really need haste as a bare minimum, especially when fighting ragers/axe/mace specs. If your fighting a high damroll char, its a good idea to invest in stone/shield to make the fight last longer. Luckily, all these are relatively straightfoward to get.

Skill Info:

<<<Posted by Penz on Dios.>>>

Here is a rundown on kicks and various other assassin skills, enjoy.

Scissor kick-lags you 3 rounds, opponent 2.

Crescent kick- Disarm with damage added in, very handy.

    • Authors Note: Only use this when opponent is wielding a weapon you
    • dont know. Reason is that crescent does not take into account your
    • skill in the opponents weapon, or your own. It just disarms about
    • 1/3 of the time when perfected. Best used in combination with
    • blindness dust.

axe kick- Has a chance to break bones -str/dex insues.

    • Authors Note: Still not aware of the exact numbers at hero.

Mountain storm kick- Like bash but with much more damage.

    • Authors Note: msk lags like trip, not like bash! (I wish!).
    • However, trip is much more reliable. Throw is also nice, but
    • in the authors opinion is not as reliable as trip. Ground Control
    • does not permalag, it does however sometimes give an echo that
    • "You knock the wind out of them". I still don't know what actual
    • affect this has on your opponent.

Double spin kick- Like scissor kick with equivalent lag, but quite a bit of damage, I find this kick most handy when someone is almost dead, and you know they are going to try to flee, the bonus damage just finishes em off even quicker combined with the lag.

Rising Phoenix kick- A mountain storm kick against anyone who is silly enough to attack you in the first place ;)

Darts- Sleep- being the most potent, if it hits, your opponent is slowed. acid- -str, and poison damage. confusion.....never used this..dont know

Kotegaishi-well -str/dex if you crunch opponent is unable to use a shield/weapon in one hand for the duration.

    • Authors Note: Exact numbers approach ~ -7/-7 at hero.

Kansetsuwaza- heavy str/dex loss, if they scream, they are slowed.

    • Authors Note: Exact numbers approach ~ -10/-10 at hero.

Owaza- I have never noticed more than five steps in this skill, but it can add up for heavy damage, when you use it you will notice there are different strikes/throws with different damage. Perhaps perfecting it enhances the chances of getting the stronger strikes/throws.

    • Authors Note: Best to use this when they are bleeding wounds/gushing. Easy
    • to detect, if unsure if the assassin is going to owaza, just flee, return,
    • and thats that.
    • PoisonDagger - Very nice..poison approaches ~ -5 str at hero, consider it as an offhand weapon.

<<<Posted by Zepachu on Dios.>>>

Nerve Effects:

Forearm strike: -2dex
Kidneys strike: -2con
Knee strike: -2dex
Shoulder strike: -2str

    • Authors Note: The exact numbers approach -5 at hero.

Assassinating Info:

<<<(1) Posted by Jhyrb on dios.>>>

When you're go to start stalking someone, eat and drink first, this minimizes the time you have to step out later to eat and drink. Use a vuln, get them resting, if it's a mage use a dagger, if it's a gnome use h2h if it's a warrior use swords.. always catch their vuln. Dunno about the night thing, but it would seem plausible. Don't let them see you ever while you stalk, keep potions of return/transportation in your inventory so if you miss and get your ass handed to you on a silver platter you can run to fight another day. Keep a heads up on who you're stalking, if you lose an elf warlock running up the north road, check the plains, darsylon, the inn, the maran fortress, shadar logoth, check anywhere they might be headed, think ahead be there before they get there so you can stay hidden longer without moving, know who is in your pk, rangers, thieves, other assassins, they all tend to make assassinating a living hell. Treat each stalk as a few % towards a successfull hit, using vuln catching them sleeping adds to that %, you can never get a 100% chance to kill them so stalking 47 times doesn't necessarily help you, but gives you more time to screw up and lose some of them precious percentile points you've accumulated. When you get your chance, go for it, no guts no glory pal, if they're not comming out of their cabal, have someone summon them to you, they have groupmates? Have someone come attack one, etc. There are alot of ways to help yourself out to rake in the assassinate %'s if you just take the time to think about it.

<<<(2) Posted by ? on official.>>>

Hmm where to start.. stalks...never attempt an assassinate with less than four stalks, it will for sure miss.

    • Authors Note: Thats factualy incorrect. You can assassinate with 3 stalks
    • when your assassinate skill is in the 95% + range.

Stalk as long as you possibly think you can get away with, keep in mind you need only be in the same area. I consider between 8-12 the 75% chance or better of successfully assassinating someone. As for vulnerability weapons...Manarei would always tell me never to assassinate someone in form..but more than half of my successes are against shifters in form..hmm I have made note, however that "neutral" type attack weapons are handy IE wrath/defilement weapons seem to have a high success rate, as nothing is really resistant, or vulnerable to them.. Swords seem to work more often than daggers in my case...just my two cents.

<<<(3) Posted by ? on official.>>>

Well, for starts, your primary wielded weapon is going to be the one that you strike with, as for what isildur had posted about swords for warriors/daggers to mages etc...this is somewhat good but not necessarilly, as for stepping out, I try not to step out at all while "within" the area I am stalking with, usually when I stalk, I do it at an entrace/exit the my prey is in, and move out between stalks, the only time I could see having to remain stationary, is when stalking a defensive form type shifter, as they can danger sense...hmm what else..I always try to eat and drink right before I know im gonna find someone to stalk, IE if i go out hunting I keep full/quenched all the time until I do find someone, and then it isnt a problem.

    • Authors Note: The optimal amount of stalks seems to be between
    • 7-->13, with 10 being around the average number of stalks required
    • when your starting out. The rest is pretty much spelled out above
    • regarding vulns/resting/sleeping/night etc. Someone else once posted
    • that you shouldn't use daggers on giants cause of the size difference.
    • Thats pretty much bullshit, daggers are in the author's opinion the sicest
    • weapon to assassinate with because of the side affects. Also, my first
    • assassinate ever came against a fire giant with a frostbite. That said,
    • swords parry better than daggers, so thats something to consider when
    • deciding on your weapon choice too.
    • Affects of failed assassinations:
    • Dagger: (1) **DEMO** bleeding, lasts somewhere between 5~10 ticks.
    • (2) Cant cast/speak/sing etc for a few ticks.
    • Sword: (1) EVISCERATE/devestate bleeding for about 5 ticks.
    • H2H: (1) Beffudle for 30+ hours, makes you walk in random directs etc.

Final Words:

Mad props go out to the people that posted stuff on Dios/Official which I used in this FAQ. And ofcourse to the Immortals for making the game continually more challenging to play ;).


Aka Rilvayn/Rykazlin/Isyrion/Koje many others..