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Buki Edges: Only one can be chosen from this Buki Edge Set.

Kage Buki (Shadow Weapon) - Chance to evade area attacks while in Martial Trance.
Koumori Buki (Bat Weapon) - Immunity to blindness while in Martial Trance.
Kuma Buki (Bear Weapon) - Phenominal endurance while in Martial Trance. [+300 hp while tranced, soeffectively ~600hp more damage can be taken!!]
Kyojin Buki (Giant Weapon) - Titanic strength while in Martial Trance.
Orochi Buki (Serpent Weapon) - Higher frequency of strikes while in Martial Trance. [still a max of 4 attacks, just more likely to get them all]
Raion Buki (Lion Weapon) - +10 damage on attacks while in Martial Trance.
Sensei Buki (Master Weapon) - Skill with all weapons kinds while in Martial Trance.
Zo Buki (Elephant Weapon) - Immunity to knock out or paralyzing attempts while in Martial Trance.

Endure Paralysis - Felar</b> - Some resistance to paralysis while using Endure. <b>[-10 if endure=100%]

Exploit Vitals - Faster and harder Nerve strikes. [1.5 round lag, mutilates]

Exploit Vulnerability - Added damage when using a weapon your opponent is vulnerable to. [Asassinate>80% needed.]

Ground Fighter - More damaging Ground Controls, Owaza included.

Hand of the PhoenixGood</b> - Much better success Assassinating Evils, but less success on Neutrals.

<b>Improvise Pick - Improvise a very shoddy pick from nearby objects, if you don’t have one.

Kansetsuwaza Adept - Non-Kotegaeshi Adept</b> - Better Kansetsuwaza. <b>[A slightly better chance to land a 'screaming' Kans as well]

Killers Mark - More damage to Marked opponents. [Pretty nice bonus, good reason to remember to mark]

Killing Edges: Only one can be chosen from this Killing Edge Set.

Killing Hands - Greater chance for crippling effect on a missed Assassination with Hands.
Killing Knife - Greater chance for crippling effect on a missed Assassination with Daggers.
Killing Sword - Greater chance for crippling effect on a missed Assassination with Swords.

Kotegaeshi Adept - Non-Kansetsuwaza Adept</b> - Better Kotegaeshi. <b>[A slightly better chance to land a 'crunching' Kot; This is the most expensive assassin edge]

Master Edges: Only one can be chosen from this Master Edge Set.

Master of Atemi Waza - Bonus to unarmed and punching skills. (nice flat bonus to HTH damage output)
Master of Keri Waza - Bonus to kicking skills [Will still miss 1/5 kicks, but a do a bit more damage]
Master of Kyusho-Jitsu - Small bonus to crippling strikes, like Kotegaeshi and Kandsetsuwaza.
Master of Nage Waza - Bonus to throwing and Ground Control. [Not much added damage, slightly stronger malediction and free throw if someone misses a bash]
Master of Nin Dogu - Bonus to Poison Smoke/Blindness Dust/Vanish/Caltraps.
Master of Ukemi -Specialized Dodging, including acrobatic skills with fighting multiple enemies. [Acrobatics works like the thief skill acrobatics, alright when combined with anti-group code]

Master of Owaza - Significant improvement in Owaza.

Master of Uraken - Greater rate of success with Backfist. [Very nice, noticeably more backfists]

Master of the Garrote - Strangulation has better success, or more damaging failures.

Overt Malice - Not having any stalks accrued when you fight gives a bonus to kicks damage.

Pinpoint Accuracy - Poison Darts hits are harder to resist, and more potent.

Poison Caltraps - Chance to poison from Caltraps. About 1/3 chance. [This is the cheapest edge for the assassins.]

Regenerative Focus - Through meditation, bonus to the Bind Wounds. [+24hp bonus on hero]

Silent Strike - Bonuses to Tigerclaw if you strike from the shadows. [You also benefit if you stalk your victim before using tigerclaw]

Smoke and Mirrors - More successful Vanish, tries to auto-sneak/hide upon arrival, unless it was PVP combat. [You do step out as you vanish]

Speardancer - Spin away more attacks and leave bleeding wounds with Pierce. [About 50% chance if you hit.]

Spy Master - Locate Mark cheaper and from greater range of areas.

Spy Network - Cheaper Locate Mark.

Stalker's Eye - When in Martial Trance, gain more benefits from their stalks than normal.

Startling Strike -When attempting an Assassination, you startle your Victims groupmates and disorient them.

Subterranean Rogue - [(Dark-Elf / Duergar / Svirfneblin) - ability to hide in the Underdark.]

Tachitori - Chance to catch the weapon with your bare-handed disarm. [2nd cheapest edge for the assasins. If you do manage to disarm with your hands there's about a 50% chance to catch.]

Thief of Breath - non-felar - Pugil Strike to the vitals can knock your opponent’s wind out. [Higher than 17 Strength needed]

Venomblade - More poisoning and damaging Poison Daggers.

Deflect Missiles - Assassins with this edge have their senses, reflexes, and agility honed to so great a degree they can snatch or deflect missiles meant to harm them from the air. This includes hurl, all archery-based attacks, iceneedles, most orc snares, fire seeds, reanimated limbs, grenades, and so on. They have a small chance to do this normally, but the success rate increases drastically while they sustain the perfect calm of a martial trance.