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This is the new and improved, shifter FAQ. It's a combination of both the old FAQ, things sent to me by people from the forums, and the things I have observed with my own shapeshifters. Anything edited or changed by me has a * next to it for ease of reading.


What spells are important?[edit]

Before you get your form, some players will invest practices in partial shifts and some with skip some. You can have one hide/skin partial shift and one other partial shift and one time. Different body parts don't matter, you can't have claw of the lion and horns of the bull at the same time.

One of these: Shell of the tortoise, Chitin of the crab, scales of the crocodile, hide of the rhino

One of these: Hooves of the gazelle, horns of the bull, claw of the lion, eyes of the cat, paws of the cheetah, fangs of the serpent, ears of the bat

What can I do in form?[edit]

Skills will show you what skills you can do and Social will show you socials. You can't cast or speak. Drink/eat before you shift detect invis/invis will transfer and can be enlivened (see below). Haste/Fly/Stone skin/Pass door won't transfer when you shift until you get control levitation, control speed, control skin and control phase. Not sure if this is right.

How do I cast spells in form?[edit]

enliven <magic type>

<magic type> is either haste, slow, fly, pass door, control translucence, or stone skin.

How should I gear?[edit]

8:36 AM]Jalim:depends on what you're after
[8:36 AM]Jalim:if you want to pk and you have offensive forms you should gear for a healthy mix of hp and str

your damage is directly tied to your strength, a wolverine will go from straight MANGLES to hits/wounds if you drop his str by 20

[8:36 AM]Jalim:I don't usually worry about saves because I'm in and out
[8:36 AM]Jalim:attack someone and if they're prepped and ready gtfo
[8:36 AM]Jalim:because preps don't last forever
[8:36 AM]Jalim:just keep hitting them until they run out
[8:37 AM]Jalim:if I'm playing like..utility defense or something I'd probably rather gear for hp and saves
[8:37 AM]Jalim:really just depends on what you're after
[8:37 AM]Jalim:but hp is always the first choice

[10:23 AM]ForsoothAnon:hit/dam dont carry over into form
[10:24 AM]ForsoothAnon:most progs and wear effects dont either which puts a power ceiling onto them
[10:24 AM]ForsoothAnon:relative to other classes who can build super suits and wreck
[10:25 AM]ForsoothAnon:as a shifter stack hp str/dex saves
[10:25 AM]ForsoothAnon:the exact balance of each stat to be determined by your form
[10:26 AM]ForsoothAnon:and also by the enemies you're likely to face

[11:16 AM]SPN:Yeah, I second gearing.for dex and str depending on the form. Just remember dodgy forms usually have lower str than your original form.. so if you are at 50% carry weight out of form, it will increase the % in form. On top of that if you get maledicted that will only increase your weight ratio.
[11:17 AM]SPN:The carry weight affecting dodge may have been the biggest blow to the class.

What information is on the Forums?[edit]


Form Info[edit]

Form Levels:[edit]

14-16 1st major

20-22 2nd major

23-25 1st minor (equivalent to 2nd major in power)

28-30 3rd major

31-32 2nd minor (equivalent to 3rd major in power)

42-44 4th major

47-48 3rd minor (equivalent to 4th major in power)

  • Form levels for major and minor updated with regard to recent updates 7-06-07 (Jad Hoven)

Some people wait until they get their 4th major form before choosing a minor focus. The reason for this is usually depending on the final form another focus will complement it better. For example if you get an offensive form that has decent defense, maybe pick air or utility instead of defense. I

(in that case, do you get all three minor forms really fast, or are you just going to get the one? - nick)

(took out form list, a more updated and accurate list is on the shifters page. This page should probably have more about the mechanics of playing a shifter than a form list. Would like to see people put their thoughts on forms they've had, but don't see a need for stats etc.)

  • The focuses:
    • Offense
    • Defense
    • Utility
    • Air
    • Water


  • Humans, Half-elf, Half-Drow
    • My favorite choices with the fast leveling and shifters are all about leveling quick to the better forms. Can get 23/24 int so 1 prac per skill leaves you practices left over to convert for trains for HP or CON. In form you don't have the vuln to weapon materials as a half-elf or half-drow.
  • Elf/Dark-elf
    • Crappy HP, but high INT for practicing skills/spells. With the recent new edges for shifters also can get unique forms that no other races can get. Replaces a 3rd tier form. Otherwise only pick for RP purposes.
  • Gnome/Svir
    • Lots of Wisdom for converting into trains. Probably able to get the highest base hp with a gnome taking that into account. A good choice but the XP penalty makes for slower leveling than with a human, but not that much slower. Svirf can also get a form that is unique to their race which replaces a 3rd tier utility form.


Offensive forms are obviously offensive. They are best at putting out a lot of damage in a short amount of time and usually really horrible at defense. On average your forms will do about the same damage as a warrior of the same level with gear that they can get at that level, and more often a little less until the final form. Often combined with air by powergamers as a minor for the ability to chase and scout.

Fourth Tier:[edit]

    • Alligator
      • Probably one of the better offensive forms, has regeneration and hits for ***DEVASTATES*** up to 4 times a round. Is also a non-water form that is amphibious which is a bonus
    • Dire wolf
      • Hits for ***DEMOLISHES*** up to six times a round that I have seen. Has some kind of howl that ups damroll and hitroll. Can also trip.
    • Tiger
      • Hits for mangles, can also pounce and chase fleeing people. From what I've seen seems to work about half the time.

Third Tier:[edit]

Second Tier:[edit]

First Tier:[edit]


Defense like the name implies are defensive forms. This includes forms that dodge really well, to forms with regeneration, and forms that reduce damage and deflect hits with thick or a combination. Chances are you will not be able to inflict much damage, but it is hard to be killed. Defensive shifters are probably one of the best tanks for the last 8 levels in the game.

Fourth Tier:[edit]

    • Armadillo
      • Massive damage reduction, takes scratches from almost everything when retracted. No offensive power whatsoever but can intercept attacks on a person. Unlike other forms you don't have to be grouped with them to intercept them. Can make raiding frustrating as they can just keep intercepting attacks on the inners.
    • Mongoose
      • Dodges really well, has evasion of skills and spells. Can distract.
    • Angry Crocodile
      • Great regeneration, scaly hide for deflecting blows. Also amphibious which is a big bonus when not picking water as a focus
    • Porcupine
      • Quills that cause damage to attackers using one-handed weapons. If you are a porcupine you will find everyone uses two-handed weapons. Has damage redux. Combined with a regenerating form it could be really powerful.

Third Tier:[edit]

Tortoise reptile chomp bite intercept, backdown, retract, deflection, dam reduction

Second Tier:[edit]

Stag Beetle - (Arthropod) chomps - SK: Pinch & Acidspray - Build: Second Attack, Carapace, Dam Redux Wombat - (Rodent) - bite - SK: Forage, Charge, Burrow, Bite - Build: Deflection, Defense, Dam Reduction

First Tier:[edit]

Araile lizard - (Reptile) poisonous bites - SK: Camo in Desert - Build: ?


Utility is one of my favorite focuses. You will more likely get early forms that you will use later with utility than any other focus. Utility forms usually have a good combination of offense and defense, and some bonus skills as well. I think more utility forms can forage or scavenge than in any other focus. The resolve of the mandrill makes you able to stay in form a LONG time, even if it is your minor focus. I estimate it takes about half as much mana per tick to stay in form when using resolve than without.

Fourth Tire:[edit]

    • Fox
      • Decent dodging, can see almost everybody.
    • Orangutan
      • Danger sense, dodges about like a 3rd tier defensive form, minimal dam redux. Can chestbeat which is shifter warcry (this also carries over into other forms +5hit and +5dam at hero), smash which hits for MANGLES to ***DEVASTATES*** when not exploiting a vuln, up to ===OBLITERATES=== on blunt vuln. Punch attack that hits from MASSACRES to MANGLES on unprepped foes. Forestblend to hide in forests. Facebite which I'm not what it does exactly but can cause bleeding.

Third Tier:[edit]

Spider - arthropod - bite Bite (chance to poison) Camouflage Hide Spinweb Minimal movement lag in mountains and deserts, sense when enemies are near, excellent dodge

Second Tier:[edit]

Scorpion - (Arthropod) stings - SK: Camo in Desert, Bite, Pinch, NumbingSting, NeurotoxicSting - Build: Second Attack, Dam Redux, Min Dodge

Two-Humped Camel - (Equine) chomp - SK: Bite, Blinding Spit, Sprint Min Dam Redux, Average Dodge, Thick Eyelashes, Second attack Hydrated (gets thirsty slowly)

First Tier:[edit]

Chimpanzee - (Primate) Punch SK: Bite, Forage, Get, Open & Close. Build: Second Attack, Brachiation (Min movement lag in forest and jungles), Average Dodge


Air forms are able to fly in the skies above Thera. They are great at escaping and travelling from one spot to the next.

4th Tier[edit]

http://www.qhcf.net/phorum/read.php?2,1124948,1124949#msg-1124949 - From Jalim
Hummingbird - Vulture - Eagle - Falcon I always keep. Flyto/Peck is only one round of lag if you're not maledicted. This means you can be shifted to your other form and fighting one round after attacking someone. This is huge for PK.

Otherwise you run the risk of Wasp - Owl - Bat which has a 2 round lag when you attack after the fly to. I never keep wasp/owl/bat for this reason. If I get any of the other four I keep it.

Hummingbird is great. It tanks better than a mongoose and flies good. It has nest which is really great for hp/movement regen and forage is forage. It does not hit hard, but if you're playing an air form usually you are complementing your hard-hitting form with it and for that its just fine.

Third Tier:[edit]

Second Tier:[edit]

First Tier:[edit]


Water forms swim in the water, seems like most of the lower tiered forms are amphibious but I wouldn't count on getting one for sure. But on the water will be hard to beat.

(this is a work in progress, will update with more info as I learn more. Any help on reviews on forms would be great - Reject0)