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The Invoker FAQ[edit]

Disc-lamer: I know everything there is to know about the invoker class, but I won't write it all down so it may look like I have only played three hero invokers in my life and a few to lower than that, while I have, in fact, played 15 to hero, one wearing a brown umbrella whenever pk'ing sylvans.

The -races-:[edit]

A very important stat for invokers is their intelligence. The more intelligence the less practise. But the more hp you have, the more fun you can have.


A bunch of sissies. Sure, they may have 25 int, and if you want to do an invoker going ALL paths (we will mention this later, don't worry ORB) this may be your ideal choice since you will be spending so VERY much time practising it's just silly. And elves get iron vuln and so little hp it's just laughable. But there's the rp aspect. (you are "superior" to humans, don't say yeah, aye, and other things, geez) Pro: High Int, sneak and Infravision (wild, I say wild). There is also that odd resistance to charm that noone cares for. Con: Low hp, iron vulnerability. Sum: Choose this if you go for all paths and know many protections.


There's the 24 intelligence, which you also will gain if you choose any of the half-races but if you choose dark-elf you get cool rp, sneak and the extra exps to each level. Pro: wILD rP, sneak and 24 int. 100% FAERIE FIRE, YAHOO!

Con: shitty hps, mithril vuln, beeing ganged by everyone. with the other races they aren't sure if you're evil, but with drows you just know. it's in their scent. Risc of becomming chancellor of scion. Sum: You need to know alot of protections to rock with this. Reading up about drows really helps.


The race that I have come to prefer, their jaded rp and their 24 intelligence and 19 con make them ideal invokers. Pro: You get to say you're as cool as adrigon, and practise is somewhat decent. Con: Somewhat less hp than humans, little vuln against iron/mithril. Sum: You should a barrier source that's never in to choose this. Playing a half-race is do-able in a non-tome cabal.


23 int is a bit low for an all-path invoker. Their 20 con makes them differ little in hp gain from the half-elves. But on the other hand you need no extra experience per level. Pro: People save less against your spells as you rank up. Decent set of hps. Not so good mana, obviously.


23 int makes practising a bit of a pain in the nose but on the other hand you have sick hp. Pro: Tons of hp, you can multikill fire giants with icicle at low level since they can't bash you. Reduce yourself and the normal races can't bash you either. The world is yours for the taking, but don't forget to fly. Cons: All ragers have a blunt weapon. All. Sum: A good invoker race, suggested for those of you wanting to join sylvan or nexus.


My comment to this race is that the vulnerabilities to lightning and drowning has made this race very unatractive, in spite of flight. (To elaborate: You have to choose lightning path, which would otherwise be the easy way out of the aFFinIty cRiSIS, and in an invoker vs invoker fight you may very well get either water or lightning shields dispelled and thus having your vuln exploited.) Pro: 25 dex. HAHA. no. the only real pro with this race is the flight. The 23 int makes it somewhat doable. you also get some extra affinity in air (which is ironically otherwise the path you could manage without as you don't need shield of winds). Con: Various difficulties with the vulns. Sum: Choose this race if you're wiLD#!. The cabal I would go for with this race would be nexus -> little risc of getting into invoker duels. But you still get ragers having weapons that exploit your vuln, so you should still cover them. You get a good affinity bonus with air.


18 int. Really low int, very hard to practice with. Pro: Some extra affinity in earth. Resist magic, disease and poison. Detect invis (ehe). High con. Con: Vuln blunt. Sum: If you really have -alot- of time and practising spells for hours and hours doesn't bother you then go ahead and choose this race, the resist magic is good, and so is the high hps. Perhaps if you dropped two paths this would be doable. Again if you go nexus you can perhaps get away with this as you can only have 5 shields up in combination with a barrier. You get a large affinity bonus when choosing earth.


This is the Grand Choice. A Mayor Point Of This Faq Which Indeed Is Justified With Its Capitalised Letter At The Start Of Each Sentence. However That Was Quite Annoying To Type So I Will Just End That Now. Right. Do Not Use Less Than Four Points Of Affinity In A Path. It Will Hurt You Mentally.

Ooze path:[edit]

The anti-warrior path. The grease spell rocks ass. Putting up adheshive webs EVERYWHERE rocks. But then, is it difficult to practise? Spells: Acidic Secretion 1 None Grease 12 100% acidic secretion Siltscreen 19 100% grease <-- It's a sick joke, don't practise it. Adhesive Web 23 100% grease Gel 29 100% adhesive web Vitriolic Stream 36 100% gel Oozeshield 38 100% vitriolic stream Shield of Slime 38 100% oozeshield <-- don't need to master Quicksand 46 100% oozeshield <-- get to 100% for ooze mastery

Grease and adhesive webs can be cast without a target if you manage to get them to 90% and reach some level (like 25 for grease and 32 for web), but generally an invoker doesn't use any of theese spells while ranking since they are all quite utility like and thus some extra affinity won't hurt beeing put here. On the other hand gel is practised without a target. I would go for 6 in affinity here still, as vitriolic stream was such a pain to master, and while one can cast adhesive web and grease without a target once at 90% learning from that takes -ages-.

Recommended affinity: 6

Fire path:[edit]

Channel Heat 1 None Wall of Fire 12 100% channel heat Fireball 21 100% wall of fire Controlled Fireball 30 100% fireball Noxious Cloud 34 100% wall of fire, 100% buffet <- no need to master Nova 35 100% controlled fireball Fireshield 38 100% nova Shield of Flames 38 100% fireshield <- no need to master Immolation 45 100% fireshield <- master for fire mastery Incendiary Cloud 47 100% fireshield, 100% buffet <-- master this on forests and tell sylvans

This is the easy path, the ranking path, atleast if you're good aligned or going for sylvan. Wall of fire is easily mastered as you rank, and so is fireball (and if you don't, well, go to some forest, (HINT: the one in the coastal plains) and practise it, it doesn't require target. Controlled fireball is actually a very good spell too, though it sometimes disguises itself and pretends to suck. Nova is THE ranking spell as I'm sure you all already know. Just be careful not to spam it as it does have two rounds lag and as an invoker you are fragile. Immolation is actually not a very difficult spell to master either

All in all this is a pretty easy path that you quite possibly will use during ranking, even if evil. Recommended affinity: 4

Beer path:[edit]

Spell Level Requirement Create Water 1 None Create Spring 11 100% create water Drown 26 100% create spring Tsunami 28 100% create spring Watershield 38 100% drown, 100% tsunami Shield of Waves 38 100% watershield <- don't need to master. Engulf 43 100% watershield Geyser 45 100% watershield <-- water mastery

The path that kills. Create water and create springs are very easy to master, as is tsunami. The difficult one is drown (HINT: use on fishes while wielding some practise mace). Engulf can be mastered as you rank. Geyser, well, while it doens't hit your cabalmates (at all) it does hit your groupmates (no Yhorian, it won't hit your groupmates if they also are your cabalmates) however, making it tricky to use when ranking (splitting up the group and whatnot, even though you have them all shielded).

Recommended affinity: 5

air path:[edit]

Cyclone 1 None Whispering Wind 11 100% cyclone Wind Wall 16 100% cyclone Buffet 27 100% wind wall Noxious Cloud 34 100% buffet, 100% wall of fire <- don't need to master Airshield 38 100% buffet Shield of Winds 38 100% airshield <-- not required to master, but you will Vortex 41 100% airshield <- it's more funky than you think Improved Invis 44 100% vortex <-- master for mastery (eh) Incendiary Cloud 47 100% buffet, 100% fireshield <-- don't need to master but do it anyway

Cyclone is mastered as you rank. Windwall requires no target so it's pretty easy, which leaves us to buffet. Some would say buffet is easy to master in arial city (you rank there pretty much when you get it - IF you play good/neutral). But if you do play good aligned then there is nothing tricky about this path. vortex and improved invis need no targets.

recommended affinity: 4

lightning path:[edit]

Shocking Touch 1 None Charge Weapon 13 100% shocking touch Lightning Bolt 21 100% charge weapon <-- hurts everyone underwater -alot Forked Lightning 30 100% lightning bolt <-- doesn't hurt your group underwater. for sissies. Lightningshield 38 100% forked lightning Shield of Electricity 38 100% lightningshield <-- don't need to master. Pillar of the Heavens 44 100% lightningshield <-- master to get the funky after affects

Charge weapon is easy to master. Lightning bolt, well, it's a bit tricky unless you rank on arials but do notice that you may not have mastered the bolt till the time you need to practise buffet. Forked lightning is a more powerful version of lightning bolt, will hit a group of people. Pillar doesn't need a target so it's easy. this path deserves some additional comments:

1. You don't really need the shield. If you're evil it does help you against shieldbash somewhat. Other than that it may react at some point if you fight some metal wielding guy and give them an DEMOLISH.

2. Sure pillar of the heavens is an area spell (usable against ragers) BUT can only be cast outdoors. Consider this for a moment as most fights you will have will be at cabals. Not usable at the destructor, not usable inside the tower, not usable in the chasm nor the rift.

3. Choose this if you want to blast other invokers since this is the most commonly forsaken path. Or if you just hate water shifters you use it UNDERWATER.

Recommended affinity: 5. 6 or more if evil. (hint: Go this if evil)

Earth path:[edit]

Earthquake 1 None Stoneshatter 14 100% earthquake Avalanche 22 100% stoneshatter Earth Ripple 27 100% avalanche <- not needed to master, but is seroiusly very useful Pebble to Boulder 32 100% avalanche Earthshield 38 100% pebble to boulder Shield of Earth 38 100% earthshield <-- don't master this unless silly Dig 41 100% earthshield Rain of Stone 48 100% earthshield <-- master for mastery

Stoneshatter is a pain to master as you -don't- use it while ranking. *EDIT* You can master this while leveling in Khardrath's Planar Sanctum on golems. Avalanche doesn't require target and is therefore easy. Pebble is also a pain to master but you may use it as evil in blidgenstone. May. And rain of stone doesn't require a target either, just be sure to have shield of earth and earthsield up to prevent the rain from hurting you too much.

Recommended affinity: 6

Ice path:[edit]

Frost Fingers 1 None Icicle 13 100% frost fingers Ice Shards 22 100% icicle Cone of Cold 32 100% ice shards Iceneedles 37 100% cone of cold Frostshield 38 100% iceneedles Shield of Ice 38 100% frostshield <-- don't master it Iceslick 39 100% iceneedles <-- don't master it, but use it. Conglaciation 43 100% frostshield <-- 100% is gives ice mastery

Assuming that you use wall of fire when you rank would mean that icicle gets left behind and therefore needs to be mastered on it's own. Ice shards does bring a good general damage (often) and may be used while ranking unless you use lightning bolt or fireball to exploit vulns, again the risc of this spell beeing left to be mastered on it's own is quite high. cone needs no target, but iceneedles. well. iceneedles is just a pain, it doesn't give enough damage to be useful while ranking, but does drop some stats. and it lags you for two rounds. so you don't use this while you rank and thus have to master it on it's own. congl goes on it's own.

Recommended affinity: 6

'Summing up the affinity jazz'[edit]

The natural choice of affinity is to make you practise as little as possible. It's what it's there fore. If you are a human player and want to have -some- fun while you play you should drop one path. If you go all seven paths you will notice that you don't really need them all when you're a hero. You only need five shields since it's forbidden to fight without barrier (well, almost). Six shields is the max you can have at one time, and the first shields give you the most damage reduction with the last one giving the least.

What I would pick:

human fortress[edit]

0 lightning 4 fire 7 ice 6 earth 6 air 6 ooze 6 water

gnome Tribunal[edit]

0 lightning 5 fire 7 ice 6 earth 5 air 6 ooze 6 water

half-drow scion[edit]

6 lightning 5 fire 6 ice 5 earth 4 air 5 ooze 4 water


- If you fight non-battle warrior, grease.

- If you want to buy time outside the grove, force the sylvans to first walk through a quicksand and then have a vortex waiting in the next room. With air mastery I buffeted a ram for unspeaks once. You know what to do.

- Never fight ragers without barrier. There are no excuses.

- If you don't want someone to redirect onto you, use windwall to blind them. Can't be cancelled and can't be truesighted away. They tend to flee and wait it out however. But that gives you time to put up some adhesive webs and perhaps some grease that will lag them ever-so-slightly when they enter again.

- Use iceneedles if someone else is ALSO lowering the strength of your opponent.

- Always prep the ground you fight in. Grease, adhesive web, quicksand, iceslick, incendiary cloud, nox cloud or whatever

- You don't have to write out all the spell names, c geyser can be replaced with c ge, as an example. or you could choose to use two-letter aliases for them. Examples would be fb as fireball and lb as lightning bolt.

- Place adhesive webs between areas when you're ranking to prevent assassins from stalking you.

- Against ragers you should have another mob or player to geyser. Ie, if sylvans are raiding you together with ragers you just geyser the sylvans. another option is asking your cabal mate if you could geyser around him to get to the mad little fellows. Be careful with conjurers however, their servitors while not harmed by the geyser could turn to you as you fight their master.

- Rain of stone harms cabal mates. Yes, this mean as a sylvan you will rain it upon the bear aswell if you do it there. A tactic to use here is to rain stones and pebble, and just lag away your opponent. (rain can lag)

- Immolate is -really- good as the burning can distract people from doing things. And as you tend to dish out alot of damage people run quite quickly.

- With some spells, when you have gained mastery in an element, it will say that you call upon your mastery of that element but with others it wont, this doesn't mean that the effect of those spells isn't enhanced. Water mastery for instance raises damage on it's spells, without having an echo for it.

- Earth ripple people into quicksand. also use this when entwined. buffet if you -know- they're flying.

- Iceslick can be such a pain in the ass it's really funny. To really learn it's effects put it up on the market square in galadon and laugh.

- don't use spells that people resist. that is: do not cone of cold felars or cloud giants.

- the hard part is getting to the shields, after that you can start pking for real.

- for general damage go engulf or iceshards unless you know other vuln (at hero rank).

- get out of fights you didn't plan on getting in. (well, that does apply to all classes except for conjurers possibly)

- before fight: place adhesive webs, grease, quicksand and vortex everywhere (yes, I know I mentioned this earlier) people get a bit lagged from grease, and the web can make their weapons stuck to their bodies and whatnot, entering a quicksand has some lag on it and well, they might have forgotten flight.

- a drawback with beeing an invoker is the slow healing. various preps that heal you is very recommended.

- have a pain-in-the-toe air shifter after you? buffet it or go to a mountain.

- many forms have elemental vulnerabilities which are quite logical and should be exploited. one example is cone of cold against a mongoose. works every time.

- iceneedles is (non-magical) piercing damage and is not voided by any elemental shields.

- use gel against water elementals and dig against earth elementals for refreshing damage.

- to be a good invoker you have to *think*; all spells are useful needless to say. ponder various scenardios which are likely to happen and what spells you would use then.

Spells of tactical note:[edit]

- Wind wall, may blind.

- Immolate, just rocks as previously noted.

- Buffet, much damage against flying, and pushes them away, so you'll have to be quick to follow.

- Stoneshatter, to dispel stoneskin with some extra damage, or just to piss people off by destroying eq

- Earth ripple, push people from the maran to the mountains where you can avalanche.

- Pebble, think before you use it; may miss and has two rounds of lag but lags like cranial if hitting.

- Vitriolic stream , not as cool as you think. in fact, it sucks and many other spells is preferable.

- Incindenary cloud, wait a while before you put it aflame. You can seriously put 15 rooms on fire at the same time if you let the cloud spread. Excellent for giving headaches to sylvans as they can't chameleon where it's on fire. So you use it to prep a place you know you will fight at.

- Rain of stones, you don't have to be in combat to cast it.

- Iceshards hits like a mace drum with ice mastery, but can't be fled from.


is avoided as following

=== shield of waves === - prevents cranial and makes you breathe underwater. === shield of winds === - prevents throws and trips and leveraged kicks. Always use this if you don't use another. === shield of flames === - burns opponents beeing close to you. good against blackjacks. slight help against tigerclaw. === shield of earth === - against bearcharge and rain of stone === shield of ice === - against pincer, used more often than you think === shield of electricity === - small chance of some electrical discharge when beeing struck by metal, funky against shieldbash (think it gives them some discharge there) === shield of slime === - against lash and (as the rumour goes) entwine. -*does not protect against bash*- (as this does not protect you from bash you have to grease your opponent and hope that their inevitable bash will miss - so you don't do it against ragers)

Spell learning:[edit]

Several things are known to stunt an invoker trying to spam-learn a spell. Sitting in a guild, sitting in a Cabal and spamming certain spells under the wrong conditions will yield little/no results. The word is that you can always learn a spell by losing concentration, but to learn from successful casts you really need good conditions.

Morale's effects are undocumented but another possibility.

The helpfile on practice states that Affinity, Age, level and current spell percentage all directly effect how fast you can learn a spell. General advice is, if you cannot learn xxx spell then go and rank up a bit. Try and use it occasionally while ranking (if it is not a damage spell you can use exclusively). Sitting in a remote area and spamming a single spell is known to bring a sluggishness to your learning rates. This can be overcome by doing one of three things.

=== Log out === relax and return to it later. This usually boosts learning rates. The game also seems to know if you simply have quit and returned to try clearing the effects of sluggishness.

=== Rank up === as mentioned above. The higher a rank over a spell, the cheaper and easier it will be to cast. Rank also has a direct effect upon learning rates.

=== Try exploring === even killing some mobs with your spell. Invokers are the exception to the rule on learning against mobs of a similar/higher level. This means you can spam a spell on a lvl 1 mob (assuming good conditions) and still learn from it. The best part of this is, you still do get a bonus to learning the spell if you spam it against high lvl mobs. Why not go help some higher levels go learn in a relitavely safe place? Just be careful not to steal kills.

Affinity and intelligence are the only hard number factors that you can control. Make sure you have no -int gear on, or have something to counter it. The average affinity is 5. That is, you'll learn skills about the rate everyone else does. To get a bonus, put more affinity into a given element. At 7+ affinity you will definetly not have to spam, or spam long. Some people assign affinity not for the bonus power (often not direct damage, its a bonus to 'effects' of the spell or resisting it) or that high affinity lowers mana cost. Its so that they can learn the difficult spells faster.

Which spells are difficult for you, may vary. Common ones are two-round spells that people simply get bored doing. Such as iceneedles, wind wall, pebble to boulder, etc. Things like stoneshatter are hard to master as they require a target and cannot often be used in ranking situations.

It should be noted that spells that do have timers, can be spammed regardless. Shields can be spammed even if they're up, containers do not need to be emptied for create water, a target does not need to be effect by stoneshatter, etc. The excepts to this are drown needs to be done on water for it to improve, as does tsunami (though the 'lose concentration rule is still true. You could spam it on land, but expect to hero in 300 hours then :P ). Gel needs to be done on water or underwater. Grease and adhesive web cannot be spammed without a target until you can successfully set the 'room trap'. Although you cast and it gives a failure message, you will not learn like this.

The same general ideas above, apply to other spells I might have missed. Area conditions need to be met, but if the spell is already in effect it doesn't matter. Enjoy.