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Spell Edges:

Controlling Grasp: Recasting Iron Grip has a chance to cancel the one affecting you (so you can remove your weapon).
Doom the Forsaken: Chance to dispel supplications when cursing an awake opponent.
Firestarter: Fireball more likely to set the area on fire. (Dervish: You need to practice fireball and probably get it past 80%)
Harvester of Woe: Casts better offensive spells against wounded or near-death opponents. Applies to targetted spells only. I have not noticed the effect of this edge, so it is either minor or just not obvious.
Reap the Forsaken: +hit/+dam is based on Int and not Str. Cursed targets are easier to hit with spells. Cursed/Worldbound foes can't evade.
Siphoner: Better energy drain.
Steal Inspiration: Chance (*very small*) to steal inspiration with PW:D (partial steal, example the +ac line of frenzy).
Steal Sight: The ability to cure blindness by blinding your foe. Can work on eyejab, dirt kick, blind, etc.
Synergy of Suffering: Iceball/fireball does more damage every target they hit after the first (cumulative). As long are your targets are reasonably tough.
Thunderbolt: Lightning bolt can deafen.
Unholy Aura: Aura of despair damages bashing/bearcharging foes (non-cap damage as an arial). Very cheap.
Vessel of the Pit Fiends: Your bloodlust gets stronger with each obtained control (+str/+dam).

Unholy Blessing Edges:

Fell Enchanter: Faster leeching and creating new unholy weapons, and "lore" on a weapon can tell you the owner.
Profane Synergy: Controls do more damage if the weapon's original type matches. Flaming weapon = Flames of Nanuurm do more, etc.
Soulbind: Your weapon can be seen while blind and is hard to take from their possession while alive.
Soulrage: Each kill that gives charges/souls, gives the anti-paladin more damage. It can stack.

Weapon/Combat Edges:

Exploit Hobbling: When a target is crippled (screams out echo), trip/kick do more damage (DISMEMBERs on trips)
Eye of the Butcher: Cleave has a chance to leave "grevious bleeding wounds".
Feast of Sorrows: Harder to parry/dodge your attacks if your foe is demoralized.
Malicious Intent: If can't cleave (prepared/hurt), you auto attack if consumed by bloodlust.
Merciless Ambidexterity: Faceslash/Crippling strike work in the offhand like they would in the mainhand.
Morosa's Momentum: Morosa's Charge is more likely to throw your opponent out of the room.
Mudslinger: Dirt kick has a chance to last 1 hour instead of 0 hour, and hits more often.
Power Cleave: Your Cleave can go through multiple targets if it kills the first target.
Slasher: Faceslash can strike twice when using faceslash.
Spine of the Akragaka: You defend better (equivalent to using a shield) and hit more (+1 attack average) with spear/polearm. Can't take as a felar. (Dervish: You need to practice spear, polearm, thrust, slice, pierce to get it. Maybe master some of these skills, but not all.)
Stunning Charge: Anti-paladins with this edge have a strength-based chance to stun their opponents, lagging them.
Unholy Slavemaster: Lash works better and Lashes of the Slave gives more attacks on average. Lash is not only more reliable, but you get an echo that suggests it might be doing more. Not sure whether it is having a cheapshot effect or just doing slightly more (but still very very little) damage.
Vaulting Tactician: When in mid-air, if your target dies/flees, you can pick another target so you don't take fall damage.

Racial Edges:

Malefic Glow: Dark-elves that use their inherent, can cause a minor soften on their opponent for a short time.
Tailcrippler: Felar can use spear/polearm to do a crippling strike. Based on their current dex and a size comparison.
Catnap: Base your chance to cast a successful sleep on your current Constitution stat. Felar Only.
Tainted Blood - Half-elf/drow only: Extra 15% chance to save vs poison/disease.

Anti-Maran Edges:

Fearless Abandon: You strike those that automatically strike you (maran/angels) if consumed by bloodlust.
Hellfire: Fireball does unholy damage to those immune or healed by fire.
Flames of Perdition: Fireball can shatter prayer/bless of opponents. Hellfire required.

Other Edges:

Black Paladin: Gain unholy resistance, like a weaker righteousness of a paladin.
Champion of Man: Gain resistance to unholy/holy, resistant to ALL supplications and the ability to cut through sanctuary at the cost of not able to use NPC healers and prayers have a real high chance of failing or working horribly on you. No tattoo allowed.
Demanding: Charismatic anti-paladins can use demand better.
Demonskin: Gain resistance against blessed weapons while consumed in bloodlust.
Excisor of Pain: You use offensive wands to greater effect with excision.
Infernal Intimidator: Charismatic anti-paladins have a chance to stop low-level NPCs from auto-attacking because of aura of despair. My interpretion is that low level NPCs that are aggro will be stopped by aura of despair. Those that are aggro BECAUSE of aura of despair will still attack if they can see you.
Unrepentant Sinner: Gain resistance to wrath/damnation/dispel-evil/light-of-heaven/etc and evil healers heal you better. Become vunerable to antipathy/divine-retribution and good healers have a harder time healing you.